Get tougher, Romney?

The GOP are afraid that Mitt Romney will wimp out under a barrage of “ruthless” attacks by the Democrats. Actually, the Republicans need to start accepting responsibility for voting for a guy who expresses nothing but contempt for his fellow man on the world stage as well as domestically of his fellow citizens. Which is exactly why his 47% comment got such big play in the last week. He is basically attacking: the elderly, the extremely working poor, the disabled, etc. while managing to exclude from consideration those who fund his campaign. At least David Axelrod was prepared to show us who would be harmed with a repeal of “Obamacare—the law” with a Republican majority-controlled Congress and Presidency. But, Scott Pelley seemed unwilling to desire straight forward answers to questions he asked of Romney. Then went on to show a lack of neutrality or objectivity when it came to Obama “cleaning up his inelegant language.” Obama was “parsing his words, as always.”

Quite frankly, I don’t know whom Pelley was trying to impress with that, but his own comment was just as dismissive and contemptuous as anything coming from the GOP. Oh, and this Wisconsin GOP operative seemed to have forgotten that union members are also people trying to take care of their families. And that Governor Walker seemed hell-bent on not allowing that to happen. In short, there is a wide-spread sickness in this year’s election cycle. While the Democrats have their own warts, the GOP seem to want to wallow in highly radioactive sludge and then demand gaining majority control of the federal government.

Which is why I won’t plan on enduring much TV between now and November. “The Daily Show,” I will certainly watch. Some news, and “Elementary” if it is actually any good. Otherwise, music, movies, decorate for Hallowe’en, wrap up the Kootenai County Farmers’ Market for the season and begin preparing for the next season plus the fair this year into next. I know whom I plan to vote for and not vote for. Obama did do a number of things for the American people, including telling the big banks and credit card companies to quit screwing around with their customers. Of course, the GOP would like to end all of that as well, because their hatred of Obama and what he did accomplish doesn’t just end there, it is also rather sweeping inclusive of the general electorate. The voters and the business interests who got some respite from willful negligence, fraud, etc. coming out of the financial institutions, can find “the turds” rolling down hill should the GOP put an end to the “victimized” financial institutions! IE “victimized” by having to obey the laws they should have obeyed a long time ago. Even to developing some morality vis a vis customer relations, which they had also abandoned if it meant a higher percentage of profit. I guess the GOP contempt for the people they want to have vote for them is so broad, so widespread, that they wouldn’t mind seeing these people put back at the same severe risk that they faced some five years ago.

Jon Stewart discussed issues like this on his Thursday “Daily Show.” Referring to the segment as Bullsh!t Mountain. I’d suggest that the voters pay close attention to what is being said here before going to the polls. At some point, the voters are going to have to say that enough is enough and they don’t want to wade hip deep in the sh!t anymore.

So, I would have to ask this question as to in what direction Romney wants to take a "get tougher" campaign? His prior attempts seem to have made him real fodder for the comedy mill. Even GOP stalwarts are starting to turn on him because of his eye-rolling stumbles. His eye-rolling clueless attitude. His sense of superiority. If the dude really wanted to discuss "people" who feel "victimized" and think they need some entitlement that you and I have to pay for out of wallet? He could just look to the people who made his screwy campaign possible. Which I doubt he'll ever do. He could start bearing some personal responsibility; which he has already made plain he doesn't plan on doing. But, it is also just as obvious, that whenever Romney sets out to disappoint his cronies among the GOP, the anti-Obama letters correspondingly get hysterical, vicious, and nasty. I guess it wouldn't do to admit; huh, GOP; that you might have made a mistake in wanting this guy in the first place? You listen to Romney today, or even big government activists like Rob McKenna; they really are not arguing anything different from what Democrats have said all along. They are also making some pretty big promises—given the state of the economy—that it probably would not be possible to keep. They are even far too vague about how they would go about meeting the challenges of these promises in bringing them to fruition. Apparently, vague ideas, but nothing concrete matters the most on the stump.

And in other news, the Luna “Educational Reform” laws are now on the ballot with a desire to voter repeal them. The ads are already up and running and “The Inlander” had an article about it.


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