Not the party of God

Watched “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” at the start of the Democratic National Convention. There were definitely some decent side-splitting moments as the “news team” started taking apart Charlotte, NC, the Democratic Convention motto, and in general, how the news media ought not behave. (John Oliver dissing North Carolina barbeque on the behalf of Texas barbeque.) Good thing he wasn’t inside the building where the “peasants” were booing his dissing of their style of bbq. But, the real crack up of the evening? Was when Tom Brokaw appeared with Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Stewart asked this question concerning a news media that seemed more interested in the political points that Ryan would be able to score with his speech than being overly concerned about whether he was even telling the truth part of the time. In short, the talk show hosts (which is really how they behave, instead of journalists) wanted to air a lot of trivia, nonsense, and junk, (much like the Daily Show “news team” discussions of barbequed food). Instead of, ohhh; airing the speeches without constant and useless commentary, then actually setting down and doing the research to discover whether the speeches squared with facts. Tom Brokaw danced around that proposal so fast, that it would make your head spin. As far as I know, there is no pressure for these people to actually present some news for a change. That’s the problem, they are under no pressure to produce any measurable amount of news. They sound like a choir singing the praises of some twit that gets up and presents an eye-rolling, asinine speech. And then, a la Bob Scheiffer, are utterly surprised that the twit didn’t get the Gallup poll “bounce” post convention. If the potential people being polled have to turn to “The Daily Show” for speeches being fact checked, that says a whole lot about how the news media is no longer doing its job.

Talking to my neighbor of some months now, discussed Akins argument of “legitimate rape” with her. A reminder that one of the ten commandments involved what a vengeful God would do to those who “hated” Him. Rape being both a sin and a crime, then we are talking about a rapist hating God. Under the circumstances, how would God feel about any offspring of a rapist? “For I shall visit the sins of the fathers unto the children…” Meaning, that they would not be regarded as “innocent, unborn children.” Says a great deal about a religion that would part with the bible at that point. And just as importantly, the party that would take up the cause of a religion that doesn’t square with the bible when it isn’t politically convenient, is also choosing to not square with the U.S. Constitution. What does that mean for the nation as a whole? On top of that, Brokaw telling Stewart that Ryan “over-reached…” Uh, that is a very poor euphemism, not exactly apropos to the blatant lying that Ryan was engaged in. Apparently, even Fox Noise caught him on it. Over-reach? That is when you take on too much of a challenge and find you fail before you reach the goal you set for yourself. Like uh, trying to pilot a plane without flying instructions or a license. Brokaw had actually begun sounding a lot like the politicians he was only supposed to be reporting on.

So what is the meaning of mammon as found in the New Testament? Letters to the editors don’t exactly address this matter of mammon any more, but Christ informed his followers that you can’t hope to worship both God and mammon because you would come to love the one and hate the other. So here is a suggestion about what “mammon” means: material wealth, material power, an opportunity to influence events and people, so covetous of another man’s success [at having become president, as an example] that a mammon loving person would even resort to lying to get himself and his party back onto “the throne” so to speak. In the last week alone, the Republicans simply broke faith with God on all counts. It is a real pity. So why did Romney not get a post-convention “bump?” Because unlike Bob Scheiffer, they can fact check, turn to people who are still capable of fact checking, and get utterly disgusted that a wannabe president can’t keep a stand on any one thing for long enough to understand what he’d do on the national policy stage. Or even a wannabe Veep, has a problem understanding what thou shalt not bear false witness is really supposed to mean. They surely want better than this.

So in my estimation, if people don’t seem to mind being lied to because it is their own party leaders after all, then they can go ahead and vote for a couple of clueless theocrats. Or they can get educated, and make up their minds as to what they truly want for this nation.


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    The closest thing to a friendly profile that I find is in a 1982 Time cover story on “The Great Vatican Bank Mystery.” Here we see the archbishop at sixty, looking positively striking in full ecclesiastical regalia and in living cover-color. We have no way of telling that he stands six-foot-three and is well over 200 pounds, but his blue eyes say he knows much (“serving both God and mammon can be a difficult task”). This Marcinkus, we are told, was known to his fellow seminarians as a “‘gentle giant’ who could run the table at billiards or play a mean game of basketball” and to his contemporaries as a man without a “devious bone in his body.” In what was one of the last times he spoke to the press, he told Time’s Rome bureau chief, “The old archbishop is tranquil. His conscience is clear.” But even this piece depicts him as being “under a cloud” in the Vatican and an embarrassment to John Paul II.

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