Electing children–2012

While working on one of my latest projects, a double fold knitted potholder, I am pondering this campaign season that is upon us. I was out for a rather lengthy walk, after finding my way to the lady that sells energy crystals. I picked up a $3.00 bag of uncut and unpolished rocks, those that answered best to my quartz crystal, and then went on my walk to collect cans. Got a pretty good haul too. So, not getting back before 6 pm, I only got to see a portion of the local news, plus much of King 5 out of Seattle. When it comes to Senate candidate Michael Baumgartner, did anyone ever tell this dude that you don’t want to sound like some wimpy Democrat from the Bush years of 2001 to 2009? Yet, that is exactly what he sounds like as he questions the war in Afghanistan and complains about how Senator Cantwell is a “failure” for having funded it. If, quite frankly, you can’t tell the difference between an R or a D when it comes to style, delivery, language used over a war that GW had started by October 2001, then all of Washington state has a serious problem. As an Idahoan, I’m in no position to vote for anybody other than this guy who is as much of an embarrassment, as that Republican out of Missouri: Todd Akin who said that women couldn’t get pregnant in a legitimate rape. Not even God calls rape legitimate. Oh, and Baumgartner, that’s anti-abortion, “pro-life” has to do with how righteous society is. And I don’t see much that is “righteous” about our current politics or those who would lead this country.

In the run up to the Republican National Convention with a Hurricane as a party crasher, there were GOP featured, inclusive of the fringe Ron Paul movement who were certainly featured, one of whom declared the Obama years to be a “disaster.” Was that before or after GW left office? It tells you a lot about people who can’t seem to get with it over accepting some personal responsibility. Then too, there was the Medicare “reform” that Ryan wants to promote. The GOP are in a lather over ending this “entitlement program” that assists seniors on a severely limited income, and they claim that what Ryan proposes, opens the door to “competition.” No, it shifts yours and my tax $$$ to a new entitlement program within the private sector. Apparently, the insurance companies, but not your grandma is “entitled” to these tax dollars. Not much different really between the “voucher program” to put select kids into private schools so that they can “compete” with the public schools. Actually, that is finding someone we can all agree has a right to this “entitlement program,” but that it just shouldn’t be the publicly educated kids. So, define what “entitlement” means in this political era if you will.

Someone should follow Romney around with a tape recorder at the least, or video equipment with sound and literally have Romney do an attack ad against himself on the behalf of the Obama administration. You couldn’t get more hateful or divisive than what Romney is hell bent on doing. Over and over again, the question has to be asked: exactly what has Romney’s own history been like that he has to project onto his opponent? Bet Romney has known some serious failures in his life, and if he insists on repeating the mistakes of the GW years, this nation that had been dragged to the cliff during 2001-2009, is sure to go off it with Romney at the helm. I can do something about Romney and Ryan come the November elections, I can’t do a thing about Baumgartner.

Listening to the New Age channel on Dish Network does do a lot to calm some over-heated nerves. I’d much rather hear about how Hurricane Isaac is wreaking havoc than listening to the children squabbling during the Republican National Convention. Quite frankly, I don’t know which tipped them off the deep end and sent them into second childhood: whether it was because a Democrat won out against a Republican, or because the voters went with a guy who happens to have a mixed race, mixed nationality for an inheritance. Yeah, I’ll say it plainly, that some kind of bigotry is in full operation here. And would it in some way affect a Romney presidency? Romney, remember is a Mormon, and his sectarian belief is widely regarded as a cult. As for the “support” that he gets, it carries a lot of caveats. That “support” could vanish, the moment he became the president. The GOP doesn’t even know what they want outside of getting rid of Obama. But, they are also selecting a guy who wouldn’t know how to limit government if he was handed a sure-fire blueprint on how to do so. I’ll be more than happy to watch “The Daily Show” comedic parodies of the political conventions, but I sure won’t watch the conventions themselves. I am already very thoroughly disgusted with how things are going.


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