Faux “Outrage” or lying a lot on the campaign trail

Over the weekend, former Guv. Mitt Romney picked a real doofus for his running mate: Representative Paul Ryan. Call me an independent sort of Republican who is certain to be highly alienated by this sort of GOP ticket. But the news media [in the tank for Obama] was absolutely breathless with excitement over the Ryan pick. Like a giddy bunch of school girls. But you listen to Ryan talk, and you end up howling with laughter at this “idea guy” who might put talking points together eloquently enough, but there is nothing “new” about any of it. And if the “news media” actually did the research, they’d find a great many problems with what Ryan says. Take as a for instance, Ryan turns to no less than Bill Clinton to buttress his Medicare proposals. However, Ryan has been in the House of Representatives for long enough to remember that then President Clinton was much hated by the GOP, who not only wanted him to fail, but even wanted to drive him out of office. Now why exactly is Bill Clinton suddenly being “praised” for a “bi-partisan approach” to the Medicare proposal? Maybe Ryan ought to give ole Billy boy a call before throwing his name out there in a stupid attempt to get to the office of the Presidency and VEEP both. I’m sure that Clinton would appreciate not being exploited by people who hated his guts not so long ago. And also, under the circumstances, I’m quite sure that Jon Stewart would have a few things to say about this too.

Also, Ryan chose to disclose that “massive debt” to wax “outraged” over that is supposed to have “diminished our children’s future.” ROLFLMAO. I highly doubt the dude gives a flying flip about “the kids” at any time. What he wants, is to add to the debt burden the children get to shoulder by tax breaks after tax breaks given to extremely wealthy people. Like I said, the dude doesn’t give a flying flip. “The children” are simply convenient for political purposes. Oh, and, while he is howling away at that debt burden which he as a member of Congress certainly contributed to, the POTUS only made transparent the cost of two wars, etc. that former Prez. Bush wanted this nation involved in… And by the way, we couldn’t put an “end” to these wars, no matter how much it might add to the national debt, because we “couldn’t be seen as cowards” weak before Al Qaeda type terrorists. Remember? “The kids” did not figure into any of this. And that has been a factor since the GOP walked to the edge of the cliff and stayed there.

So, Ryan makes it plain that as this “observant Catholic…” I guess that the U.S. Constitution shouldn’t apply as far as his expressing his “faith” to achieve political power is concerned. Well, and maybe Jesus Christ has no say in this either. A fellow who fails to read the bible very closely while pushing a select political dogma of his “church,” isn’t representing what his beliefs ought to stand for anyway. So, he’s opposed to stem cell research and abortion. Those are easy calls to make when you are a guy who’s been in a position of power for at least 14 years. You tend to forget what the “little people” face in day to day struggles. Just as he forgets too readily, that not everyone is an “observant Catholic” for political purposes as he is. Where does he stand morally? Well, if he is a little too willing to lie on any of his stump speeches, not very.

Just as “fiscal conservatism” is also a matter of political convenience. Making seniors “pay more” for some kind of Medicare voucher, while whining that “seniors” lost some humongous sawbucks because of Obama’s health care reform… The news media did manage to televise that the millions of dollars supposedly lost to Medicare was actually money paid directly to insurance companies. “The seniors” didn’t “lose” anything, I guess, that they hadn’t already lost to “Medicare reform” circa what was signed into law under the GW administration. No, but apparently, the insurance companies didn’t like losing the federal $$$ that “Medicare reform” was redistributing in their direction. Put Ryan into a position to do something about it, and federal money gets put back in their pockets. “The seniors” are only useful like “the kids” to guarantee welfare for these business interests. Real hilarious. And you thought the Obama supported Super PAC that made a goofy charge about Romney’s history with Bain Capital was supposed to be bad. Not nearly as bad as the crap now rolling downhill from the Romney camp. Give me a break.

So as of now, I get to suffer through some real revulsion in the coming months while waiting to vote for a number of Democrats instead of the GOP by 6 November.

I had any number of health scares over the past weeks, and as of now, the Doctors are thinking that I suffer from panic attacks. What is remarkable, is that I don’t have any kind of high anxiety to bring about something of that sort. Since leaving J.C. Penney, I haven’t faced any kind of undo stress what so ever. So, what ever has happened, I am at an age that I can be considered a prime candidate for a lot of different health issues. Not just some lingering emotional overload.

This is fair week at the North Idaho Fair. I am now in the process of getting my submissions ready and delivered off to the fair grounds. Getting a new printer, getting photo project paper which is heavy paper, specially coated for brilliant colors and works just as well as the more spendy photo paper for what I need in submitting 8×10 fair photos. My Nikon Cool Pix that has 720 HD, plus the new printer that can read a camera’s memory card directly, and I have a wealth of choices as to photos to take in. Having submitted that today, a holiday card, canned goods, and crocheted and knitted projects, now there is just the baking to do along with collecting a bit of my garden. I showed my elderly neighbor and members of her visiting family my photo submissions. They helped me to decide which “Deer in field” they preferred and loved the “Twisted tree” which my elderly neighbor insisted on displaying up side down. I had also substituted a photo of the Iron man competition from the one I had originally selected. Surprisingly enough, I caught the runner with both feet off the ground. Now that can be considered quite the action shot.


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