Poor choice of candidate

Aside from Senator Harry Reid routinely sticking his foot in his mouth (as discussed on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)—and maybe his constituents will finally get tired of him enough to quietly retire him from office—seems to me that former Guv Mitt Romney is doing a far better job of destroying his own credibility as discussed on various news outlets (and of course, “The Daily Show”) by what he says and doesn’t say. Take his machismo trip to 1. London, 2. Israel, and 3. Poland to shore up his “foreign policy credentials.” He acts like an arrogant doofus who insults the Brits over their handling of the London Olympics, creating an international incident. Goes to Israel and acts like he’d love to get yet another war started between the people of Israel and the Palestinians. And then allows some dude on his staff to start swearing at reporters on “ground sacred to the Polish people.” About the best that his “local supporters” can muster are lame letters to the editor (Coeur d’Alene Press—1 August 2012) where they argue that there’s something wrong with the news media for “publishing misinformation.” Really, you can’t be “too politically correct” these days… Or throwing out a lot of crap about Obama and beating up (at least verbally) anyone who would justify voting for Obama in the first place. Well, if the GOP extremists (for they certainly aren’t “conservative) want to vote for a damn fool, that would be their problem. And maybe the Mayan “end of the world” prediction is simply off by a year. The point being, that if Romney can’t govern his own mouth as a political candidate, neither can he hope to govern a nation more effectively. He displayed a lot of serious flaws on his “foreign policy tour.” Those flaws, including obvious bigotry, did not help him in the polls back home. I get this impression of Romney, that he is a spoiled little rich kid who got bored and wanted to try something new. And already proving what he can’t handle about it. All Romney has to do is open his mouth, and the world immediately knows what kind of “man” he ain’t.

Quite frankly, the GOP could have done themselves one hell of a favor and not exhibited this unreasoning Obamahatred. That way, if they truly wanted to replace the man in four years; they could have selected some truly top notch candidates for POTUS instead of a bunch of clowns. It’s a pity. And no, I am not being facetious or snarky when I suggest that putting Romney into the highest office in the land, at a time of world-wide political and financial tensions, could in fact come to a boil and explode if the “wrong thing” is said at the “wrong time.” Romney is not doing himself any favors by the way he acted while over seas. He didn’t do this nation any favors either. So, if you are an utter dolt, Romney is your man.

My latest in health scares keeps me around the mobile home a lot. So, I have the occasion for watching a bit more in news. But, my fave shows may not have been continued in the fall line up, and only one looks promising: Elementary. I recently picked up some very old “Warriors” movies: Hercules and etc. from Fred Meyers. The simplistic plot lines of good v evil were very entertaining for their time. And frankly, the special effects were truly decent for the time as well. I like these old shows. They were also as violent, filled with blood and guts, as any modern movie. But, you did know who the bad guy (or woman) was. And you also know exactly why the hero of the hour was fighting so hard to take him (or her) out and “free the people” from the villain. Today, regrettably, political ideology and those whom governments really support, make it practically impossible to sort out “bad guys” from “good guys.” So, here is a simplistic test in particular: This is for the “end of times Christians” who are anxiously awaiting the day when Christ will come down from the heavens. How do you know he will? 2012 has already become a disastrous year in terms of droughts, fires, violent weather, financial heart burn in the European markets, violent war in Syria… And a real joke walks in on the scene and really makes a fool of himself. If he wants to fancy himself as the man who paves the way for the return of Christ, here’s a little reminder: It is said that John of Patmos was the guy who wrote Revelations. In the generations since that “last book” of the bible was written, plenty of “Christians” have looked to anybody but themselves as the means by which an “anti-christ” might come about, scapegoating Jews, heretics, Muslims, etc. They could have looked to St. Augustine instead. If Dr. Pagels historical research is correct, the good (?) St. made the orthodox church a “power” second to none when he joined forces with the state. He also used the powers of the state against his own people. He didn’t bother reading that scripture in the bible about how Christ was tempted to obtain all the powers over the kingdoms of men if he would just bow and worship the Devil. A temptation that Christ was supposed to have rejected. But apparently, Augustine’s own particular ambitions would lead him to embracing such a temptation in full. As have most of his successors to this present age. Perhaps, Revelations was all about Augustine, and those who would walk in his foot steps. Desiring material power and wealth over and above that of heaven itself. Perhaps “John’s” greatest criticism was of an “orthodoxy” that abandoned scripture, abandoned the centuries of persecution and the lessons this taught, abandoned the need for religious freedom (according to Pagels) by keeping the church separate from the state. The state being an enemy, and a church that would crawl into the arms of the state in order to increase its own power, well, then perhaps the “whore of Babylon” was simply this orthodox church. One led by Augustine. When you simplify the story line down to the good guy who simply fights for justice v an evil oppressor, Augustine would not have been a good man. Without question, he was an oppressor in his own right. But his particular ambitions and religious politics were the ones that won. His successors have since seen “the state” as the place to seat all power and political ambitions. Until the Pilgrims and the founding fathers of this nation. After that, the theocrats have again sought to seat all power and political ambitions with the state. If you have not followed the instructions of the master, Christ will not know you. The “church” hasn’t bothered following those instructions for thousands of years. How do the “end of times Christians” know that there will even be a Christ that will come for them? Horrific murders, terrible weather patterns, tragic accidents, and doomsday prophets suddenly flocking to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” We don’t need a worse fool in the oval office than the one Obama only succeeded.


2 Responses to “Poor choice of candidate”

  1. silver account Says:

    • The VP’s role. Ryan may help in the Midwest, but his plan to transform Medicare could alienate senior citizens and hurt Romney’s chances of winning Florida. Meanwhile, Joe Biden drew heat this week for saying that the Romney economic plan would put voters “in chains” – a remark that some Republicans blasted as racially charged.

    • jeh15 Says:

      @Silver account: LOL! The GOP have a tendency to “blast” at anything. However, they also demonstrate rather repeatedly just how hypocritical they can get. Over the last four years of the Obama administration, just about everything that the Republicans have done in being highly obstructionist to the Obama administration, has been based on race as much or more than anything in the way of political ideology. The “TEA Party” has also demonstrated repeatedly just how much in the way of bigots that they can be. It begs the question, that if they want Obama out so badly that they will nominate any clueless fool that comes along; how well would they get along with say a Mormon and the rest of them are evangelical “Christians?” They need to quit projecting and start looking in the mirror to do something other than just shave their faces, brush their hair, and teeth.

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