Whiner in chief?

Before I address Guv. Romney’s constant whining about President Obama’s taking him on for his business record and tax returns; CBS Evening News yesterday disclosed that the new Consumer Protection Agency had cracked down on Capital One Bank for promising its customers a “free” monitoring service on their cards and then slapping a fee on that “free” service. Must be a new gimmick to “pay for” their ads that tell us all about the “cash back” awards. Someone, do pay attention to that baby? As is, the bank must now reimburse its customers in the millions of dollars. For those of us who suffered through this bank’s creative accounting practices, it amounts to a vindication of sorts. And on the other hand? I have no doubt that Romney and the GOP would never care for a bank like this to have to pay the price for engaging in fraudulent business practices. If you, the ordinary Joe did what the corporate office of this bank did, there would be no question you’d end up facing some serious time for doing the crime. Then I see no particular difference between the white collar criminal who commits fraud and the street corner scammer preying on the gullible.

It would take more extensive reading through the late Molly Ivins book, “Who let the dogs in?” to address Romney’s current campaign claims that puts him only 1 point ahead of Obama in the current “polls.” But then, polling results also change day to day and week to week. The only poll that really counts, is when the votes are in circa November 2012. When you listen to the Romney sound bites as reported on KREM 2 News, then read what Ms. Ivins opined about years ago before her death, Romney is one hell of a liar. It depends on how wealthy/well-connected/etc. you happen to be for government to have no problem giving you anything you ask for. On the other hand, if this were indeed a “land of opportunity,” why are business interests fleeing these shores and wanting to glom onto the cheapest labor possible? Romney isn’t exactly addressing the unemployed and homeless you need to realize. He is preaching to the choir of Obama haters. For far too many of us, the U.S. is not now a land of opportunity for the fact that government is too busy engaging in wealth redistribution to the rich and powerful. With a greater likelihood of it continuing should Romney become the prez.

The late Molly Ivins complained about former President George W. Bush for a very specific disconnect between policy and those whom such a policy would affect. Under Bush, he really could be blamed for the loss of jobs in this nation. In the eight years of Bush, the consequences of his domestic policies would extend well into the Obama presidency. And when you couple that with how much government (under GW) favored corporate interests and turned on main street; you can also be sure of how much the corporate interests would be resistant to the idea of re-instating any kind of economic stability. Basically, engaging in a practice of rip offs in order to achieve “easy” profits, fat dividends, and tax cuts on top of that. What Ivins noted in the last years of her life, is no less as relevant in the 2012 election cycle. You can’t really blame Obama just because Bush and the GOP instituted corporate socialism. And you the prospective voter will have to blame yourself if you put a corporate socialist into office—Romney.

Romney suffers his own disconnect. He is a son of wealth and privilege, much like GW before him. He doesn’t have a clue about how the little guy lives (outside of “The Daily Show” parodying his “tax returns”) if say (LOL!) Romney really could write off as a deduction a car elevator; then it begs the question of “in this land of opportunity” (and I have no doubt that Romney got plenty from government) just how many people can afford a car elevator? —This just in, Romney slamming Obama for his fund raisers!?! Uh, yeah? Duh! I guess. And how many fundraisers has superpac Romney gotten because he wants the office of the prez in the worst possible way? Besides liar and a whiner (how dare anyone attack him!), the dude is also quite the hypocrite.


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