At least the political rhetoric was toned down

Independence day: 2012

I left my home around 7:30 this am in order to guarantee that I’d be able to watch the Fourth of July parade in time. I reached downtown CDA about two hours later—a bag for aluminum cans and a digital camera for parade photos. And yes, around an hour and a half to kill before the parade officially began. I end up across the street from the judge’s reviewing stand, a lot of blaring music, and finally a too loud parade announcer. I checked out the pre-parade crowd and snapped some pics of parade goers in front of a lake front scenic location. Pics of a dog and a guy who was there to help set up everything. Finally the parade. I was there mostly for a variety of “people” shots to ultimately decide what I’ll want for the North Idaho Fair. No, I don’t photograph everything. I don’t photograph school bands or cheerleaders. I certainly didn’t photograph the religious moments in the parade. I don’t photograph the big rigs or many of the politicians. Although I did photograph,. I believe Mayor Bloem on a Harley Davidson.

Here was a real sight for sore eyes; when the GOP and Dem marchers showed up near the tail end of the parade, the GOP had toned down tremendously their gaudy and ostentatious show that they had been putting on for at least two years. The “TEA Party” didn’t seem to be very much in appearance, the Reagan Republicans and Kootenai County GOP had a vastly reduced parade “foot print” that was almost the size of what the following Dems also had. How about that! So now for the speculation: I am wondering if it was because of the thrashing they took during the May primaries? If they over-reached when the recall movement was started? If it was because of some particularly public questioning about their bonafides in no less than the letters columns of the CDA Press, or people simply got tired of the latest political fads, or for that matter, because of the political in-fighting over who (turf war style) could claim to be the “real” conservative. Behavior that I’d sooner associate with teenage punks behavior than something that would truly be acceptable for people who are supposed to be adults. Yeah, the GOP political footprint was reduced, they honored an Iwo Jima flag on a float, but that did seem to be a bit more in the boundaries of the acceptable. I also saw Dan English marching with the Dems, he noticed me sitting in a good parade viewing spot on the sidewalk and I called, “Hey, Dan.”

A wistful moment; mom used to just love coming to these parades. Last year, the lung cancer we did not know she had metastasized into her lower back, slowly crippling her. She could not attend her beloved parade. Now, she is at rest, and I have to enjoy what I saw, alone. I go to the Iron Horse to grab a honking big sandwich, with fries, apple pie and a root beer. I can see why they’d charge nine or ten dollars for a sandwich that size. It might prove my one meal for the day. Then I wandered over to where the Kootenai County Farmers’ Market was being held, showed my parade pics to at least one vendor and was asked if I had a booth there today. No. I couldn’t squeeze in both parade and setting up a booth, let alone get lunch. I checked out what was going on in the city park before I began meandering a slow walk back.

Oak Crest is quiet, except for who ever is setting off fireworks. I am going to watch the fireworks specials on TV tonight. “A Capitol Fourth” on PBS and the Boston Pops on Channel Two at 10 pm. I can avoid the noise and rowdy crowds at the city beach this way and enjoy a quiet evening to a warm and pleasant day. The house is decorated for the month. May the Gods bless this nation


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