Obama care — The law!

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a 5 to 4 majority decision—with Chief Justice Roberts siding with (old leftist) Justices on keeping the Affordable Health Care Act mainly intact. Yeah, you heard that correctly, the Chief Justice exerted the caveat of “conservatism” that argues from an authoritarian standpoint—which had Congressional Republicans in a real lather, state GOP who had pushed this lawsuit to overturn “Obamacare” before the Supreme Court in a real dither, and Presidential wannabe, Mitt Romney wanting to replace a “bad law” with something almost exactly like it. And “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” lampooning the major news networks like Fox and CNN for getting it… exactly wrong! I’m sure I know exactly why, too. When you are the news media that wants to pick the winners and losers in national politics, getting your whole world upended with the voters speaking in November oh say in November of 2008, had to really upset these guys in their over-paid positions as tabloid journalists, talk show hosts, etc. but not what you would call real journalists. That is why they spent the next almost four years constantly harping up what they regarded as Obama’s “flaws.” And looked forward to a ruling on this lawsuit that would without question overturn Obama’s signature achievement on health care reform. So, the GOP publicly act like sulking little babies and vow revenge. How pathetic.

Besides the fact that former Mass. Guv Romney broadcasts how clueless he can get—and is this really the best of the bad lot of clowns the GOP can come up with?—Cathy McMorris-Rogers declaring that the Supreme Court spoke today, but that the people will speak in November. How certain is she that “the people” will act according to her way of thinking? Maybe they will just throw her butt out instead. Especially since she has been part of the crew of obstructionists to everything that Obama has proposed and tried to invite them to join him and the Democrats in pushing forward. And I am also thinking of all the vitriol and pure hatred that local GOP have expressed about Obama in the last four years: expressed in letters, blogs, comments, etc. And the asinine bumper stickers displayed on their cars and trucks. Maybe they are choking on their coffee, beer, or dinner today because presumably, Roberts turned on them. Actually, if these people had paid very close attention to any of Roberts’ decisions, his “majority” opinion always did follow a specific line of thinking: the ability to exercise unlimited personal power at the bench. He could decide on the behalf of unlimited chances at corrupting politics one day (Citizens United decision), for the gun nuts another day (and against states’ rights decisions on personal ownership of guns), against insurance companies and “states’ rights” today. Well, I guess the GOP wanted an authoritarian justice to head SCOTUS, courtesy of GW Bush. So they can proceed to collectively whine about it too. Bet the letters to the editors will now read how Justice Roberts advanced socialism. Or if you will, an unrestrained government. Any and all of his rulings have advanced an unrestrained government, as long as he is in charge of his branch of it. Unless these federal judges are actually caught committing some criminal offense, you really can’t vote them out after their nominations to various judicial offices have been confirmed. They serve for a lifetime or until they retire. Well, maybe the GOP wanted a reliably partisan judge who’d toe the ideological line as Scott Pelley suggested on the CBS Evening News tonight. But, you give a young and ambitious guy like Roberts that kind of position and power, the only blindsiding that the parties involved are going to receive is simply what he chooses to do with it. Pay attention to how he rules in any kind of majority opinion, and there’d be no question about how he’d probably rule on “Obamacare.” Obama won, and the GOP now have egg on their faces.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have cared one way or the other. I can’t actually afford private insurance and am already on the taxpayers’ dime when it comes to receiving any kind of medical help through the VA Hospital. Apparently, what Obama was saying: that as long as veterans, members of Congress and himself can receive publicly financed health care, it could also extend to a lot more people. So, in essence, Roberts advanced this idea of affordable health care along this same path. Then yes, he advanced “socialism.” Republicans, be very careful of what you wish for, and vote to confirm. And, as a little reminder, Obama did not support Roberts’ nomination as Chief Justice to the Supremes.


3 Responses to “Obama care — The law!”

  1. Panama Says:

    When the Supreme Court and the Roosevelt administration seemed headed for a constitutional showdown, Hughes persuaded one wavering justice to switch sides and vote to uphold a minimum-wage law and a collective bargaining measure. The “switch in time that saved the nine” defused FDR’s plan to load up the Supreme Court with additional justices appointed by him. The court-packing plan died in the Senate. The deft leadership by Hughes preserved the court as an independent institution.

  2. gold account Says:

    White House judge-pickers sometimes ask prospective nominees about their favorite Supreme Court justice. The answers can reveal a potential judge’s ideological leanings without resorting to litmus tests. Republican presidential candidates similarly promise to appoint more judges like so-and-so to reassure the conservative base.

    • jeh15 Says:

      The only disagreement that I have with your comment is the use of the word “conservative.” Make that Republican base and the fringe baggage of special interests who have no problem battening onto the government teat and exploit taxpayers’ $$$. But, there is nothing “conservative” about them.

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