Hey, youth vote!

In a question of how misleading a news team can be, even if the CBS Evening News showed a poll where Obama led Romney in the youth vote category, it would seem that they were only prepared to interview a young graduate student who in all probability was a young Republican, anyway. A young fellow who was touting the standard talking points about the former Mass. guv Mitt Romney. Who’s idea of “business” was to use companies for as much profit as he could milk out of them, and decimate the livelihoods of the employees, through the activities of his Baine Corporation. If Romney, the businessman cost jobs, hours, wages of the various companies he oversaw, then his ads that promise “the youth vote” a better future than Obama can, would be a blatant falsehood, given the man’s particular history.

So to the “youths” in Romney’s melodramatic ads who don’t want to have to move back in with their parents; I’d like to ask them how far back this situation has actually been taking place and when actually politicians like Romney decided to glom onto it as a campaign issue? Well, it used to be that we were called the “hidden homeless.” “We” were too poor to live independently of relatives—mothers and fathers, cousins, etc.— because of the lack of real income from the jobs we actually did hold. We couldn’t even be called “working poor.” Literally, if we had to live with immediate families such as our parents, we were actually the working destitute! In my case, I was still living with my parents: college, various technical courses, military, working as a dishwasher; well into my late forties (when dad finally died) and with my mom well into my late fifties (working at J.C. Penney, small hobby business) until she died. Embarrassing? Absolutely! But, no Republican that I know of—those who promoted “Right to Work,” Reagan’s, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” etc.— ever took note of the existence of the hidden homeless and why it was that they weren’t included among those who were always being promised a great future. Until it became a political advantage to do so as it would affect the young people (and therefore how they will likely vote). So, the youth of Romney’s ads don’t want to move back in with their parents, huh? Well, take it from a person who would indeed be homeless but for an inheritance, and who would indeed have been destitute without an inheritance, at least you young people aren’t forced to live on the streets or in a homeless shelter. I have no doubt that you want jobs and homes of your own. So did I. To live independently and know that you will be comfortably middle class. So did I. But, unlike myself, you young people have a measurably better technical knowledge that you could truly do something with. Like, becoming self employed out of mom and dad’s basement, or in the bedroom of the apartment you share with your parents. Well, the facts are, that I did this myself. I started my own “hobby business” to try to gain financial independence. Just as I recycled aluminum cans to achieve the same end. Even if it is mom’s apartment or granddad’s garage, you do have the resources to get somewhere on your own. Instead of standing around expecting someone to hand you a job. You could indeed be the job creators of tomorrow if you put into practical use, what you learned in school.

The facts are, that government can only promise a certain percentage of jobs, those to be found in the public sector, or recruitment into the U.S. Military. Government can not promise, and deliver on, private sector jobs. Not even Romney can make such a promise. The government can put a lot of moolah into the hands of a great many people with the expectation that they will spend it on something and ultimately add new jobs. (So did GW, by the way.) But, for there to be an economic turnaround, it is the people who run the world of business who need to remember that only people with paychecks can actually buy things. If Obama found that he was in no position to dictate to business interests the necessity of creating a new middle class; Romney, a very wealthy man, who got that way in part because of his rip off tactics; would not and probably could not do any better. Where you young people have the tools today to do something for yourselves, all it takes is imagination and the determination to make some real accomplishments. Jobs might be hard to come by, but creating one because you have internet capabilities, computer skills, etc. shouldn’t be that hard to do. You just have to be willing to go for it. That is the problem with expecting too much from government, something that Romney has no problem arguing that he can deliver on as well. You are less inclined to think for yourself or do on your own for that reason.

The day after the state-wide primaries here in Idaho; a fellow by the way of Malek claimed a seat in the Idaho state legislature. What he claimed about the business interests who were not putting out the sort of high-income jobs that would actually bring Idaho out of its current economic doldrums… Those business interests, in Malek’s opinion, who didn’t have the “freedom” to accomplish this most desirable goal. Now, who does he think he’s kidding? When Idaho became a “right to work” state, that indeed did give these businesses all sorts of freedom—to screw with the employees and reduce significantly their standard of living. Even as, living in this state became more financially painful owing to the high prices of anything, including real estate. Who ever this Malek fellow was listening to, he hadn’t heard from the working destitute. After all, people who get very few hours and certainly can’t manage to survive on an income that amounts to pennies per day, who would, under the circumstances, qualify for all sorts of public assistance… The very existence of such people has everything to do with what has become a vicious business practice, to get by with the cheapest possible labor (and increase substantially the wealth for the people in upper management) and still expect customers to come barging through their doors… Well, it is highly unlikely that the “customers” will if they already qualify for an EBT card and constantly have to file for unemployment even though they are still “working.” I never voted for this totally ignorant fool. Then I read about his stupid comments in the next day’s Coeur d’Alene Press, and am thoroughly vindicated as to why I did not. These businesses are in a very good position to do what ever they want because Idaho is very “business friendly.” But, it is up to the private sector to finally recognize, that they will only get the clientèle that they seek only when they start providing an income to their workforce. It won’t happen otherwise.


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