A little of anything

Dark Shadows

I saw the many movie trailers of the Tim Burton produced, Johnny Depp starring hilarious version of the decades old TV series “Dark Shadows.” And so, attended the midnight screening last night 10 May 2012. It did not disappoint. Thinking about the many scenes that were displayed throughout: “Barnabas Collins” bursting into flames and “Willie Loomis” throwing a bucket of water on him. “Barnabas Collins” apologizing thoroughly for being terribly thirsty just before taking out the last of the eleven workers who had unearthed his coffin, taking out a group of “peace loving hippies” smoking dope, looking like Michael Jackson with a hat and an umbrella just so he could appear in daylight. And the intense fight between him and “Angelique” at the end of the movie. Fast paced and well put together for all of us old Dark Shadow fans.

The Farmer’s Market new season

The weather gets nice and warm, turns cold and windy. Because there is not a lot of room in a single-wide mobile home, I was actually delayed greatly getting my tomato and pepper plants set out earlier. I’d lost quite a few tomatoes and now have to salvage “grab bag” style what is left. I did much the same to the peppers. However, my first mostly planted raised bed meant for root crops have begun to sprout. My container strawberry bed is showing many signs of life. My new trees for my dwarf container orchard are showing signs of life. I am starting as of now my personal container garden and container garden for fair produce. I won’t begin to plant my other raised bed until near the end of May or well into June as I sell off my veggie starts. I have only recently started planting.

The political quarrel

I went to pick up my latest mail and ended up with the latest "vote for me" extremist that only the Reagan Republicans would endorse. I showed it to one of my new neighbors who saw an opportunity to foam at the mouth over "that Communist" Obama. And then she started on about the "literature that I would not believe…" To which I replied: Written by people who hate his ass. And besides this, her comments about how she is a “Christian” versus that Mormon Romney. I highly doubt her Christ would agree.

The primary is the 15th of May and I shall be there with registration card to prove that I am Republican and with photo ID ready. Where the polling place is a “few blocks” up the street from me, fine weather is in the forecast, I shall have no problem voting before going on my recycling walk. I don’t know if this primary is going to cover anything presidential given the earlier caucuses. But, the Reagan Republicans, the “Liberty” people who pushed the kind of literature that claims only the opposite of what they are actually doing, I think that I can definitely vote against all of them that are in this specific district. Looking forward to it. So, is someone to be slimed as a “communist” because he is a Democrat? Or can “communists” be found who also want an activist, all intrusive government? It doesn’t matter what party. The elderly woman needs to get a grip about this extraordinary hypocrisy. Party line polarization doesn’t add to the conversation. If Obama is a “communist” for trying to get this country on its feet; then what should we call the equally authoritarian types who use what ever excuse to use government to dictate to the rest of us. Many regrets that the elderly lady couldn’t see that. But she did abruptly turn away when I told her about the literature she was touting as coming from people who only hate Obama to begin with. Not a good place for a “Christian” to be.


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