Thoughts of Spring

  • Started putting a rich soil mix into my new raised beds.
  • Started working on a knitted afghan for the North Idaho Fair.
  • Tomato, pepper, and eggplant plants for this season’s Farmer’s Market are doing well.
  • Planted some Ivy in already existing beds.
  • Bought a wine barrel.
  • Winter finally departed more than six weeks after the ground hog said it would. Lousy forecaster anyway.

It was on the news this evening that Mike Wallace had died last night. Rest in Peace. I always did enjoy Mr. Wallace as I thought of him as a member of the news media the way the news media should always be. They caught the guys responsible for shooting all those African-Americans. The cops aren’t so certain though that they want to call it a hate crime. Even though the evidence would suggest that when two white guys open up on minorities with the intent to kill, it sure looks like a hate crime. On KREM 2 News, a different kind of “Easter” message, vandals attacked a Roman Catholic church demonstrating exactly why some people have an issue with regarding the bible as the “word of God.”

For the vandals to express the kind of hatred that “Roman Catholicism wasn’t born in the U.S.A.” and very much a high level of ignorance about Christianity in general has me shaking my head at the stupidity of it all. Christ wasn’t born in the U.S., this nation never even existed at the time Christ was born, preached to his followers, and presumably, died on the cross. So, Christianity was itself an imported religion of middle eastern origin. The vandals may as well take issue with their own churches and bibles as attack the churches of fellow Christians. Just what we needed to hear over this Easter celebration. Yes, I am a non-Christian, but whether I have much cause to agree with the politics of today’s secularized “Christianity” or not, I can quite frankly disagree with what was reported on the news today.

Had to get a Dish Network Repairman in to trace exactly why I wasn’t getting a signal to my TV. Good thing for my backup HD antenna, I picked up enough in local channels to get to see the news. Turns out that my almost decade old receiver had gone “toes up.”

I listened to Enya out of hundreds of CDs that I brought from the old house I once shared with mom. Listening to Enya, starting my knitting project for the fair, and remembering mom. Showing mom my projects, what I intended to do this year to take to the fair. We didn’t have a lot in common. We tended to do too much fighting. But she would be there to take a look at my efforts and thought that what I was doing was “nice” to look at. There will be no more years of showing her my projects. Dead now since October 2011.

What would you say about a new CEO of XYZ Department Store which is a nation-wide retail store who: Puts out a not so customer friendly ad in which the “customer” is supposed to be screaming “no” to all those coupons. Actually, coupons drive much of the customers through the doors. XYZ has now lost a percentage of the customer base because of this initial (negative to the store’s eventual profits) ads. First screw up by this new CEO who declares in a private telecast that he never liked those coupons as a sales associate anyway. I guess he didn’t much like the customers either. Then, he costs jobs, positions, hours, and wages in order to “pay for” the refurbishing of the XYZ Department Store coast to coast. He “increases” the associate discount and practically creates starvation level jobs at a time of economic recovery. He also creates a not so customer friendly store coast to coast as the surviving employees are literally struggling to do their jobs. The customers are fully aware of this and are not bothering to shop at XYZ. The second major screw up by this CEO.  Sorry, blog readers, this isn’t rhetorical, this is a fact! I also found it hysterical that the CEO of XYZ would promise an Ipad to some lucky recipient who happened to get credit applications in the month of February… Yours truly never got a customer to sign onto the XYZ store charge card for that month and also, went for a couple of weeks never working there. Then comes the end of March, first of April: appearing as a Text Message on the old cell phone: you have been picked to receive a new Apple Ipad to be picked up at Seriously? Guess they must have been shopping around to try to find someone to hand it to. The people who got credit applications in February didn’t have jobs at all come March. Undoubtedly, as spendy as those Ipad aps have to be and the internet service on top of that, would have been too much of a luxury for people now unemployed. A cruel hoax. Needless to say, I too gave it a pass. So, wonder if the CEO of XYZ Department Store (nation-wide retail chain) is going to find a bunch of Ipads landing on his desk? Wouldn’t that be hilarious if it actually happened. He’d have done better to have simply improved the jobs as to hours and wages. People could then have bought their own Ipads.

When it comes to the last paragraph on this post: The question that begs to be asked: Why do you hire and train people if ultimately, you don’t actually plan to employ them?


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