Best of… Hypocrisy?

I took a week off blogging kind of thinking what I might really want to discuss the next time I decided to post something, nothing really came to mind. So, I walk much, collect aluminum, cash tax refund checks, shop, send out seed orders, get some hollow wall concrete blocks for my second raised bed, and work on a filet crochet window dressing (single wide panel) for my bedroom window. Then along comes “The Inlander’s” The Best Of; and their reporting on the doings of the Idaho state legislature should have been the prize “The Best Of” as far as hypocrisy in political ideology and government activism is concerned.

It was titled: “Ethics, Cigarettes and Abortion Checking in on the work of the Idaho state legislature.” First it had to do with state intrusion into women’s health issues in which one of the featured state Representatives, Vito Barbieri said was the need by government to “preserve life.” The vaginal ultrasound bill that basically was yet another method of government trying to justify why “Congress shall make no law establishing religion” should never apply in this case. Quite frankly, if the fetus has died of medical complications while in the womb, what good would an ultrasound accomplish, anyway? Beyond reminding the would be mother that her “child” is already dead. Those things do happen and are not discussed by the religious activist crowd. Second, was the big issue over animal cruelty laws which had, wow! the Cattleman’s Association involvement. Now really, why? Third, had to do with whether taxes should be increased on cigarettes with an attempt to discourage teenagers from taking up a deadly habit. The same Rep. Barbieri of Dalton Gardens now argues against “preserving life” by dismissing the whole “taxing idea” that if the teens really want to smoke, they’ll find a way to do so. So, the government will intrude to “prevent abortion” and establish religion, then become quite cavalier toward whether the child born then goes on to develop lung cancer at some later stage in life. Or is that really an argument to keep shoveling profits into the pockets of cigarette makers? Ethics investigation into Senator Pearce who has a definite conflicts of interest in his voting on oil and gas legislation, and having gas leases on his property for decades. Which means he’d personally stand to benefit from this sort of legislation. And again, Vito Barbieri decided to oppose texting while driving legislation by arguing that it will only create more problems. Texting while driving is recognized even by Verizon Wireless as a very dangerous distraction while behind the wheel. Maybe they at least, would like their cell phone customers alive. Unlike the “government should preserve life(?)” Rep. Barbieri.

I quite frankly wonder just why all of the “super hero” movies started coming out just now? Green Hornet has been one of my favorite DC comic heroes when I was a teenager. The movie that I finally picked up recently at Super One, I thought did a degree of justice to Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern origins. Of course, far more modernized. Given all the bad news in just about everything, are “we” in need of an escape from reality? Or do “we” yearn for the super hero who with a wave of a glowing green ring will come in and fix what’s broken? I think that we need to face the fact that this is our issue to resolve.

On CBS Evening News tonight, Scott Pelley decided that a private conversation “over heard” on an open microphone deserved to have tongues wagging and fingers shaking from the GOP just because of what President Obama said to Putin. Not sure I caught it all, but it involved as best as I can understand it, continue treaty talks/pending legislation regarding any nuclear arms only after the election. Now why would the GOP “demand” an “explanation?” Given just how the GOP presidential wannabes want to “overturn” everything that President Obama put into effect, what would stop them from deciding that the same thing could happen with a brokered arms truce between the U.S. and Russia? And only because of who the current president is. The GOP should simply look at the mouthy little kids throwing tantrums on the campaign trail to have all the “explanation” that they need. I wouldn’t gloat too much Pelley, Obama is an intelligent fellow, those opposing him are expressing what morons they can be.


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    CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley – Fall election opens window for women in Congress…

    Capitol Hill is proving a tough hill to climb for female politicians. But there is hope that this fall’s election may give a boost to the number of woman in Congress. Nancy Cordes reports….

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