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I had moved a huge passel of old photos accumulated over the years from out of the basement of the old house. Some had sustained water damage. Either from a broken pipe, or perhaps dampness now that the heat is turned off in the house, or when an errant tom would get into the storage area and do the sort of things that are peculiar to tom cats. But, I brought up around 4 boxes, some left over moving boxes and a couple of hours later had arranged them well enough to store into the van, plus some other personal stuff that I collected—and bring them to my new home. Because I do have a printer that also scans, one day when I can afford a flash drive, I’ll digitize the better photos and store them on the flash drive. Surveying some of these photos was a trip down memory lane. I kept something of my late dad’s, when a now dead grey cat that was a favorite of his jumped up on him. My late mom’s, standing by some Hallowe’en decorations at the house we once owned before she sold it, and bought the one in Dalton Gardens. Another one of a late neighbor, Shirley Baker. There were other ones, such as dad holding a yellow tom “Sunfire” and some photos of my brother and his wife, and baby. I left them for my brother to find when he comes to clear the house by March. I’ll be fully gone then. I’ll clean up as much as possible, but I can guarantee mom’s house won’t be spotless.

What I did not like was my brother’s last threatening letter. In which he illegally insisted that he could start taking a bite out of the living trust just to maintain the property until it sells. In short, he doesn’t want to use his own money. Well now, how fast does he think the property will sell? According to CBS Evening News, new home construction is up, people buying homes has increased, foreclosures are down. Good news in an election year, just as new hires are also increasing. Unemployment claims have dropped significantly as well. If it begins to increase my work hours, I’ll be happy.

I met two neighbors, they are both Ron Paul types. The second one, was real vociferous about POTUS being “such a liar, such a criminal.” But then again, given the circus that is the Republicans campaigning for the presidential nomination and Sarah Palin swearing (without campaigning and without winning delegates) that she’ll jump back in as a presidential candidate, especially if there is no clear front runner by the time of the Republican National Convention. Leave it to the former Alaskan Guv to put a monkey wrench into the works with a good possibility that it will simply keep Obama in office. The GOP are splintering, fragmenting, right in front of the voting public.

Listening to Yanni tonight, and looking forward to Dave Oliveria’s blogfest coming up this Saturday. I live up on Ramsey now, As far as “miles” go between my new address and Fort Ground Tavern and Grill, I am a lot closer than where I used to live in Dalton Gardens. Just go south on Ramsey to Northwest Blvd. Travel as far as Gvt Way and turn onto the road that leads to the North Idaho College… This will be my third blog fest.

Pertaining to my brother, there is a lot he doesn’t consider: I am quite alone now, so it would not be possible to travel a long way to Terry, Montana for a commemoration of Mom’s life that my sister is coordinating. I can’t afford it. I haven’t been there in years since I was a kid. I have business responsibilities and have to be able to take care of my pets. Ill considerate buffoon that he is, after he basically jack slaps me around in his last letter, he really thinks he can offer an invitation that is impossible for me to attend? It concerns me that he is just untrustworthy enough that he’ll hold off on my receiving the financial portion of the living trust that mom set up. But if he does, it just becomes one more reason why I’ll never contact him for any reason ever again. He spent a lot of time wanting to screw with me; when he wasn’t trying to find something to complain about. To look for something to scapegoat me over; or simply ignore me. Well, if that is going to be his attitude, as he looks to mom’s house to get his hands on some fast cash, he can (along with the rest of them) cease to see me as a member of the family. I’ll have a far better sense of peace with my “siblings” gone out of my life than with them in it, and driving me nuts.

<I thought I had locked the house yesterday, after loading up some stuff out of the house into the van. I come this afternoon, and find the doors wide open. Nothing seems to have been touched, and some curious thoughts enter my head. Did I after all forget to lock it? Are the ghosts coming back in full force? Did the real estate lady whom my brother has been working with come to inspect the place and simply left it wide open? When I left, I did lock it. So, we'll see what it is like in the morning when I get my weaving loom, decorations and a decades old foot locker out of the house. Pay day is tomorrow with bills to pay and gas in the van besides. And yeah, there are ghosts in the house. There were ghosts when we were first moving there, and coming again as I am leaving. Ghosts of dead cats, maybe a dead previous owner, but hopefully, mom is at rest.


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