Religious big gvt–2012?

It wasn’t so long ago that President Obama pushed for religious based hospitals and other “faith-based” business operations to start including birth control measures as part of their health care plans. Republicans whined about the threat to religious freedom… And proceeded to vote for Senator Rick Santorum who definitely isn’t a supporter of religious freedom when he makes it a declaration how much he opposes abortion.

Or in previous primaries, Newt Gingrich the “family values guy” (not really!). Or wondering if Mormon Mitt Romney might make the better religious president. For a party that likes to push how much better they are at upholding the U.S. Constitution, the limits on government, etc.; I have yet to see any real proof of that.

Myself, I’d have to say that President Obama is actually doing a far better job of preserving the U.S. Constitution than the GOP who rant and attack just because the man is a Democrat; but who engage in all of the very anti-constitutional issues that they claim the Democrats are doing. And yes, pushing the very big government that they say the Democrats threaten us with.

So, Mitt Romney wins a few caucuses and primaries, Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina, Senator Santorum wins three states: Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri. If this continues, where the Republican voters can’t seem to make up their minds about who they truly want for the GOP nominee, that does far more to help the Democrats.

It would do Senator Santorum a lot of good to check out more thoroughly what the bible actually does say. God would have a lot of reasons to not bless this nation, and very likely it would have nothing to do with gays, abortion, feminists, “lib-ruls,” or even; Planned Parenthood. It has far more to do with religious materialism in which religious activists insist on government not faith address their agendas. Bottom line, why would God bless a people who speak Lord, Lord, with their lips and keep their hearts far from him? (Isaiah) Like I said, the good Senator could do himself a real favor and check out the bible more thoroughly.


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  1. Interview Questions and Answers Says:

    Mitt for President! 🙂

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