Martin Luther King day

A letter published in both the Spokesman-Review and the Coeur d’Alene Press asked exactly why we should give heroes a holiday all to themselves. We should honor them, but we shouldn’t give them a holiday. This was in direct reference to Martin Luther King being honored (observed date today) on his birthday. Well, why do we provide a federal holiday on the behalf of the presidents who served this nation over the course of its existence? Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? Why did we make specific religious observances national holidays?

Martin Luther King was one man who sought to do more than speak out against hatred and bigotry. He wanted laws changed so that it would be possible for his people to become equals in the eyes of the law. For the decades in which he lived, before his life was cut short in a tragic assassination, that was quite the accomplishment, to become instrumental in changing terrible wrongs in this society and seeking to make this country for all people a far better place to live. I’d see no better reason to honor this man with a holiday.

Since the time of Dr. King’s death, there have been many attempts to undo his great achievements. Laws meant to give minorities a leg up in jobs and education become called discriminatory. To bring about an end of overt hatred becomes counter- or reverse-racism. “White people” become “victims” who more often than not had it so much better than their minority brethren. They become “victims” of minority collectivist rights. — Shall we put it bluntly that in the decades since the death of Dr. King that this is the language and general behavior of bullies? And maybe they should have their words come back to haunt them, whether in print, file footage, or cyberspace. Not honor a man who in his short life advanced this society to a far more of a Christian place than it had been previously? Says a lot about the man’s detractors, doesn’t it?

The wind is up rather seriously and drifting the inch or two of snow now on the ground at the close of this day of memory for a life and time and all that might have been had Dr. King lived. I am listening to Yanni here at my mobile home and posting my latest. Because of the weather, I will have to take it easy coming back to my late mother’s house. And because I have more moving to do, take it easy coming here with yet another major haul of personal possessions on the morrow. There is one nice thing about it, the snow held off until all the truly heavy lifting had been accomplished. Think about it, in two months putative spring will arrive.


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