News media hates Obama

I was watching the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley recently and wasn’t sure who spun news events worse, Republican politicians or the news media. All of this as President Obama demonstrates that his domestic policies has indeed done something for the nation. That is, in the jobs creation market.

Employment starts going up, jobless claims start going down, and the shriek from Mr. Pelley (eyes rolling here) that it isn’t good enough! Even further, his CBS reporting crew is expected to go out and ask the GOP candidates how they would create jobs. The real irony in such a question? Is that the supposedly anti-big government party has no problem declaring that government will be there to support business interests. Just as the other half of this irony is: that business interests want government to be there for them! Just as publicly factual, that the people are being informed that the politicians they voted for (GOP by 2010)aren’t actually being represented by their own representatives and senators. As for the GOP presidential wannabes? Government is there to support the special interests, who may or may not put people back to work.

And then there is the news media whine about “part time work” where people aren’t able to find “full time employment.” As though that were a bad thing. Even if it is “part time work,” that is still employment and people are earning some kind of paycheck. The paycheck they earn, not only pays some bills but also adds to the consumption base in this nation. By adding to the consumption base, it is also possible to create new jobs. The news media engages in a truly negative view rather than recognizing that we truly are in a period of recovery, even if not a complete one. Given the percentage of the homeless unemployed who litter the landscape. Even part time work is better than full unemployment. And it gives people who have such work reason to have hope. But the news media wants to stir up a high degree of dissatisfaction over people who at least have some form of employment—in an election year!

Then again, I don’t know who suffers a higher degree of short term memory loss: the GOP who quickly forget that their pro-business policies during the Bush II years caused an economic train wreck or the news media themselves. I haven’t forgotten. That is why President Obama continues to have this conservative Republican’s support. As it is, I am sure that the lap dog news media would rather have childish GOP presidential candidates stepping into the White House doors. Rather than keeping President Obama in office any longer than he needs to be. Sorry Mr. Pelley, but you are cheerleading a bunch of losers.

So, sitting in my new home, blogging and paying attention to the news. Gabrielle Giffords and the anniversary date of her becoming a victim of a mass shooter. “Cops” that features a couple engaging in lewd conduct on a stranger’s lawn in Spokane, Washington. A light dusting of snow in the forecast. Temps going up and down in the projected computer model… But mostly dry and sunny which will continue to help me with my moving to my new home. And a soon to be former neighbor whom I wonder—LOL!—is too anxious to see me out of the neighborhood. Am I paranoid? Probably. But then again, call me only civil with the woman, not cordial. She only caused a lot of grief that I shall never forgive or forget. Moving is still going to take awhile. After all, I am only trying to move a house into a mobile home not even half its size.


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