An interesting year

Personal tragedies factor into what I write: It snowed—too much. It stayed cold too long. It rained too much. Then the deer raided what garden I was able to plant. So, I didn’t have much for the Farmer’s Market or even to show much for the fair. Mom died and now I am moving to a new home in much drier weather than was the case at the start of 2011. For this I am grateful.

The silly season of the GOP has arrived in all of their eye-rolling numerous debates, silly attacks on the president, a total lack of understanding of “Christian” values, sillier attacks on themselves. And the biggest hilarity to date? So great is their hatred of Obama in particular and the Democrats in general that they were prepared to paint themselves into a corner over possible tax hikes on the not so well off. How better to describe hypocrisy “r” us.

At least there are no deer in a mobile home park and I can work at my leisure to put together raised beds and everything else that won’t fit in a raised bed can then go into containers. I already told the park managers about that and the dwarf orchard in containers. Yes, I am literally moving my business to a new home and not just myself.

They say that this is the year of the end times for the world as we know it. That it may well be. Given the hyper-partisan attitudes of the two political parties and the childish attacks on the president by talking heads such as George Will (Obama is “a willow” for wanting to move beyond fossil fuels.), it says a lot more about those talking heads than it ever will about the person they attack. After all, George Will is contracted to serve and be an apologist to people who have no loyalty to anything or anyone beyond their bottom line. So, who cares what he thinks anyway? One of the dreaded “four horsemen” was after all a capitalist. And considering the misery that was caused from a definition of “capitalist” that completely disassociated itself from supply and demand is still being felt today even as the American economy slowly recovers. So yeah, who cares what Will thinks?

For the first time in my life I become an ersatz home owner. That makes me at least close to being middle class. So, reading what Froma Harrop had to say about the “middle class” and how they aspired to do too much without having the means to pay for it would have been a partial truth for a troubling age. After all, people do choose to mortgage against a home equity in a time of rising home values hoping to cash in on a bubble, that like all other bubbles, is going to burst. The rest of the story? Is that the people who enticed this sort of behavior, not just the middle class, happen to suffer from memory loss about other economic craze melt downs. Such as the dot com bubble burst before Clinton’s presidency had ended. People who see “the craze” as something to cash in on and get rich quick don’t think in terms of long range planning and whether this is something that has future staying power. Only people who make it a practice of studying history would have warned against this kind of behavior. It wasn’t just the middle class that suffered a tremendous jolt, so did the business interests that thought they could cash in on a “sure thing.” How long before being sadder but wiser ends with the latest economic craze? Something that the Republicans should consider.


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