Reality avoidence

It seems that psychologists and psychiatrists have a “disorder” for everything these days. If you are afraid of releasing your temper and go out of your way to avoid conflict just because of your temper, that becomes a disorder. I would have thought that moral and compassionate people would fear the dark parts of themselves and at least work to control it in order to love their neighbor as themselves. It is a disorder now. How about that.

actually, to be very fair about it, I had enough war stories in my life that developing a disorder would not be impossible. But it took being a veteran and finally being checked out for this and various other problems that I could finally begin to take the first steps to addressing what I do know to be emotionally wrong with me. That being said, I recall the recent Froma Harrop column in which “how dare the government pull the plug on drug companies raking in billions of dollars on questionable drugs that may do more harm than good.” According to the GOP. And according to the same GOP, people like me shouldn’t get taxpaid for help for the various problems that we have developed in our lifetimes. Even though the veterans had surely earned such assistance through their service to this country. Yeah, that’s right, gvt should act on the behalf of corporations who’s only allegiance is to their bottom lines, but veterans should get tossed under the bus.

When does being a collector turn you into a hoarder? I’ve seen the extremes of hoarding, people who can’t seem to throw anything out. Well, I might spend years collecting things, I guess you could call it a comfort zone to have things around me, but I also will throw anything that is broken, or should I eventually leave my late mother’s home, have no problem reducing considerably the things that I have. I collect, yes, but hoarder, I don’t know about that. All of the above because I paid a visit to the VA Hospital in Spokane, Washington today. —5 December 2011.

Froma Harrop spoke of Avastin that the FDA formal studies on the drug ended their prior approval of it because of the prospects of its being dangerous to cancer patients health. Of course this is of interest to me, my late mother died of the lung cancer that metatastized into the bone. This is what Avastin was supposed to combat. But because mom wasn’t diagnosed until her condition was terminal, for my mom at least, the issue would have been moot. But leave it to the GOP who don’t want people who can afford insurance to be forced to buy it, but on the other hand, they should have available to them what amounts to a political death panel decision engineered by the GOP. Insurance policies that presumably cover something that could easily end your life. More than a little ironic.

This is what I understand, I do have my problems, and I also know that I have my problems, I am also I hope honest about the fact that they exist. I don’t avoid the reality of the fact that they exist. On the other hand, just how reality based are the partisan politics currently percolating in Washington, D.C.? Reality Avoidence Disorder, I’ll agree to that.


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