Jobs… and define immoral relativism

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley discussed the lack of people prepared to do the hard demanding tasks of agriculture when it comes to mega farms (agribusiness) and humongous orchards. In the case of CBS Evening News, agri-business that had been dependent on cheap labor from migrant farm laborers coming from south of the border, suddenly finds that this cheap foreign labor is now in short supply but that unemployed Americans aren’t exactly hiring on either. About a week after that aired, Leonard Pitts, jr. expressed something similar, Alabama’s tough new anti-illegal immigration law drove off the very people the agri-business folks wanted working their farms. And again, unemployed Americans, didn’t seem all that willing to hire on. Or, those who did, soon quit, complaining about how hard it was.

A few points can be made here about what the news media revealed about where the American workforce is concerned. Apparently, “we” aren’t cut out for hard demanding work any longer; or, we are generations divorced from the very concept of the family farm where hard demanding work was a requirement. Or there could be other reasons, does bus service run in the direction of these more rural mega-farms? Is it possible that people desperate for any kind of work can’t make it to these sites of agri-business? Or how about this? After many years of agri-business preferentially hiring cheap labor that came from south of the border, now the decisions made years earlier about whom they preferred in a workforce has now come back to haunt them. It sets on its head, in any case, the arguments of the GOP, the “TEA Party,” and the Occupy Wall Street types across this nation. The jobs are there folks, learn what hard work is. Because there is nothing demeaning about picking lettuce, harvesting apples, etc.; as long as it puts food on the table and keeps a roof over one’s head. If I were even 20 years younger, I’d travel into Washington state myself and help the guy with his apple crop. It would be for me a decent job that paid fairly well. And no, I don’t mind hard work. On the other hand, there is nothing more demeaning that sitting around whining that the job you are trained for isn’t there any more. So, get off your butt and look at the kind of work that is in fact available and start building up a useful work history.

Futher, on this matter of jobs, was something of a round table discussion about putting America back to work. One of the more hilarious comments concerned the lack of customers for specific business interests. Uh, you have to put a paycheck in people’s hands before they become someone else’s customer. On the other hand, business interests who complain about the “lack of skills” in filling available positions… The best response? Was where this woman professor (?) expressed that major corporations should simply hire and train the people for the skills they needed the most. After all, I was a dishwasher before I entered retail. The national chain store where I work now did not have a problem training me for the skills they needed to do the job. The American work force isn’t by any means the only people who can be accused of laziness and lacking initiative.

Mona Charen did a lot of ranting and raving about how the ancient Aztec civilization and all the horrors of barbarism that were heaped on their victims in ritual sacrifice that has been treated with kid gloves in modern scholastic settings. The Aztec civilization is long dead. So? But I noticed a whole lot of hypocrisy behind Ms. Charen’s views of how we really can and should judge the short comings of long dead peoples. In actual fact, the Aztecs were no more horrible or barbaric than their European conquerors. Certainly no more horrible or barbaric than what can be found in the Old Testament that was used to justify a lot of horrible and barbaric behavior in Christian Europe vis a vis the witch craze, hatred of the Jews, Crusades against Muslims, etc. All of mankind has a history of violence. And all of man has at some point utilized religion and God(s) to justify some truly horrible things. Targeting the long dead Aztecs in order to really engage in a long winded complaint about “liberal multi-culteralism,” well; that’s pretty sad. It also says a great deal about the author as well.


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