Opinions on All Hallow’s Eve

A recent Kathleen Parker editorial republished in the Spokesman-Review extolled the virtues of Herman Cain’s campaign manager throwing together a low budget campaign ad, and after stating his piece about the nation and his boss, takes a drag off his cigarette. After which, Herman Cain engages in a slow smile. From what I can tell of Ms. Parker, she behaved exactly like some giggly school-age groupie. But for those of us who know the dangers of cigarette smoking, that guy happens to be a good candidate for any of the following: emphysema, bronchitis, or lung cancer. The latter smoking related illness was what cost my mother her life, after a prolonged bout of terrible suffering. I’m afraid that I don’t hold much sympathy for any cigarette smoking “base” that this ad might attract. Them’s coffin nails, sir. And the government can only warn you about the dangers of those coffin nails, it can’t keep you from buying them, and then going to your grave because of them.

Speaking of addictive substances, Washington state is again in a cultural war zone over who has a right to sell hard liquor. Should it only be state-controlled liquor stores? Or can national “big box” stores like Costco sell it too? Uh, speaking of restaurants who are “forced” to buy their hard liquor from “state-controlled” liquor stores, far as I know, restaurants get all their supplies from distributors, that includes whatever spirits (beer, wine, etc.) that they are allowed by law to stock. Whereas, it is the ordinary customer who buys hard liquor from state-controlled stores. If I 1183 were to pass this time, it just means that hard liquor distributors would simply have more outlets for selling their product, but it also means, that the “privatization,” of hard liquor won’t make it any cheaper or “more competitive” with state-run stores. You would have to have spent some time in the restaurant business as well as retail to know that simply isn’t true. The rest, is for the voters of Washington state to sort out.

The next scary thought would be: what if you were Sean Hannity, out for a stroll, and some cop throws you up against a van in order to frisk you on the suspicion of carrying a weapon without a license or carrying illegal drugs. Knowing that to not be the case, you’d be screaming bloody murder at your constitutional rights being violated. The cop runs you in on a “resisting arrest” charge, then gloats about it to a friend afterwards. So, excuse me if Leonard Pitts, jr. has every right to feel outraged over how a fellow African-American received that sort of treatment. But fortunately, this cop was over heard by some federal agents who promptly arrested him for violating his victim’s civil rights. So, as Mr. Pitts states in his column, republished in the Spokesman-Review on this 31st of October 2011, why should it matter if you are a minority; you still have the same constitutional rights. And maybe it defines what continues to be bigotry in this culture today.

It is going to be the first Hallowe’en without my mother here to enjoy some of this holiday with me. She died two weeks shy of when my dad died, of smoking related heart problems and undoubtedly emphysema as well. Almost eleven years later. So, if I proved to be quite slow in putting out some decorations, well, there were good reasons. I’m at work tonight, with a costume for handing candy to the kids at the mall. But, it will never be the same again. So, the house will be dark until I get home, and then I will enjoy my own Hallowe’en treats by myself. Light up what display I have and put it away come tomorrow. In many ways, mom’s death does prove quite a blow. But unlike dad, we had a few good moments between us, until the end.


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