The politics of jobs creation

There are two notes here, that the Spokesman-Review published an article on high unemployment, under-employment and especially of the latter; how much the under-employed struggled to get anywhere. The end note is, that the U.S. Senate decided to “kill” President Obama’s jobs bill. No doubt, that is pre-election year politics right there. In between those two notes, no one in Congress is prepared to appreciate any poll that has a high voter approval for jobs creation and even how to pay for it. If it isn’t according to ideology, then dismiss it out of hand with callous disregard.

“60 Minutes” of CBS ran a recent expose on General Electric’s CEO. Immault?—I think. Not certain of the spelling. In any case, President Obama made this GOP CEO the new jobs czar. Whether that should be regarded as a major political mistake or simply laugh out loud hilarious, only time will tell. However, there were certain things that he said that caused some eye-rolling. Like the developing market in Brazil, for example. Yeah, he created a market for his products, including putting in a factory for it in Brazil. After he hired a few thousand people there, voila! and he had a developing market. If there was anything that he could represent, that is exactly what other now global enterprises also did, decided to create their markets somewhere else, hired people in foreign countries, invested in new factories, etc.; and had their market ready to go.

Now cut to the various GOP presidential wannabes who waste a lot of breath promising the moon to the American voter. Oh, if we cut corporate taxes to zero… Or Herman Cain declaring, let’s adopt the 999 plan… They would do better to listen to the guy who heads General Electric, cutting the corporate tax rate to zero isn’t going to make General Electric abandon its investment in Brazil, China, or anywhere else that G.E. wants to go to remain global. Nor is the 999 plan going to remind global enterprises of any sort that the market they abandon here in the U.S. is still one they could develop if they choose. Only, that would put people back to work, wouldn’t it? So, as far as I am concerned, the GOP are collectively talking through their hats or living on Fantasy Island.

As far as cutting corporate tax rates to zero means, these corporations actually don’t really pay taxes. So, why bother? Senator Rick Santorum on the “Early Show” can do far better than that, like tell the truth.


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