The slap in the face for poor people

Before I begin my most recent blog post, I have spent the last two weeks having to come to grips with the fact that my mother has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with only a few months left to live. And trying to deal with a family that prefers to fight with one another inclusive of myself instead of coming together in what should be a time of grief and working together to actually support one another. Thus, this letter to the editor in the Spokesman-Review has been lying in my room all this time.

No burden on poor

Jeff Brown writes (“Income tax graduated”,Sept.11)that the people who make more money should have their taxes increased. He states that the poor should not have the burden of the taxes. How does he figure the poor are burdened with taxes when they pay no taxes and in fact get a tax rebate (earned income credit)? Maybe the fair thing would be to stop giving out free money (earned income credit) and lower the taxes on the people who work.

Jeremy Dean

The poor pay nothing in income taxes after all deductions are taking out. But the EIC isn’t exactly provided as “free money” to people who don’t earn any wages, period. Earned Income Credit still means that they earned some income through out the year. And there is an increase in the EIC when qualifying children are involved. Who does this guy’s tax returns, anyway! On the other hand, major multi-million dollar or even multi-billion dollar corporations get free money all the time. The EIC wouldn’t even begin to compare in $$$ amounts to the federal handouts that major corporations pay elected officials to get their paws on. Mr. Dean makes it plain how he’d like to burden the poor.

This on the news, “Occupy Wall Street.” Hundreds of people arrested in New York City for finally deciding that they should quit blaming Obama and targeting their wrath where it would indeed do the most good; corporate greed and how it is used to corrupt gvt. I wish them the best of luck and that further, it translates into the kind of votes that do the most good. It isn’t enough to wave signs, if you don’t like what you see now, vote accordingly. And on that note too, President Obama may have dismal poll numbers, but compared to Congress—inclusive of the just say no party (GOP)—his looks pretty good. Which isn’t going to help any the GOP wannabes coming up in the 2012 primaries any. Never mind that at some point or other, they are all suffering from hoof in mouth disease anyway. It could become even more chronic than my Bronchitis is.

This is going to have to be one of my shorter posts. It is going to be a little hard to focus and write at length probably for some time to come. But now that I am posting again, stay tuned.


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