The 9/11/2001 disconnect

GOP: Taking blame for Dems

Two letters appeared in Wednesday’s Opinion section. In one, the Republicans are blamed for advocating taking away Social Security benefits from seniors. That’s pure nonsense, being used to scare people.

Social Security and Medicare are bulging with fraud and need to be cleaned up. That doesn’t include taking away benefits from seniors. Also, any proposed changes won’t even go into effect for many years and that’s according to President Obama. So if they’re unpopular, he won’t be in the White House to take the flak.

As for the “unfair” criticizing of President Obama, he’s in the driver’s seat by his own choice. People at the top are going to have to take responsibility for what happens on their watch. Look at what happened to President Bush; the names he was called were a disgrace. And he’s still being blamed, instead of the present administration taking on the tasks they agreed to when they ran for office.

Former President Harry Truman said it best: The Buck Stops Here. Also, unions aren’t for everybody. Get used to it.


Besides the fact that Ms. White’s letter (appearing on 9/11/2011 Coeur d’Alene Press Readers Write) was rather garbled; there was a considerable amount of evidence of hypocrisy throughout. Take this issue of refusing to accept responsibility and blaming the prior administration… 9/11/2001 did indeed happen on GW’s watch; in a blink of an eye, the GOP were quick to blame former President Bill Clinton for failing to get Al Qaeda when he could have and should have. Only there was the persistent GOP distraction of trying to visit on that administration all the scandals they could manufacture. Which suddenly, they conveniently forgot about. And too, GW made it one of his campaign themes to constantly run against the out-going Clinton administration. Then when in office, Bill Clinton should constantly be in the news as GW didn’t exactly become president elect and ultimately president by way of popular vote but rather, through the decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court. So, attacking and blaming the prior administration was something of a hobby with the GW administration. Looking for scapegoats, especially among the Democrats in Congress, became something of a passion with the GW administration too. And you can be sure, that Ms. White would never have advocated “The Buck Stops Here” for anyone with an “R” after their names.

Oh, I’ll agree that GW was called, “chimp,” “shrub,” “the emperor,” etc. And I do declare that calling him any of those things would have been disgraceful. But do remember the man was in the driver’s seat by his own choice… Apparently, GW shouldn’t have been called names but his successor can be. Or, there can be a lot of childish retaliation that the central figure of Ms. White’s cult of personality was called anything unflattering at all. So, let’s turn around and teach the new guy a lesson. I guess the buck doesn’t stop here when it comes to people with attitudes like that of Ms. White.

But did high unemployment begin under President Obama? No. That it has not reduced significantly under his watch is a shame, yes; but the prior administration must in fact share some of the blame for its existence. Did bankruptcies only begin on the first day of the Obama presidency? No. That they have continued apace along with home foreclosures well into the Obama administration is also a shame. But the roots for both these issues lies with the domestic policies of the prior administration. And to an extent, the administration before GW’s. Did jobs outsourcing only begin with Obama’s first day in office? No. That had been going on for decades. The “perfect storm” of economic hard times ultimately came to shore at the point when Obama assumed the presidency, but he can hardly be “blamed” because it was spawned long before he entered that office. And by the way, he was elected to office to “do something” about it. On the other hand, the very fact that he has tried to “do something” created a lot of hatred, political resentment, by the fringe lunacies among the GOP new left.

I think that Ms. White could have gone to greater lengths to actually describe what she thought was the fraud that she believe exists in both Medicare and Social Security. I have no doubt that it exists. However, how would a “Ryan plan” clean up “fraud” in Medicare if it were essentially privatized? Instead, there is only that likelihood that the potential for fraud would simply get shifted to those corporations greatly favored by the “Ryan plan.” But, no longer having the over-sight of government as Medicare does now, even as tax dollars are funneled into the private sector that refuses to accept being regulated with specific politicians opposed to the very idea of enforcing regulations, has a good likelihood increasing the opportunity for fraud instead “cleaning it up.” Shall we put it bluntly that the GOP love the foot soldiers who are too stupid to think for themselves. That definitely applies to Ms. White. Same thing with Social Security. If tax dollars are simply tossed into a “market place” that essentially goes unregulated, you will indeed have that Ponzi Scheme (Rick Perry) that currently doesn’t exist. And what would indeed happen to the seniors’ benefits? Pure nonsense? The letter writer needs to wake up.

Briefly, I am not pro-union and will agree in this instance that unions aren’t for everyone. However, the unions actually do not have a real political influence given the “right to work laws” in the majority of the states. No, but they are a favorite boogyman of the GOP to routinely hold up and scapegoat when it comes to clashes with Democrats and use to buttress their claims of “class warfare.” However, there seems to be a particular irony in constantly using “the union” as a scapegoat (besides the fact the GOP are also on the constant outlook for something to blame—as long as it isn’t themselves); they still need the votes of the (LOL!) American workforce to attain office. While berating them for being workers (the laboring class) “vote for me” and I’ll turn against you even more as I woo major corporate interests and receive major corporate $$$. But corporations “don’t vote.” Only those who staff them vote. Only the laborers who work to earn the corporation a profit vote, if in fact the corporation still hires Americans. It is remarkable how much you can miss out on recognizing in cold hard facts in the great rush to defend the GOP from being molested by angry people. Oh and by the way, people who have every right to be angry because the GOP made promises to get themselves in their respective drivers’ seats (of their own choice) and decided not to keep those promises. Oh, no, the buck shouldn’t stop with our Republican Representatives and Senators whom the people put into office, let’s blame the Prez, because he happens to be a Democrat.

Kathleen Parker had a few good points to make in her republished column found in the 9/11/2011 spokesman-Review, the over all gist of her commentary would have immediately applied to the Lori Whites of this world, people filled with bitterness and hatred rather than having some national sense of purpose. Let’s not actually remember the victims of that truly terrible attack, or the people who worked to save them. Rather, let us lash out, hypocritically, out of political expediency, because of ideology or party. But let us not consider our fellow Americans on this day of remembrance.


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