The Doug Bohn letter

This letter, “TEA: What it is — and isn’t,” was published on the 10th of August 2011 in the “Readers Write” section of the Coeur d’Alene Press. I am going to blockquote it in sections and discuss each argument that Mr. Bohn puts forth. (Mr. Bohn was referring to Mr. Jerry Shriner’s letter published previously.)

Re: Mr. Shriner’s letter laying the ills of our economy at the feet of the TEA Party. His exposes the mindset of those opposing people who desire smaller government, less regulation, higher accountability and greater liberty and shows a level of ignorance of our REPUBLICAN form of government typical of those that look to government to solve their own mess.

First of all, “his.” I have no idea if this was the author’s obvious typo or that of the editor. But if it was the author’s, then it already puts a question mark on the so-called superior mindset that guys like Bohn take on when trying to tell people who have a good reason to disagree what sort of ignoramouses they are. By a fellow who can’t figure out what to do with the word “he.” Such as “He exposes a mindset.” After that, Mr. Bohn’s intended apologia gets very strange. Does Mr. Bohn follow speed limits? That’s regulation. Does Mr. Bohn follow stop lights and stop signs at intersections? Those are regulations. Is Mr. Bohn prepared to follow the rules of the road in general when traveling anywhere? Those are regulations. And if he fails to, then he can get fined, imprisoned, etc. especially because of being a danger to others. Regulations are there for a reason, so that most people recognize the need to play nice with one another. And to hold accountable those who don’t. So, in fact, civil society is based on laws and regulations. Just check out the bible.

Next on the list, the claim that what we have is a Republican form of government actually, we have a representative democracy, certainly since Andrew Jackson. A fellow with an obvious ignorance about the history of this nation should not be telling Press readers who is “ignorant” about our form of government. And finally, Mr. Bohn should consider just how many factions and special interests do indeed look to government to solve the mess they make, oh and they funded a great many GOP and “TEA Party” candidates too. Why else would they do it, if not to have government respond to their every need?

To all who claim to be Americans: Only CONGRESS can spend money, period, end of discussion. If you are upset with the lack or excess of spending, Congress is the only culprit

First an act of derision toward people—born in this country—who “claim to be American.” As though the author has some real doubts about the citizenship of his neighbors. (You have a criticism about the “TEA Party” and I’ll doubt your citizenship, how’s that?) Oh yes, Congress does indeed “spend,” however the President does present the budget, and advises Congress on the raising of the debt ceiling. Which is no doubt why one previous writer thought that President Obama ought to be “impeached” for out of control spending. Not the recall of recklessly spending members of Congress; the President mind you. So, is that letter writer among those “claiming to be American” because he flubbed the dub on who does set spending priorities?

To accuse a grassroots organization that does not even have a representative in Congress of ANY fiscal calamity is mindless demonization. I see this idiocy becoming more evident especially in our “media” and it is shameful. Congress (including our own Rep. Simpson) has repeatedly proven incapable of upholding their oaths of office binding them to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. They display the typical signs of an addict by swearing to one thing and then doing the opposite.

I agree that politicians as a rule aren’t typically prepared to follow through on their campaign pledges. That there are very few who, in real life actually stand on a recognizable principle. However, Mr. Bohn should remember that politicians will lie to your face just to get elected. That includes the GOP. However, Mr. Bohn is either ignorant or lying himself if he chooses to believe that there are no “TEA Party” members of Congress. That would be news to Michele Bachmann “TEA Party” GOP who is running for POTUS.

They are no more than fiscal pedophiles preying on the young of our society to support their gross habit of spending other people’s money even willing to break laws for their fix.

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Thomas Jefferson.

Well Tom, it worked while we had morals in America.

Do bear in mind this point: Thomas Jefferson was among the members of a Revolutionary War army and general instigators against the British government, of being continued colonists of the British Empire. Rather than re-inventing the “tyranny” that they had just thrown off the shackles thereof, a Constitution that was supposed to prevent the potential of one coming into existence. That’s all it means. But since that time, we are prepared to call something a “tyranny” if the “wrong party” is in power, and only “conservative” if it supports “my agenda,” “my special interest,” and most certainly,”my monetary contributions” that can certainly buy a lot of elected official’s attentions. At the last, you’d almost swear that Mr. Bohn would want a more “clean” government that wasn’t corrupted by influence peddling, campaign money, etc. However, do note the irony of the first paragraph, Mr. Bohn is free to publish a letter that can’t seem to hit the target dead on, and further, can’t seem to decide on the message to be delivered. After jackslapping everyone in sight, Mr. Bohn seems to have lost sight of a set of morals for himself, a little more honesty, a little less hypocrisy, and above all, the capacity to forgive. Oh, and I’d have no doubt the man would want regulation city if he got bit by a bank, such as Capital One that sets out to take advantage of its customers by abusing, or literally violating the laws that Mr. Bohn doesn’t seem to think should exist in the first place. After all, more laws means more dictatorial government, right? That is, until people who are unwilling to play nice cause a great deal of financial harm. Yes, you do want the laws, so that you can in fact hold them accountable.


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