When blaming the President is bi-partisan

Sorrty Froma Harrop and Robert Herold, but the both of you are aiming at the wrong target. You want to “vent your frustrations” at this “supremely weak man” because of his capacity for reason and continuous reaching out to people who simply want to attack him, and even further, project their personal faults onto the man. Such as Senator McCain did today. So, President Obama is at fault that Rep. Boehner wasn’t able to rein in “The TEA Party?” I guess the sudden rush to judgment didn’t take into consideration just how vigorously the GOP were only catering to the latest in fringe lunacies back in 2010. So, there is no such thing that Boehner was “unable” to control the people who helped the GOP regain the majority in the House of Representatives. Nor can it be “Obama’s fault” that he did not have any “control” over the “TEA Party” Republicans. Boehner had no interest in “controlling” the children who took up residence in Congress. It should have been blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention, that this is about 2012, not the future of this nation’s good faith and credit.

So that is why the GOP were out in force demonstrating yet again how there are certain matters they can’t be trusted to deliver on: moral values—of course not. Personal responsibility for one’s actions?—Not if I can blame “that other guy” instead. Which puts into relevance a poll about President Obama, that his numbers hold steady at 48%. But Congress now is facing a get out the pitchforks folks because we are going after them poll rating in the teens. And that is regardless of party. I most certainly think that the President shouldn’t be “blamed” for the GOP failure to deliver.

Remember that phrase “personal responsibility” that the GOP at one time liked to trot out as part of their “culture wars?” “The Devil made me do it” set the tone for what the American electorate would end up hearing all about on TV. Again, such disgusting immature behavior that is very symptomatic of the GOP in general and to the Democrats to some extent is exactly why Congressional poll numbers are so low. Voting for two-year olds who are hell-bent on tearing up the place, can’t be a very comfortable thing to watch. The people aren’t blaming the President, just the idiots the voters were hoodwinked into voting for. So instead of going off the deep end as Herald in his “Inlander” editorial did, as Harrop in her republished column most certainly had; how about paying attention, asking some much needed questions, and drawing the obvious conclusions.

Apparently the voters prefer sweet reason to visceral hatred and knee-jerk reactions that has been very evident in government since 2010. Or, President Obama would have worse poll numbers than Congress itself. And the problem is, that Herold in his haste to pass judgment seems to be quick to forget about: James Buchannan was not a minority facing a hostile opposition party. Obama is. President Buchannan no doubt made some truly disastrous choices. By 2010, the American public had. And to top it all off, Obama can’t actually afford to be unreasonable, as that would serve to vindicate the people already hostile to his being in the White House. See, look at what he did, or said; the American people were wrong to vote for him. Understand, the exact attitude that only bigots can have. So, why did Herold and Harrop decide to cater this? Only the Gods know. Yeah, I’d plainly argue that they are “liberal” all right, people who make excuses for extremists and then undermine the very person the extremists would like to see leave the White House. Extremists like a letter writer who thinks Obama should be “impeached” for “out of control spending.” That’s not a crime. And yeah, we’d have to impeach all presidents for handing us any size of national debt. But the letter writer wants to scape goat only one. You can’t “impeach” a voter for spouting ignorance in the “Readers Write” columns of the Coeur d’Alene Press. Regrettably, ignorance isn’t a crime either.

Overheard at the Art on the Green was a serious political and social commentary about job losses and the high unemployment among those in the construction business… Well, if the corporate office doesn’t want to pay enough in wages for people to even bother slapping down a monthly payment on mortgages, or rent, you can be sure that there will indeed be high unemployment in the construction industry. In short, the real jobs killers aren’t found in Congress or the White House, and the GOP weren’t in a position to truly deliver on “jobs.” They could willy nilly deliver on tax cuts, loop holes, tax breaks, and subsidies; but the recipients of these goodies don’t seem to have much interest in delivering these taxpaid for bonuses to their employees in the form of decent wages. I know exactly whom to blame for this nation’s financial woes. And no, it isn’t the President. If he were to “dictate” the restoration of jobs, there’d be screaming from here to Hell that Obama truly had proven to be a “Marxist-Socialist” after all. “But failing to deliver on jobs?” He’s a weak man who should be replaced by some hyper-partisan Democrat. The private sector bears the full blame for failing to deliver on jobs and restoring the American economy. They were certainly given the incentives, but like anyone else on the dole, they just want the money, instead of making any viable effort. There being a conclusion to all of this? If there is anyone who believes in Armageddon, the third horseman of the apocalypse seems to have arrived. Yeah, the man of business who spreads fear and famine with his tools of the trade—his weights and measures. People who only value money, will have no desire to value much of anything else, not even loyalty to the nation, or the people who work for them.


One Response to “When blaming the President is bi-partisan”

  1. Frank Corey Says:

    America operates under elite-serving constructs and institutions (academia, courts, media). Issues (deficit, health care, etc.) and personalities (Obama, Palin, etc.) play within elite-serving constructs and institutions. Americans and America lose.

    On this planet only substance works over time. Only substance can benefit Americans and America. Political organization is a creation of nature. Nature’s political organization (governance) is substance.

    In elite-operated America nature’s political organization is the great unknown. Adults understand through observing and living. Governance is explained through fact situations that confront Americans and Americans can readily understand at http://www.frankcorey.com. The vehicle is real estate zoning in a suburb outside of Chicago. Governance Forever More!

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