The letter vs Smart Bombs

The letter from Earl Hunter, former pastor of the Church of the Nazarene:

JOBS: Old guys hold the keys

Mr. President you have been trying —and failing—to create jobs for a long time. You started up there where jobs do not come from. They do not fall from the sky. Stimulus packages do not create them. Visiting a couple of operating factories does not reveal the picture. Jobs first come down where wealth is created by milling, mining, fishing, grazing and the like.

For decades now wealth creating jobs have decreased and service jobs have increased until the majority of employment is in civil service, school teaching, barbering, health care, carrying mail, etc. But service jobs do not create wealth, and society cannot long exist without the basic creation of wealth.

If you want to create jobs you need to send your informants down here, for instance, to the lumber industry. Have them look up the “evil” sawmill owners who closed their mills, laying off hundreds of workmen. They had been creating wealth. Some of them got rich. But well paid workmen brought in logs, others milled them into lumber. The lumber was made into houses and furniture. And the employers of such workmen made a profit. And for supposedly getting rich they were demonized. Yet their workmen were happy, and they all paid taxes.

Some of you upstairs thought that if they were rich they would be socked by taxation to help the poor. They were not as evil as you thought. They were smart. They joined the ranks of the poor. That’s easy. They simply shut down the mills.

Now if you want to create jobs come and find those smart old guys and ask them to list all those disincentives that put them out of business: Regulations, minimum wage dictates, social dispersions, etc. Fix the problems and I think they will come up with plenty of wealth-creating jobs. Down here is where wealth-creation starts.

First of all, those saw mills closed down years ago. And they certainly did so in a business friendly climate provided by the Republican-controlled government here in the state of Idaho. So, maybe those “smart old guys” can list any number of politically correct fictions such as Mr. Hunter revealed as to why they decided against continuing in the lumber business, but there is in fact one reason they no longer employ Americans here in Idaho: the one disincentive they will not reveal and continue to profit from. And that is sending the raw material to foreign countries and buying back the finished product. That is one problem they don’t intend to have “fixed.” Oh, and by the way, regulations, minimum wage requirements, and all other issues that Mr. Hunter reported as a “disincentive” for keeping the mills going were not an issue apparently decades ago. Because, they had certainly been in place a very long time since I had entered the workforce. So again, I’d have to suggest that the so-called “wealth creators” joined the trend of other “wealth creators” in wanting the maximum profit with the least amount of investment since the 1990s. Instead of Mr. Hunter looking for scape-goats in all the wrong places and trying to come up with a twisted apologia for those “smart old guys;” he should look at those smart old guys as the sole reasons for why jobs vanished.

Not all service jobs are public sector, but Mr. Hunter had a hard time distinguishing between public sector jobs (teaching, mail carrier, police officer, fire fighter, road crew, etc.) and private sector jobs (which include those found in restaurants, retail stores, barbering, nurseries, etc.) Oh yes, Mr. Hunter, some jobs do come from the government. Even further, seems to be this particular put down, barbers don’t expect to be wealth creators and hire people? How about the retail establishment? They don’t expect to be wealth creators and put people to work? Apparently, the only “wealth creators” who could provide “real jobs,” were those who ultimately behaved like spoiled children. Who got mad and took their toys and went home instead of playing nice with the other children. Under the circumstances, I do think those old guys can be demonized.

Oh, apparently tax cuts and stimulus packages during the GW era was no cause to bring about the utter condemnation that Mr. Hunter has since reserved for President Obama. Even GW toured factories, addressed “green energy,” and even re-defined what manufacturing can also include: flipping burgers at a local fast food joint. I guess that either Mr. Hunter was particularly ignorant of all that or because the last president had an “R” after his name, it was just fine by him! Mr. Hunter’s letter appearing in the Coeur d’Alene Press on 17th of July 2011; here in brief is Gary Crooks (Spokesman-Review “Smart Bombs”) response on much the same topic:

Politicians in love with supply-side economics and budgeting often discount the findings of the Congressional Budget Office, because its “static” analyses fail to capture the “dynamic” effects of tax cuts.

Jobs will be created. People will work more. The tax base will broaden. The gross domestic product will grow. All of these activities they say, will work to offset the fact that government will take in less revenue for a while.

You can find the rest of this editorial at Spokesman-
Review website
search “Budgets need static cling.” So, the supply-side reality being that since Ronald Reagan and the favorable treatment he gave to business interests, NAFTA and CAFTA, certainly since the time of William Jefferson Clinton, the real supply-side mantra envisioned by the “wealth creators” is to work cheap and let the government handle the rest. As a consequence, jobs did not grow and the tax base shrunk. While I do not regard Mr. Hunter as a stupid man, I would have to say that he is having a hard time facing reality


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