Self righteous, but not “conservative”

Income bias on display

Every week there is at least one letter criticizing us conservatives in general and ridiculing the Republicans in particular. Of course we can safely assume these letters are written by government employees just trying to protect their turf. In truth, though, most of the letters are well-written, indicating the authors have some education. (I wonder if they have repaid their student loans.)

All their letters have one thing in common. They aren’t bothered by the welfare of the country; they just try to justify their position.

They are always complaining about the wealthy. Perhaps some of these letter writers could have also become wealthy if they hadn’t sought out positions that actually limited their income and benefits.

Robert Sprint

Why don’t I start with the Signe Wilkinson political cartoon that has two women conversing about state legislatures… “State legislatures are making it hard to have an abortion.” As they stare at signs that declare “Get Permission,” “No Insurance,” “More Regs,” “Wait Period.” The other woman says, “And…” “To have a child!” While pushing a baby carriage with another young girl at her side past the following: Kids programs (with a closed sign), Public School (only 120 per class!), (and for college) state tuitions with an up arrow. Seems to me that there is puh-lenty of reasons to criticize or even ridicule the GOP. And the two women featured in this cartoon? Probably not government workers trying to “protect their turf.” Just ordinary citizens trying to make a go of it in an uncertain economic climate and trying to deal with various levels of government that insists on making life even tougher. And yeah, whether we are talking about elected officials who base their politics on globalized trade or religion or support for special interest groups such as the NRA; but they are acting against the interests of the nation while most definitely pushing partisan agendas first. Of the crux of Mr. Sprint’s letter published on the 15th of June 2011 in the Spokesman-Review (which also republished the Wilkinson cartoon on the same day); Sprint could have looked in the mirror and instead of arguing (government employees), he could have said far more honestly elected officials, especially among the Republicans themselves.

Apparently, Mr. Sprint hadn’t listened to the latest poll results that was on “The Early Show” recently: the American voters are quite frustrated with the GOP. Which is no doubt why a number of letters do indeed get published ridiculing the Republicans. If the argument that the GOP had going in to 2010 was that they would personally see to restoring American prosperity by improving employment in this country—and that hasn’t truly happened—instead; the GOP have simply pushed partisan agendas and continued to oppose the president at every turn. Well then, the voters can be frustrated that self-described “conservatives,” who’d rather trade on their religiosity credentials (with reference to the recent GOP presidential debate), point fingers, complain about the president, jeer and ridicule the president, and kick a lot of nonsensical hot air up several notches. If they really have nothing substantive to say, why bother running for the office?

By the way, there is nothing “conservative” about pushing global trade. Yes, as Fareed Zakaria (recently on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) noted: that wealth is portable but that labor isn’t. Well, not only is labor not portable neither is the consumption base or for that matter, the tax base. The businesses that want global trade with the blessings and the subsidies of government, proceed to eliminate, along with the jobs, the very tax base that provides the business interests with their subsidies. Under the circumstances, that is sufficient reason to target the GOP, because they aren’t thinking.

Here is another reason to have issues about the GOP; Dana Milbank (published in the Washington Post, republished in the Spokesman-Review) discussed the GOP presidential debate at some length, disclosing Michelle Bachman’s ignorance of history and the mess she made of the Revolutionary war. If you don’t know your history, how able are you to lead the nation? However, it seems the debate went to (according to Milbank) to the new novelty presidential hopeful, who announced her candidacy on the night of the debate. The question that I have for Ms. Bachmann is this: so you trot out how great a “mom” you are by the 23 foster kids you took in. Is that supposed to out do Sarah Palin’s “grizzly mom” by several percentage points? In a truly traditional family, Ms. Bachmann would be home raising the kids rather than than running for elected office. Obviously, “traditional woman” she is not. Try leftist feminist instead.

Why don’t we cut the charade in this time of turbulent economic times and partisan politics; Both parties do want government and both parties do want government to further their own interests; no matter how burdensome it might become to others. But for the GOP in particular, you know the guys like Mr. Sprint who can’t handle being criticized; it is a matter of dishonesty as well as hypocrisy that they can attempt to attach a label of “conservatism,” to something that obviously is not.

Of the last comment in his letter, where Sprint literally accuses the other writers of not seeking out the sort of positions where they could have obtained the desired wealth and benefits… Don’t most of us when holding a private sector job desire to obtain sufficient wealth and benefits to have a home, go on vacation, put the children through college, guarantee medical insurance, and etc.? In a time of jobs outsourcing, that is one hell of a slap in the face to people who struggle to even get a paycheck. And yes, the S-R would publish a letter that was this callous. For people who did have a pretty good income and now face major reduced expectations as a consequence of jobs outsourcing in particular, that is the sort or remark that sounds more like something that would come out of the mouth of a punk than any sort of individual who thinks before he speaks out of consideration of others [not as] fortunate as himself. The letter was phenomenally immoral and reminds me much of Isaiah who opined about those who speak “God” with their lips and keep their hearts far from Him. Conservative, not! Oh yeah, I am quite sure that Mr. Sprint goes to church to profess his “love of Jesus. Then submits for publication the sort of nasty letter that runs counter to everything that Christ supposedly taught. Christ taught that those who followed him must care about the least among them. Something that the current crop of GOP candidates who wear their religiosity on their sleeves are certainly not doing. Most assuredly, Mr. Sprint isn’t doing this either. A letter that slaps Christ in the face? You betcha.


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