Two letters

SPEAKER: Looks down on America

Dean is purely elitist and a socialist who would not be happy until there is a redistribution of wealth. Everyone below his egotistical station in life would be sharing in mediocrity and misery. Regarding the constitution: “…It’s only keepers, the people — George Washington.


It had been some days since I had spotted this particularly nasty and ridiculous letter in the 22 April 2011 Coeur d’Alene Press;  I’m assuming that Mr. Corbit refers to Doctor Howard Dean who chaired the Democratic National Committee and was scheduled to speak at some local function;  probably at some Washington state university recently.

What has George Washington got to do with anything? In his time, I have no doubt that he had his enemies prepared to attack him as thoroughly as Mr. Corbit is prepared to attack Dr. Dean. That the “keepers of the constitution the people” attacked any and all of their politicians from the beginning of this nation to the present time is no big surprise.  It is after all what makes a democracy possible.  That you can attack and criticize politicians freely without fearing a midnight knock at the door.  Mr. Corbit’s problem is, that if he fears “socialism” so much from the likes of Dr. Howard Dean, he does not fear the extremes to which “socialism” can be brought.  Precisely, that upon the publishing of the above letter, he can be abruptly whisked away to some unknown location and be disappeared as is the case in truly oppressive societies and tyrannical governments.  Quite a difference between “fearing” the potential for “socialism” because the individual who is being attacked is in the *wrong party* compared to the attacker; and seeing it realized by being denied the freedom to speak out at all.  Actually, Mr. Corbit should be counting his blessings instead of constantly looking to see whether the sky was falling or not.

But, if Mr. Corbit is as afraid of “socialism as all of that, he should take a look at the real world of how much government does indeed involve itself in ordinary business, day to day activities, and general human conduct. It does so because we wish that it do so. So, should he feel that by calling Dr. Dean (a Democrat) a “socialist” that it will somehow make Mr. Corbit a far better man? Then maybe he should look to what the GOP do that also redistributes wealth and also causes in the way of privation, mediocrity, and misery. Bottom line, there is no difference between parties as to the outcome of what they want from government. Mr. Corbit is hardly the “better man” for sliming and smearing his fellow American. Instead, he is morally a far worse man for having done so.

Energetic politicking

A recent letter to the editor complained that politicians were not doing enough to impact energy prices. Oh, contraire. Politicians and their environmentalist comrades are doing a lot! Let’s summarize their direct impact:

No petroleum refineries have been built in the U.S. since 1976. Massive reserves of oil and gas in Alaska are blocked from production. Offshore oil and gas development is severely restricted, if not outright banned. Nuclear power development is effectively stopped. Obama and Biden have both said they essentially want to shut down the coal industry, even though it supplies approximately 50 percent of the U.S. power supply. Requirements for increased percentages of expensive renewable energy in the power grid are being mandated.

Ninety-four percent of the world’s oil and gas supplies is controlled by government-owned companies such as Petrobras (Brazil) and of course the OPEC countries. Every time there is a price spike, there are flamboyant announcements that the industry is going to be investigated. Also every time, months later, there is a mini-article on the back pages of the newspaper revealing that it is simply market forces, with no evidence of price-fixing or collusion.

It may be effective politics, but it is definitely bad policy.

Gerald Click

First of all, environmentalists can only be blamed for some of the situation when it comes to over-all energy supplies which Mr. Click describes.  But, they have no effect what so ever on whether other nations’ governments choose to nationalize fossil fuels.  I could suggest that Mr. Click read “Bad Money” by Kevin Phillips and put the blame where it should rightfully go, on the market forces themselves and who drives them.  Well, only the very people who have the billions in dollars from selling gas, oil, and coal and with it, can buy all the members of Congress they need to further their own interests.  No doubt, this government and energy company collusion as Mr. Phillips had described in his book, had a more direct effect on whether Hugo Chavez of Venezuela would ultimately nationalize the oil companies and seek new energy realignments, inclusive of China.  There is  after all, more than one way to describe market forces.  Why would oil and gas companies build new refineries in the U.S. if they can become dependent upon other countries supplying the fossil fuels?  And why wouldn’t Hugo Chavez understand something about market forces when it came to oil and gas to merely exploit it to a political advantage?  Mr. Click might have some good points here, but he does manufacture faceless enemies (the environmentalists) out of whole cloth and tries to point the blame at entirely the wrong targets and for entirely the wrong reason.

I can see the point to be made by environmentalists and people who live near where energy companies blast off mountain tops to get at coal, “frack” the landscape to get at gas with the potential for poisoning the water supply, and also do what British Petroleum did and pollute massive amounts of coastline with costly oil spills that also threaten the very livelihoods of the effected people and their businesses.  But, if these energy companies are only concerned about making money and not guaranteeing the health and welfare of their neighbors and fellow business interests; then maybe, it is time to move on to energy supplies that are less polluting.

A word about nuclear power; I wonder if Mr. Click recalls the major earthquake plus tsunami in Japan that disabled a nuclear power plant and has by itself through nuclear contamination created a major disaster for the Japanese people?  Many of our current nuclear power plants are built in areas with plenty of fault lines.  There have been major earthquakes across this country in the centuries in which it has been colonized, won its independence, won new territory, and built up in population, towns, and cities to where it is today.  It is always possible for earthquakes to again hit old fault lines in the midwest for example as did happen in the early nineteenth century.  It is always possible, that when an event like that did take place, where the power plants had not been retrofitted to withstand the power of such a disaster, that it would produce yet another, one of nuclear fallout and the toxins that produces.

Mr. Click, either willfully ignorant or dangerously naive.


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