Indecision 2012

(With many thanks to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”)

Or the politics of working at cross purposes to itself

Mr. Stewart calls his comedy skits about up-coming presidential election cycles Indecision 20– every four years.  He has a very good reason to, after all, until the voters go to the polls (or vote absentee, or vote write-in) and vote, we really don’t know who the next president will be.  But this year, “Indecision 2012” has proven to be ironic, there are a number of GOP possibilities as presidential candidates and not one of them can be considered presidential material.  Take for example, Donald Trump joining the Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theorists or “birthers,”and complaining that it would be “unfair” to call them “birthers.”  Which produced an acid rejoinder from Leonard Pitts, jr (republished in the Spokesman-Review.)  Well, given that the “birthers” only reared their ugly heads when Senator Obama became president, maybe it would be more fair to call them bigots instead.  Right along with old Trump himself.  After all, you run with the pack, you get stained with the association of the pack and all the baggage they carry.  But not someone to vote for under the circumstances.

Or we can discuss Ms. Sarah Palin, she who has become queen of inventing new words like “squirmish.”  I used to think of her as GW in a skirt, but at least he was able to sometimes act like he had a passing knowledge of the English language.  Squirmish?  That Mr. Stewart likened to a tangle of snakes.  What it referred to was Ms. Palin’s latest jeering of a U.S. and NATO alliance to assist a pro-democracy rebellion in Libya.  Easy enough to do when you are a former governor who quit mid-term in the state of Alaska and thinks you can make the bigger bucks traveling the celebrity circuit.  But childish rants about momentous decisions on a White House level regarding foreign policy in the Middle East?  It doesn’t go very far to show what a good president you would make.

Or even Haley Barbour showing his obviously bigoted stripes regarding an “atheist society” one that is predominantly run by radical Islamists.  Mr. Stewart honestly had to ask how you could be both atheist and Islamic.  Pray five times a day to a God you don’t even believe in?  However, there is actually more than one way to say “atheist.”  Pagans (who were pantheistic) referred to Christians as atheist, because Christians didn’t believe in their gods.  Haley Barbour (if I have this right) regards Islamists as being “atheist” for not believing in his God.  So, maybe Mr. Barbour needs to research his first amendment a bit more.

From there, we now go to Newt Gingrich who complained about Social Security, and among other things, publicly discussed how there weren’t enough American workers around to support it.  I waited for Stewart to ask why don’t American-based corporations simply hire more Americans, as that would have been a simple solution.  He didn’t, but I have.  Hopefully, my recollection on FICA tax contributions isn’t too faulty here, but it seems to me that even various sizes of businesses had to make matching contributions toward Social Security insurance or even self-employment tax.  Businesses that move even their headquarters to Ireland (60 Minutes) in order to avoid paying taxes, or off-shore jobs also do so to avoid making those matching contributions.  After all, what foreign workforce is going to pay into an American-based retirement fund for the retired, the disabled, the survivors, and the elderly?  Of course not.  And as Gingrich only represents the party that gave a green light to the hypothesis of a global marketplace that cuts out an American workforce while assuming that consumers still exist with self-replenishing bank accounts and credit cards that magically pay themselves off each month…  In the name of “we really can’t compete unless we can get the cheapest labor possible,” category.  Makes ultimately the kind of argument that only a certified con artist can make:  After I engineered opening up the stable door and guaranteeing the horse escapes; let’s just burn the stable down now that it is no longer being used.  But not someone I’d want for president.

“Indecision 2012?” Who among these losers would you want to vote for against the incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama?  Because no Democrat has yet to declare, Mr. Stewart is having a field day with his potential Republican opponents.

On to other matters, I am currently reading a Kevin Phillips book written back in and for 2008, “Bad Money,” Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism.  I picked it up the other day at a local Big Lots for no more than a dollar.  All of Mr. Phillips books are good.  This is no exception.  But, Phillips does happen to be another conservative who was formerly an ideologue bitten by reality.  David Brock in any of his books, didn’t much like Phillips (at least at the time Phillips was pretty much on the various pro-corporate hypotheses band wagons and that had to be the reason why).  But since Brock wrote about his own experiences with the GOP, Phillips has since moderated away from being an ideological radical and is now having to take a real world look and the failure rate of the various social engineering programs devised by pro-corporate politicians in or out of government.  That is a failure rate that was not only just costly in the loss of jobs, but also in insurmountable private debt (at the time that Phillips wrote his book) was actually much higher than the national debt itself.  The real drag on the economy was this unprecedented private debt.  Not that the talking heads on various TV talk shows or various news media outlets would have discussed private debt as a greater drag on the economy than any national deficits.  After all, it would mean that the financial sector could no longer capitalize on it to devastating results.  Certainly not during the time that Phillips had written his book, or at any other time there after.  I haven’t finished his book and want to give a full review on it when I do.  But from what I have seen of it already, it is recommended reading.

Final thoughts for this post, any social theory can look good on paper, from Marxism to pro-corporate strategy-ms.  Until you put actual people into the equation.  Then it all comes a-cropper.  That was Phillips realization as his book writing progressed, and “Bad Money” is but one example.


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