Peter King versus the Muslims

You would have thought that the Idaho Republican party holding a majority grip in the state legislature had come up with some particularly loony business to pass into law. With no guarantees that any of it would even guarantee economic growth in the state. But, hold onto your hats, here comes Representative Peter King who’s sole idea of addressing “Homeland Security” is getting three guys who agree with him to come and testify.  Yeah, they were three Muslims.  But, Representative King didn’t ask for anyone who didn’t agree with him to come and testify.  It reminds me a lot of GW and his hand-picked invitees to townhall meetings.

On the Spokesman-Review on-line blog, there was the fellow who said that it was entirely possible to be a conservative without being a bigot.  Well, today, with Rep. King singling out people of the Islamic faith and only because he claimed to fear that all American-based mosques were being run by radicals, the thin line between just a conservative and someone who is being motivated by racial and religious fears (which is the basis of bigotry after all) is simply becoming more blurred all the time.  Well yes, we had 9/11/2001, we had Major Hasan who gunned down fellow soldiers.  We had the shoe bomber and the panty bomber.  We had the losers whom the FBI would parade before the cameras as “aspiring” to engage in terrorist attacks.  What someone seems not to have explained to Rep King however, is that all of these guys had crossed the line into criminal behavior.  You can actually be pretty radical in religious and political thinking (Westboro “Baptist Church” anyone?) and still manage to stay on this side of the law.  Which is what should beg the question of all the “Homeland Security” hearings that Rep. King wants to hold, is he only wanting to root out potentially violent criminals?  Or just feed the bigotry of his constituents?

So, CBS Evening News to take a sympathetic trip to visit one Muslim family.  The gist of the interview was, that they were tired of having to try to defend their religion and would like to be seen as nothing more than ordinary Americans.  You want to know what is so troubling about all this?  Timothy McVeigh, a putative Christian was ultimately put to death for his heinous crime of bombing a federal building in Oklahoma City.  There were also putative “Christians” who defended his actions by saying that abortion providers had killed many more “people.”  Well, whether anyone fully agrees with abortion or not, it does happen to be legal, bombing a federal building and killing 168 people in a terrorist plot, is not.  So, just how many “Christians” rose up to denounce the actions of one of their own?  How quickly would they have “cooperated with the police” when it came to David Koresh?  Amazing what wasn’t being asked of “Christians” that is now being asked of Muslims.  Did the CBS Evening News send out a team to interview “Christians” getting tired of defending their beliefs after the likes of David Koresh became front-page news for weeks on end?  Of course not.  Instead, we saw an increase of radical hatred of the government just because of the Branch Davidian situation in the 1990s.  That should express to anyone that any belief is going to have not only its radicals but also its dangerous criminal element.  And we should indeed have legitimate cause to be concerned about them.  But, Rep. King has made it plain, that the only religion he wants to fear is that of Islam.  The only radicals he presumably wants to investigate, are Muslim.

I used to think of Rep. King as a pretty decent guy who held up a cautious hand to the rest of his fellow Republicans when they decided that impeaching Clinton was politically doable.  Hmmm, wonder where that Rep. King went to, over a period of about 15 years?  He seems to have vanished as the GOP have since become more polarized and pandered more heavily to the radical elements in their own party.  And watching the protest signs of the Islamic presence by radicalized “Christians,” provides an uncomfortable fact that Muslim may well have become the new African-American to people who never left bigotry behind after all.  It is truly shameful to watch.

This is a nation of religious diversity based upon the fact that Congress shall make no law establishing religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  So then, is there even a constitutional prerogative to holding in the name of “Homeland Security” hearings that target specific beliefs, and in particular one precisely minority belief in this country?  I guess that “Homeland Security” trumps constitutional constraints on government when it comes to meddling in the affairs of religion, after all.  David Koresh could suddenly become a victim of “over-reaching government” even though he wanted to institute an Armageddon—himself, his followers versus the U.S. Government.  Government, shrilled the Koresh apologists, had tromped all over Koresh’ constitutional liberties.  Wonder why CBS Evening News didn’t offer that kind of challenge to Rep. King?  Wonder why there aren’t any “Christians,” unless they be Democrats, ready to rise up in defense of the constitutional rights of Muslims?  Apparently, it’s a thumbs up to defend the likes of a Timothy McVeigh, Westboro “Baptist Church,” David Koresh.  But when you are a religious minority, then you don’t have a right to religious freedom here in this country.  So said the “Christian” protesters of Muslims wanting to build a cultural center.  So says, Rep. King.

“Christians,” down through the years here in this country have initiated plenty of terrorist acts.  Especially when they donned white robes and put on pointed hats.  Originally, covering their faces with white masks.  The burning cross will still represent an act of terrorism to any minority who finds one on his lawn.  Yet, “Christians,” aren’t being singled out as a group to be “investigated” to find out if secret radical racists are preaching from the pulpit.  Or encouraging their congregation to go out, put on a white robe and pointed hat and proceed to terrorize their minority neighbors.  No of course not, radicals are only to be found among Muslims, aren’t they?  Right, Peter King?


6 Responses to “Peter King versus the Muslims”

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    • jeh15 Says:

      To flip camcorder review. Should you decide to pay a return visit, you will discover your comment posted. However, you need to specify where you think that I am “ignorant” and in what way you think that I am “dead wrong.” I am a pagan, not a “liberal Christian” or a “moderate Muslim.” And I am certainly not “ignorant” of America’s turbulent past especially when it has come to religious conflict that has also occurred concurrent to any other form of conflict. “Christians” are no better than their non-Christian neighbors when it comes to extremism. And certainly they are not a cut above their non-Christian neighbors when it comes to crossing the line and committing acts of violence for ideological causes. The point being made, as Rep. Ellison put it quite eloquently on PBS News Hour that anyone is capable of extremism. Further, anyone is capable of subverting their beliefs, political to religious to try to justify violence born of extremism. To single out one belief for such an “investigation,” is prejudicial.

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