Reality taxes the Democrats?

Published in the Spokesman-Review this morning: “Reality taxes the Democrats/” by Mona Charen, “Wage example flawed,” letter by Hal Dixon plus, “Something doesn’t compute,” letter by Ken Hills and finally“Don’t bleed economy dry,” by Michele Robinson. If there is a common theme in the editorial and the letters, these are people who make the fringe lunacy argument that if “the rich” are “taxed too much” then they have “no money” to invest in their companies, hire people and etc. And besides, they pay the bulk of the taxes now, unlike 43% of the households. But found on the on-line blogs of the Spokesman-Review, The Shovel Ready comments forum, “Green Libertarian” had a good reference to what now comprises corporate welfare. One that proves an effective rebuttal to all the above authors—editorial and letters published today.

The question is:  just how much do the corporations pay in particular in the way of tax $$$ that is supposed to hit them so hard that they can no longer invest in an American work force, new products and etc.; that they don’t get back in the billions of dollars from the federal government in particular by way of our collective tax $$$?  Most certainly, this corporatism has been public knowledge over a great many years, but it is conveniently over-looked by apologists who want to argue their “conservative” credentials by opposing higher taxes or in the case of Hal Dixon in particular, why companies simply prefer to follow lower wages into states that have them or even into third world nations.  What the “state government” (or even the federal government for that matter) demands that makes keeping jobs within the state (or country for that matter) such an onerous burden.  Let’s just ignore the rest of the story.  And that is, as “Green Libertarian” disclosed, the symbiotic relationship between business interests and the government itself that is at base, anti-capitalist in nature.  Of course, it is.  Indeed, it is anti-free market in nature.  So, just how “conservative” is Ms. Charen, Dixon, Hills, etc. if they are unwilling to honestly disclose the fact that “statism” isn’t exactly abhorrent to business interests if they can take advantage of it?

Here too is the rest of the story:  Charen’s editorial (as linked to above), if taxes are raised (also echoed in the letters linked to above) the wealthy corporations would be less likely to hire people of a lower financial status.  Did it ever occur to Charen and etc. that one reason why corporations don’t hire an American workforce is because they have been given the green light to literally disinvest in this nation?  They can put jobs up for a global auction (as an on-line commenter to one letter put it), they can hide their wealth in tax shelters, they can pay “lower taxes” by off-shoring jobs, they can get around environmental regulations by re-locating their plants, they don’t have to deal with work-safety regs if they put the Chinese on the payroll, or product safety regs if whom they employ don’t routinely follow such regulations themselves.  What all this saves in $$$ for such a corporation is to be presumably padded onto by “consumer demand” here in the good old U.S. of A.  Is that a fact?

Uh, according to the last letter in question, if we have 43% of households who don’t pay taxes, there is also a good question of whether they can afford a 3D HDTV made in China for sale here in this country.  Guess they must not be among the overall “consumer demand” that these businesses would be able to depend on for their profits.  Since the price for such a TV currently runs at well over a thousand dollars.  For the largest percentage of this much despised 43%, that would be more than half (at best guess) of their yearly income.  In short, that 3D HDTV would be the last thing this bottom 43% would be concerned about when food, clothing, health insurance, education and etc. would be hard to come by given their income.  Until that much despised 43% are in a better position to pay their taxes, (literally they need a higher income than they have currently), neither will they have the necessary income to increase the profit margins of these major corporations.  We are at an impasse now, aren’t we?

Instead of attacking the desperately poor to excuse the greed of the wealthy, one could argue instead that it most certainly is a shame that 43% of the U.S. population can not pay taxes.  Now, what can we do about it?  That is not an answer that is likely to come from the pen of Charen and company as published in the Spokesman-Review on 14 December 2010.

In other news: Watched this on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” last night.  The GOP are going to be the incoming majority in the House of Representatives when the 112th Congress convenes in January 2011 (my bad if I had some confusion in prior posts about which Congress we are talking about).  But even before the new Congress convenes, there was necessary legislation that the GOP simply shouted down that was designed to assist first responders to 9/11/2001 who are now sick and dying because of their efforts at “Ground Zero” the tragedy of the destruction of the World Trade Center.  What added to the hypocrisy, was when Stewart also played “Proud to be an American” in tune with the very same GOP who spoke in lock step with the need to fund the war in Iraq, who exploited 9/11/2001 for every possible political opportunity they could milk from it, but who could not “stand by their fellow Americans” when it came to redistributing wealth to the first responders (fire and police) trying to rescue the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center and then the bodies of the fallen.  They have a problem with possible waste, fraud and abuse if such tax money were to go to the sick and dying or their survivors, but were just as quick to be dismissive of millions of dollars that simply disappeared without a trace in Iraq.  This goes way beyond hypocrisy.  The GOP, pre-election, declared their desire to produce a government for the people.  Obviously, not.  It was just a vote getter, not a promise to keep.


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