Obama the “new” kind of politician

David Broder’s column was republished in the Spokesman-Review today 9 December 2010 in which he had nothing but praise for President Obama’s performance as president and has upped the anté on his chances for re-election in 2012.  Actually, I think it would really surprise Mr. Broder a lot that President Obama always had it in him.  But until the mid-term elections, he also had a number of self-interested forces arrayed against him.  The obstructionist GOP who were absolutely refusing to work with him and capitalizing on that to partially win control of Congress.  The Democrats who suddenly became far more interested in retaining their seats in Congress than supporting the legislation that changed much of how business is to be done in this nation.  And further, of refusing to stand by the president who helped them get a majority in 2008.  The “TEA Party” who’s personal hatred of President Obama knew no boundaries.  And the fringes of the (old) left who find Obama the liberal centrist the pragmatic to be unacceptable to their idea of ideological purity.  I won’t name names here, you know who you are.  But just like the GOP and the “TEA Party” you had your own fantasy views of Obama that he never ever promised you in 2008 and never planned to deliver for however long he serves in office.  He is the liberal centrist this conservative did vote for however.  And finally, Broder could see Obama for what he indeed had in him since 2008.  A man who should be able to reach across the aisle, who ought to develop bi-partisan legislation, and have a government where the parties can work together for the benefit of the people.

Broder is correct in the vast majority of what he says that the GOP are in fact on notice to defend the status quo instead of being a government of the people as they had promised, indeed as in-coming Speaker of the House John Boehner promised before November 2010.  The status quo meaning business interests, fringe religious interests and the NRA.  The vast majority of whom do not represent the people who returned the GOP to partial control of the U.S. Congress.  Nor are they, these special interests, interested at all in a government that acts on the behalf of a people who wants government to do something on their behalf.  To produce an effective government who actually listens to the people whom it is supposed to represent and not simply engage in partisan bickering.

The outgoing Dem majority Congress has begun showing the same signs of obstructionism that the GOP had demonstrated before, of course.  The tax  cut and spend deal that Broder praised Obama  for cutting with the GOP, had the Democrats whining about those results and a great many who declared their refusal to support it, fringe elements who support the GOP chortling that Obama had simply “caved” to the GOP, and political cartoonists who engaged in utter viciousness in their seeming disappointment that Obama not only could prove his ability as a centrist politician but that he could finally demonstrate his long ago campaign promise of working even with the opposition party.  In this political season, it seems there are a lot of people with a short term memory problem.

Yes, the Republican party are effectively on notice.  Facebook for example, a friend writing to Leonard Pitts, jr’s wall worried about the GOP trying to start impeachment hearings against Obama over his birth certificate of all things.  Really, they’d rather further the interests of fringe lunacies like the birther movement, waste taxpayers’ money trying to “impeach a guy” who was certainly born American according to the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  And who was certainly under no more of an obligation to “prove” his citizenship than any other president before him.  If that is what some Republicans in Congress want to do, then they are wasting the time of the people who wants a government that actually works for them and further, these GOP members of Congress can actually suffer the consequences of failing to produce that kind of government.

Paying attention only to the special interests or the fringe lunacies will not help with unemployment, reduce home foreclosures, or rebuild this nation from the current hard times that it is enduring.  If the GOP were swept into office saying to the voters that they can “do better,” now of course they are going to have to prove that.  Which means, they will have to quit fighting with our president and actually work with him over the next two years.  Or they can forget about an effective campaign from the presidential on down by 2012.

In other news, CBS Evening News was interviewing Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.  Among other things, Mr. Bloomberg was of the opinion that only open borders would solve our “unemployment problem.”  Uh, open borders that GW advocated before he became POTUS, and certainly after he became POTUS, plus the sorts of trade agreements that off-shored our jobs is the primary cause of unemployment in this nation today.  Insisting that businesses begin hiring Americans first would ease unemployment considerably.  “Open borders” would not benefit unemployed Americans.  For why would the business interests want to hire Americans who wish to enjoy a higher standard of living if they can hire cheaper illegals instead?  And is Bloomberg an “independent” or a GOP wearing independent clothing?

Also seen in the news (Huckleberries online), the GOP in the Montana state legislature want to tackle the abortion issue.  I’m quite sure that Montana, just like most other states in this union are factually facing some particularly tough times right now, and the Montana state Republicans are only interested in advancing big government through religious activism.  How does that help unemployment for the state, reducing home foreclosures and etc.?  Quite frankly, I don’t see how it would.  The GOP wanted the power, but the GOP are also on notice about what is certain to happen when they fail to deliver on the promises they made to get elected (or stay in office) last November.  People are hurting, now is not the time to advance the interests of the fringe elements.


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