The latest Yule Parade

Before Thanksgiving rolled around, we got hit with a heck of an Arctic blast. Cold rains with temps down in the 40s before the first snows began falling by the weekend. And once that happened, the cold temps started coming in with a high wind. A co-worker described a tornado-like situation where snow was literally picked up off a circular patch of ground that was left entirely bare and piled up by and even on their truck. I suggested that I had seen a sort of “whirlwind” if you will, “snow devils.” A phenomena in which the wind becomes cyclonic and begins whirling snowflakes in a kind of brief-lived funnel cloud. I had seen such an event only once before, years ago. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if what my co-worker described had truly happened. In fact, she was quite surprised at the kind of wind we get here in North Idaho. So, I told her that Idaho had become quite a tornado belt. It didn’t take her much to put two and two together.

Once the wind had passed, the temps went to sub-zero very quickly…  But briefly, whereby on Thanksgiving week, the temps were climbing steadily upwards, and by what retail stores nation-wide regard as “Black Friday,” the temps had actually gone over 30°.  Which was truly a good thing.  The parade after all, was that night.

Duane Hagadone engages in a yearly lighting ceremony (this year, it was emceed by one of his sons, Brad) with a parade, fireworks that precede the actual turning on of billions of lights around Resort held property.  As Brad Hagadone informed the massive crowd, they start the massive effort of decorating beginning the first of October.  Uh yeah, to include high winds with a torque, sub freezing temperatures, and up to about a foot of snow late into November.  But, they got it done.  For which Brad Hagadone greatly praised them.

What was even more an item of interest was whether the Yule parade would have all of its entrants.  The newspapers disclosed that regardless of conditions the parade would indeed go on.  However, certain parade participants might not enter such as:  marching bands.  If the temps are too cold, their instruments would no longer work.  Well, the temps being above 30°; they were able to march.  The guys who like to travel in jeeps and squeal bald tires on pavement.  If the roads were too slick, they wouldn’t do so.  Sherman Avenue had a minimum of slush but wasn’t what you’d call, slick.  They were there.

So too were the “Red Hot Mamas.”  They had disbanded over a year ago.  But they got back together under, I guess a new name, “The Dancing Divas.”  Crazy costumes and crazier dance moves are a characteristic of the “Red Hot Mamas.”  There was no question who they were.  Plenty of floats with a religious theme.  And bringing up the end of the parade, Santa Claus on a firetruck.

I just wonder what individual will next howl and whine to the Coeur d’Alene Press about the lack of “Christmas spirit” being advertised on various store windows and Yule displays?  I think that they should first look in the mirror for the lack of “Christmas spirit.”  The only thing that retail stores are expected to do is sell things.  And if it means they sell all material things “Christmas;” it is after all called “the profit motive,” “capitalism,” and “free enterprise.”  Never should the twain meet?


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