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Just checked in at my Facebook account and °breaking news° about former Governor Sarah Palin on the Glenn Beck show. CBS, CNN and friends linking to the breaking news story. Seems Ms. Palin, in responding to Mr. Beck’s question about how we as a nation should stand when it has come to the escalating conflict between North and South Korea, Ms. Palin said, we should “stand with our allies” in North Korea.  She should know better than that! I hadn’t figured to post to blog today as I intend to get something done for the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, but holy cow!  That has to be a major head-shaking wonder where anyone is concerned.

North Korea is a Communist country, and didn’t the “TEA Party” come out and declare their opposition to “communism” by their opposition to Obama?  Now, Ms. Palin as the leading star of this movement has just made public that the “TEA Party” can make “common cause” with Communist North Korea.  Not what you would call the better situation for a “fledgling movement” of all of two years that only won about 34 Congressional seats.  And oh yes, had the latest incarnation of a “Hanoi Jane’s” endorsement too.  What can I say, this can only be utter embarrassment for all concerned.  And the 111th Congress has yet to be seated.

I can frankly see why Barbara Bush would prefer to see Ms. Palin stay in Alaska.  And the somewhat wiser heads among the GOP looking around for anyone else but Palin to endorse for a presidential run in 2012.  After a public statement such as that, who in their right (but not radical mindset) minds would vote for this woman?  No, I do not intend to be fair.  Back in 2008, Palin’s utter ignorance of the world around her showed when Katie Couric sat down with a get to know you interview.  The Palin fans regarded Couric as “mean” for the kinds of questions asked.  Uh, well, can Beck be held to account, who represents friendly terrain, for what freely came out of Palin’s mouth?  Or at long last, can Ms. Palin simply be held to account for not being better prepared today, than she was two years ago.

In other news, Bristol Palin lost on “Dancing with the stars.”  From what I understood to be her reaction to the news, was to provide the one-finger salute.  Maybe Bristol thinks that because she is the daughter of a former Governor and “TEA Party” fave, that she is in the privileged class who can go on to win big, no matter what.  So, what can I say?

The reaction of the Facebook friends? Priceless.

Maybe we need a new definition of “liberal.”  People who display an undeniable generosity toward those who are politically unfit but who have the proper party allegiance.  That sort of liberalism was definitely on display by the GOP when GW was president.  There could never be a scandal big enough to remove that president from office.  What does that tell you?  So, it could come as no surprise if some of the Facebook respondents to that bit of breaking news would hold the sort of view that it really didn’t matter what Ms. Palin might say, she’d have her fan club regardless who would simply dismiss the whole thing.  Maybe they would, but it would be at their own political peril.

With reference to Leonard Pitt’s own Facebook page, and a self-proclaimed “TEA Partier” said that in the last election, they weren’t voting against a black man, whom God loves as he loves everyone else, but for intelligence and experience…  Okay?!?  Which is simply another way of saying [why I am a bigot].  I highly doubt that Obama would suffer a mix up of a gargantuan magnitude over the situation in the two Koreas, even if he had been in primaries in more than 50 states.  He self-corrected with a self-deprecating joke, too.  Anyone can make a simple mistake, that is why it is called a gaffe.  But this, what Ms. Palin said on the Glenn Beck show went well beyond that.  It says that two years beyond the 2008 presidential election, Ms. Palin continues to be utterly ignorant.  She can rally “TEA Partiers” with lots of empty platitudes, empty platitudes they seem more than willing to hear, but empty platitudes couldn’t begin to address real world and dangerous situations that yes, only someone with a lot more intelligence than Ms. Palin has managed to muster so far, could potentially find a solution for.  Even that black guy, Obama has a lot more intelligence.

So, according to one respondent about the latest in Palin news, the “TEA Partiers” identify with her.  Believing that she shares their struggles in life…  Right, just like the Bush family can be readily identified as “everyman.”  Which they never have been.  That it is actually possible to share a beer with GW.  Then again, to really do that, you also would have to be among the truly wealthy to get an audience with him.  I personally doubt that Ms. Palin went through the sorts of struggles in life that other people had.  And the “TEA Party” doesn’t identify with the people who truly struggled in life, for which people the government under the direction of Obama tried to help, and the “TEA Party” opposed the “socialism” that this represented.  No, I truly don’t think so.

In two years, Obama managed to do a monumental amount of work, regardless of the intransigence of the GOP.  I certainly wouldn’t fault his intelligence given the odds he had to overcome. For Palin, if she truly wishes to become president, the biggest odds she would have to overcome, would need to be herself.  The nation simply can not afford this.  It can not afford her.  No sorry, I am not a liberal Republican.  I happen to be a conservative.  I’ll find fault with a woman who leads the pitchfork brigade against the “ObamaNation” (actual title of a book) and then undercuts it with pure ignorance.  Time the “TEA Party” found a new personality to be a cult to.


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