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This had become a recommended reading for anyone who has a Facebook account. And I believe that my readers should visit this New York Times Op Ed column written by Warren Buffett, “Pretty good for government work.” And let Mr. Buffett explain for himself why he wrote a public thank you letter to Uncle Sam.  For what he described in his op ed public thank you letter to Uncle Sam happened to be quite revealing.  Yes since 2008, the government had indeed been activist in trying to advert a tragedy of truly biblical proportions.  An economic melt down that Mr. Buffett described at length.  It should serve to remind people of what this country truly faced as our financial institutions proceeded to collapse and an increasing number of American citizens faced unemployment.  Yes, very much a must read for anyone who would simply like to get educated.

Warren Buffett is a very wealthy man and a business owner, for this man to have high praise even for a Democratic administration and the people President Obama put on the team to begin reversing a looming disaster is quite telling.  What it means is that Mr. Buffett looked past election year attack politics, especially those run by the GOP in general and Karl Rove in particular and checked out the facts that people like Rove, “The TEA Party,” and former governor Sarah Palin would not have cared for the American electorate to hear.  In the last two years, the government truly was of the people.  It truly did try to respond to the needs of the people, all this despite GOP obstructionism, the angst of the “TEA Party” and new cult of personality, Sarah Palin herself.  Well, if you lie enough (as the GOP most certainly had) you can make sufficient voters forget what was done on their behalf.  Only, a successful businessman such as Mr. Buffett was understandably too intelligent to listen to the falsehoods designed only to get the GOP back into power and nothing more.  He saw for himself what the activist government did on his behalf and thanked it for its endeavors.



On then to other issues; a recent “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” had a particularly telling segment about Republican praise for former president William Jefferson Clinton.  This was only the same party that after all, created numerous “scandals” against the Clinton administration back in the 1990s that wasted his time, the federal government’s time, as well as taxpayers’ dollars rather than doing the important business of the people.  And all because Clinton had won over George H.W. Bush and [former Senator]Robert Dole.  Seems that the party who tossed 9/11/2001 in Clinton’s lap now “much preferred” his governance as president over “that guy over there” President Obama.  What the underlying message came across as loud and clear, the GOP really did oppose Obama, not for policies much like those of Clinton, but rather because he didn’t happen to be “white.”  As though skin color happened to be the determining factor of intelligence, flexibility, etc.  Oh yes, Mr. Stewart had every reason to mock them.  He just didn’t go far enough.  2 November 2010 was a referendum on bigotry, and the bigots won partial control of Congress.

On the PBS News Hour which aired last night, there were a couple of really good and well-recommended segments.  One of those segments involved deficit reduction, that without it, this country would be reduced to a third world country status.  Ms. Rivlin and Mr. Domenici (former Republican Senator) were invited guests.  In the interview (which can be found at PBS on-line or their Facebook page) both of these people who happened to be on a bi-partisan deficit reduction panel recommended as part of the over all deficit reduction, a Social Security Tax holiday for a year in an effort to grow jobs and a national sales tax to help pay for it.

The other segment that happens to be just as recommended for further research was when the PBS News team highlighted a town in Maine(?) where people there were re-establishing community through a type of barter system.  Calling what they did a “time bank” and that what they earned for an hour’s worth of work to help each other out were referred to as “time dollars.”

Especially this last segment brings to mind exactly what did not happen preceding the 2 November 2010 mid-term elections.  All the shrieking attacks on the Democratic-controlled Congress in general and the Democratic administration of President Obama by various letter writers and Republican syndicated columnists did not demonstrate a real desire to say what they would do for their fellow citizens who faced real economic distress such as from the unscrupulous practices of financial institutions, home foreclosures and unemployment.  The “TEA Party” and former Governor Sarah Palin was more interested in taking the government back for the Republican party than demonstrating any real interest in what they could do for their neighbors.  This town that PBS News Hour featured took a decided initiative in people helping people.  Well then, who demonstrated the greater degree of conservatism?  Literally, we won’t wait for the federal government to step in and “do something” for us.  We’ll actually act to do something for ourselves.

So, the “TEA Party” that did not hesitate to pick up misspelled signs and rant about that “socialist” government,  listened to hair-raising rants from the willfully ignorant that they placed before the American electorate as viable candidates for office, did not however declare their willingness to pick up a shovel and work for a neighbor.  Nor expressed publicly a desire to do so.  What does this tell you?

What it tells me is that there are indeed a segment of the population who would rather complain as spoiled children than actually do something for themselves.  That there is a faction of people who would indeed be comfortable with a government that acts for them as long as it is a government run by their own party.  But, until more people begin to follow the example of this town that PBS News Hour featured, we are going to be in the economic doldrums for a long time to come regardless of what party is in power.


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