Post-election scapegoating

It struck me that two letters in two different papers should have a wider audience than just on-line Or the print edition of the Spokesman-Review or for that matter, The Press published in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The reason will become strikingly clear as they are copied in full in the *block quoted* sections below.

Election: Hope hole not too deep

Rep. Minnick, I’m happy to read that you are “looking forward to spending more time in the Idaho backcountry, floating rivers and hiking mountains.” I’m going to spend more of my time struggling to keep my business going and meeting payroll in a bad economy.

It seems that Obama, Pelosi and Reid saved themselves but not you, and they have no concerns for the residents of Idaho. Your much touted “independence” apparently was not enough to distance yourself from public sentiment against the Democratic Congressional majority. The question now is, “Will we be able to recover from the mess we are in?”

Paul Finman

Post Falls

Paul Finman has written attack letters like this before, unfortunately, and completely misdirected both his anger and angst at the wrong target.  First of all, Senator Reid, Representative Pelosi and President Obama are not responsible for the poor economy.  If his business struggles now and he has difficulty meeting payroll, he needs to place the blame correctly on market forces.  Not on the Federal government critters who ultimately have no real control over them.  Or has he forgotten what the term “free enterprise” means.

Now to go a bit more in-depth, The SCOTUS decision in the “Citizens United case” unleashed a flood of attack ads in which those who aired them were unconcerned that they might actually not be telling the truth.  As long as they could damage the Democrats in general and Obama in particular during the mid-term elections.  But again, if close attention were paid, these attack ads promised the voters absolutely nothing.  These attack ads only told the voters what those who aired them were simply against.  In which case, did those anonymous donors, the politicians and PACs that they sponsored show that they cared in the least about any state, any district, not simply Idaho?  Not from what I could tell.  In which case, Mr. Finman would have done a far better job of not whining continually about Pelosi, Reid or Obama and ask of the politicians that he had supported, what they will do for me today?  From what I heard about Raul Labrador, Representative-elect from the state of Idaho, he is more concerned about repealing the 17th amendment than he is  about Mr. Finman’s struggling business.  And I am sure I know why too, repealing the amendment would keep guys like Obama from ever becoming president.  Says a great deal about the underlying bigotry behind it all.  But Finman, I am sure voted for Labrador.  Just because ideology tells him that he needs to ignore facts and evidence if it gets in the way of toeing the party line.

But if Finman truly wished to have a clue about why his business struggles and the economy is bad then this letter published in the Spokesman-Review would provide a reasonably good road map:

Morality still has a role

Is “State must keep morality out of the pharmacy” (Editorial, Nov. 10) the same as “Let’s keep morality out of the marketplace”? If so, isn’t that rationale what helped America get into the financial mess it’s in?

Should an employee violate his/her conscience? I hope that an informed conscience still has a place in marketing and sales in our country.

Tony Cannon


First of all, an “informed conscience” should not work against the best interests of the patients in any pharmacy if the only reason for making such a decision is political to begin with.  However, the author’s general point is very clear.  There was indeed a lack of morality in the marketplace which is why we are now in the financial mess that had Finman whining away and personally attacking Minnick, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.  But of course, not the amorality of the marketplace itself.  An amoral marketplace that donated to various  GOP campaigns.  Because it is the GOP who would eliminate the regulations intended to return morality to the marketplace.  Not that Finman would care to open his eyes to that fact in life.   No, it is simply better to flail at the above-mentioned Democrats who did indeed care about Idaho as well as the rest of the country to pass financial regulations on banks and other financial institutions, who passed a stimulus package that Idaho was indeed a recipient of, with the passage of Health Care Reform to curtail the greed of the insurance industry as one of the primary reasons for its becoming law.

So, with that second letter I’ll suggest this possibility, the GOP are no more “moral” for wanting to regulate whether a woman may get a birth control pill (the reason for why that editorial was written and published in the Spokesman-Review) however they turn around and refuse to accept the lack of morality that came with the lifting of regulations on various business interests.  People who sickened and died from nation-wide food-borne illness out breaks.  People who lost their homes to foreclosures.  Local businesses that suffered when much larger businesses closed up shop and moved off-shore.  Retail chains that suffered from a loss of customers owing to increased unemployment.  Mom and pop stores that closed up shop because just like the national chains, they too required paying customers to stay in business.  This is what the GOP love of greed and a generally amoral marketplace achieved.

Oh yes, but it is much simpler to blame the Democrats on 2 November 2010 than those who were the cause of it all.

Consider the billions of dollars those anonymous donors put into those campaigns primarily to defeat the Democrats.  That’s billions of dollars not spent on increasing employment in this nation.  That is billions of dollars not spent on business investments that would secure the long-term future of the various businesses that contributed to these truly hideous ads.  That is billions of dollars that did not flow to struggling small businesses like that of Mr. Finman’s.  That is billions of dollars that overall, would not have secured a better economic picture for this nation.  That billions of dollars only secured a partial GOP ascendancy to Congress.

Too bad that Mr. Finman was so filled with hatred toward Democrats in general and Minnick in particular that he simply could not see that.


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