The scary letter before election day

Christians: be heard on Nov. 2

I have been hearing a lot about Christian voters who are staying at home this election year.  How can that be?  If, as a Christian, we are unhappy or dismayed at our country as it stands today, we have 545 elected officials in Washington who are there by our permission.  In Matthews it says we are the salt of the Earth.  Salt is a wonderful ingredient for preserving or flavoring.  If we are the salt of the Earth and the salt loses its flavor, there will be groaning throughout the land.  And believe me it looks like there is groaning throughout the land.  If our officials in Washington are elected by us, then we only have ourselves to blame if things go wrong.  This is one of the most critical elections of our times, never has so much been at stake.  We, the People (in very large letters) starts the words in the Constitution.  It doesn’t say, we the government.  We, the People elect our officials and when the Christian vote stays home, as in 2006 you can see what happens.  Now we are facing a landslide toward Democratic control of the house, Senate and Whitehouse.  Without a dissenting vote, what ever laws they favor will easily pass with no opposition except for a few right thinking participants.

We cannot let this happen.  Get out there and vote; there is still time to consider your God-given right and for your voice to be heard.  Don’t stay home and let this opportunity pass to vote your voice in America’s government.  In 2000 and 2004 a high percentage of Christians voted.  In 2006, the Christian turnout was at an all time low and look what happened.  If we don’t let our salt flavor this election; we can say goodbye to oil drilling as an interim fix to get us out of the control of foreign oil.  We will be powerless to change anything in Washington with a solid majority party in control of all three executive branches of government.

So in order to have a power balance in Washington, D.C., get out and vote for what you believe will be the best for America or sit back and let this election be stolen from you.  These are dangerous times— do your part to “salt” this great country of ours.  Abraham Lincoln was president of our most divisive times and he stuck to his principles and brought this country back together with those who stood up for justice for all.  Now we are in dangerous times where policy makers need to be selected by all the people, not just one side.  We can make a difference!  This is no time to stay at home and let the fate of this country be decided by a liberal press and left wing ideologues.

Della Kenney

Post Falls


Preceding the above quoted letter, Edward Russell complained about how our duly elected government was putting people like him down.  And that he is going to see election year 2010 as an act of revenge.  Maybe he should read Ms. Kenney’s letter with an eye to utilizing some intelligence and even more important, some common sense!  It is people like Ms. Kenney after all that gives the rest of us the impression that the “salt of the Earth” is in fact so much astroturf.

First, when was the letter actually written?  It looks like it should have been published near the end of October 2008 given the specific dates.  Wouldn’t that be remarkable if Michael Patrick (Editor of the Coeur d’Alene Press) held such a letter for about two years and only now got around to publishing it.  Or, the letter only recently submitted, the author herself doesn’t know what year this is.

So, the general questions I have are this, “salt of the Earth” has less to do with “flavoring” and more to do with the theme of the times, that those whom Christ  approached and taught (reference the book of Matthew:  New Testament) were common men and women, not the powerful and well connected.  On the other hand, if Christ meant “salt” as a spice, would he have been a Rabbi of the masses (who probably could not have afforded it) or a teacher of the affluent?  Ms. Kenney apparently doesn’t understand allegories and metaphors.

Are you a Christian only if you vote Republican?  Are you a Christian only if you vote for domestic drilling?  Are you a Christian only if you oppose the “liberal” press and “left wing” ideologies?  And are you not after all a pro-big government Christian if “right thinkers” such as you prefer are in control of it instead?  And how about ignoring the “We, the People” as to how they voted by 2006 and just as tellingly by 2008!  “We, the People” have been putting our government together since the time this nation was founded.  Or is this again the symptom of an America not regarded as “real” because of whom “the People” put in charge the last time around?  If these are “dangerous times” as Ms. Kenney asserts, she has truly added to the problems and certainly not provided a solution.

Let’s put it bluntly, that this nation did in fact face dangerous times when it put “Christian” G.W. Bush into office.  The nation did in fact know a long term time of suffering as GW expressed compassion solely for the haves and have mores.  Trying to blame it on a “liberal press” or “left wing ideologies” is as previously stated, not accepting accountability for one’s own mistakes.  The “Christians” bought a name brand when they voted for GW.  But they did not vote for quality when they put that name brand into office.  Had they actually done the research, looked beyond the label, and not simply accepted a “folksy sounding” fellah who happened to have a very wealthy and politically well-connected dad; would this nation have suffered and truly known dangerous times?  I highly doubt it.  Yes, Ms. Kenney is right about one thing, when things went terribly wrong, the “Christians” should have blamed themselves and looked for a replacement for GW by 2004.  They did not.  Two years after the 2008 election is not the time to now harp about it.

The right to vote isn’t “given by God;” Ms. Kenney.  It is a right provided by a democratized U.S. Constitution and one (circa the 17th amendment) that further enabled the people to popularly elect all their members of Congress as passed into law by Congress, signed by the President and ratified by the 2/3rds vote of the majority states.  If it was a “God given right” already, we wouldn’t have needed a law to certify it, would we now?

Finally, just how much does Ms. Kenney understand about the preamble to the U.S. Constitution beyond “We, the People?”  How much has she read of the document as to its entirety?  Article 6 to the U.S. Constitution actually prohibits, Ms. Kenney, religious tests for public office.  Also, just how much of the New Testament does Ms. Kenney understand beyond the book of Matthew where the Apostle Paul opposed conflict between Christian groups.  Giving as an example, meat eaters versus vegetarians.  Or as an allegory for today, those Christians who vote for Democrats as opposed to those Christians who vote Republican.  You aren’t “Christian” if you eat meat?  Paul frowned on the type of conflict that would surely ensue between sects if this were allowed to continue.  What would Paul have to say about the idea that you can’t be “Christian” or a “Real American” if you vote for Democrats?  The country, Ms. Kenney, isn’t going to move forward to more stable and less dangerous times if you continue these politics of division and base your “Christian” beliefs on a wholesale abandonment of biblical principles.  Abraham Lincoln stuck to his moral principles, but today’s idea of “Christianity,” sadly, has not.  Yes, Russell, Kenney vindicates why the rest of us have a problem with people like yourself.


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