When you travel with extremists…

The latest David Broder column (republished in the Spokesman-Review) truly shows where his sympathies (and therefore biases) truly lie. He bemoaned the fact that extremism was cropping up in Republican races across the country. And in his column, unless extremists running for office received a dose of rationality what had been going on in Congress for the last two years would become even worse than before after 2 November 2010.

As far as I am concerned, Broder is only talking into the void.  He like a great many others in the news media failed to address the fact that the GOP were slowly being taken over by extremists over many decades.  The original party of Lincoln was actually quite liberal.  By the time of McCarthy and his anti-Communist witch hunts, the “states’ rights” factions among [bigoted] (not conservative) southern Democrats who would soon enough jump ship to the GOP, religious authoritarians, big government corporatists (tax paid for welfare in the form of subsidies and etc. for major corporations), anarchist type “libertarians,” the gun lobby (states’ rights don’t apply here or even local control if it means that my rights to my guns could potentially be infringed upon), and finally the “TEA Party.”  It is the last form of extremism that has Broder becoming publicly concerned about the future of the GOP and the country as a whole.  A concern that he wasn’t prepared to express when the GOP were simply inveighing against the Democrats as part and parcel with their minority status.  He should have.  Just as he should have shown some sort of concern about the sort of extremist ads that have since hit the airwaves in election year 2010.  Not that I had read.  Ads that express nothing but pure hatred for the party of Obama (Democrats) and supported in full by the GOP who want to retake Congress in the worst way possible; well, Broder’s public fears for the party’s future has already become a waste of his time as well as of timber product.  The GOP have already sowed the seeds for their own destruction by the sorts of special interests and extremists factions that they seek to pull in to achieve their agenda of reclaiming power in Washington, D.C.  I say, go for it.  Corporatist extremism only caused the economic collapse by 2008.  And the “TEA Party” isn’t exactly operating on a dose of reality as they literally oppose any federal effort to correct the problems that corporatism brought to the nation; especially if it would actually help their neighbors.  Their neighbors don’t matter.  So yes, I’d have to say that I’d agree with Broder in this, that “TEA Party” extremists, should they enter Congress, would not exactly be good for the nation.  It is just that the GOP think the “TEA Party” will be good for themselves in their desires to reclaim power.  So, the extremists are fully funded and otherwise supported if they can be used to nail a few Democrats and “fire Pelosi.”

The sort of extremism that would eliminate the vast majority of constitutional amendments that over time strengthened democracy in this nation.  Yet, “the TEA Party” along with other extremist factions actually depend on Democracy itself to pursue their various agendas.  Now, what would they do without it?

Which would certainly argue that a true “center” today would have to comprise people who still respect the fact that this nation is a republic with a representative democracy.  That the U.S. Constitution is just fine the way it is.  Because of the first amendment in particular, not only are we free to support even the most offensive of speech and allow rallies in which those going to them can portray Obama as Hitler on their various signs, but also provide a place for religious expression in which the religion in question can find its adherents dragging the American flag through the dirt.  →It is only surprising that these people are called “right wing” when only a few decades ago, anyone who’d drag an American flag through the dirt would have been deemed the most despicable of leftists.←  And that may be the clue that is truly needed here, the “despicable leftists” were now proclaiming their “conservative” credentials and doing no differently in their current actions than they had decades before.  It is the news media itself who proclaimed such anti-American behavior to be “conservative.”  Even Broder falls into this particular trap.

From my perspective a “hard rightist” would see no reason to applaud any group especially one proclaiming to be “Christian” that dragged an American flag through the dirt let alone carrying signs that proclaimed how “God Hates America.”  Even if that same group did so in the name of their hatred of homosexuality.  The point being, they live in the very country that they deem God hates.  They are free  because of the U.S. Constitution, to assemble, to literally attack the mourners of fallen soldiers at their funerals, to literally add to the grief these people have who already lost their loved ones in our current wars.  Exactly what is so “right wing” or “conservative” about this?

Seems to me that a “hard rightist” would show Christian compassion to those who suffered from home foreclosures because of predatory lending by financial institutions.  The very same financial institutions that had become victims of their own excess; such as Countrywide or Washington Mutual.  A hard rightist would not argue in support of the corporatism that literally did wreck free market principles.  At least a few decades ago, that would have been the case.

Oh yes, the definitions of a few decades ago that has since been tossed into the dust bin of history and replaced by a socialist/Communist redefinition of what “hard right” should mean.  Of course we want a federal answer to anything, as long as that is a federal answer to our specific agenda.

Sorry David Broder, the GOP already as a party lost its identity to special interest and extremist factions.  In 2008 they were removed wholesale from Congress and became a minority party elsewhere across the country.  Their only shot at reclaiming a majority power in this country is to deflect blame for their worst failures onto the majority Democrats.  If they can do this successfully enough, even as they drag into the fold even more extremist factions, then they can claim a majority.  And prove all over again to the nation which they helped to cause to collapse by 2008, why they should have remained a minority party.  Oh yes, go for it.  I’m a conservative Republican, not a left wing extremist.  This, I do not need and will proceed to vote accordingly.


4 Responses to “When you travel with extremists…”

  1. Rightwingnews: Which Party Is More Extremist? | Katy Pundit Says:

    […] When you travel with extremists… « Jeh15′… […]

  2. Herb Huseland Says:

    You are asolutely right. Broder should have consentrated on the left wing extremists, instead of those dastardly republicans. Or like I do, expose the weirdos in my own party. I consider it a given that you would flail the right, but try weeding out your own villans.

  3. jeh15 Says:

    Herb, LOL!, who else am I going to “flail at.” Like John Dean said, only Republicans can hold Republicans accountable. If you don’t like the fact that I “flail at” my own party, oh well. And yeah, I do believe it is about time that I weeded out my own villains. But, I will have to leave to the Democrats the necessity of weeding out their own.

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