September 11th preview

When it is the politics, instead of the tragedy

In recent days, letters submitted to the Spokesman-Review were published; the majority either complaining about Kathleen Parker’s editorial about the Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the same anniversary date as Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.  Or, the writers would rant about “liberal” this and “liberal” that.  What the people shrilly attacking Parker’s syndicated column for, was that she seemed intent on dredging up old ghost’s of an alcoholic’s past and likening his rally to an alcoholic’s 12 step program to free himself from addiction.  Ms. Parker, who has stepped up to the plate on the behalf of Sarah Palin, angry white guys and fetuses; was now linked to the “liberal” media for not being suitably impressed with Mr. Beck.  Given his particular history of hate, I wouldn’t exactly be suitably impressed with him either.  Given Parker’s history of long columns putting down various targets, however; such as knocking presidential candidates  as former Senator Edwards for spending too much time primping his hair.   Now Sec. of State Hillary Clinton for not being her choice of politician.   I expect that eventually, she’d find a target rich environment in Mr. Beck.  An equal opportunity putter downer, and people who might have applauded Ms. Parker when she did a number on Dems and feminists; whined exceedingly when it came to Beck.  That should say something about the mentality of some people today.  They lost a cult of personality figure such as GW, cast around for a new cult of personality, and settled on an actor pretending to be a member of the “news” media.  As one writer was to put it, everyone who watches his show, identifies with some aspect of Beck.  Particularly scary, to say the least.  To “identify” with a guy who shrieks his hatred from the Fox News Channel on a daily basis doesn’t say much for the people who tune into his show.

Or to take Curtis Stone’s letter in which he makes use of time worn platitudes, spin, nasty levels of discourse, and Fox News Channel talking points to point fingers at “the enemy” the liberals.  That was one of the letters that I think he should never have typed let alone mailed.  But this being the U.S. of A. after all, Stone can write what ever, get his angry venom published, even if the vast majority of what he said comes off as a case of projection.

When is a democratically elected government suddenly “Marxist?”  When those in power are Democrats and the Congressional majority are Democrats.  Or is that when they begin representing “the people” instead of the moneyed and well-connected special interests?  Or is that when they begin returning reasonable restrictions to banks when it comes to the issuing of credit cards that were actually in place back in the 1970s!  Or is that when auto companies ask for a bailout during the GW administration and obtain one under the Obama administration?  Never mind the socialist corporatism that was in full swing during the GW era, only the government that actually does try to represent the people who voted it into office can be called “Marxist.”  Just in case guys like Stone forgot, he is also one of “the people.”

Then there is the Amy Goodman editorial on the 10th of September 2010 who provides a history of tragedy and terror on 9/11 that in my view doesn’t at all lessen the importance of the loss of 3,000 lives because of a heinous terrorist act.  But that rather, there have been other acts of violence in which 9/11 becomes a day of notoriety.  Other people in other times had also suffered to a greater or lesser degree on this day.  Her argument was ultimately, that 9/11 should become a day without war.  Expanding on that, I do not question that a band of terrorists such as Al Qaeda willfully brought war to this country on that day in question.  But they also warred against their own faith.  Which of course didn’t seem to matter to people seeking to take political advantage of an Islamic center planned to be built on the spot of a Burlington Coat Factory store that had since been abandoned and make war against a faith.

The reasonable question to be asked by yet another writer, does [Timothy McVeigh] represent all Christians?  Of course not.  But only bigots would argue that Al Qaeda represents all Muslims.  Ms. Parker took great pains to demonstrate her refusal to be such a bigot, good for her.  Glenn Beck, however; was prepared to whip up all sorts of fury about Muslims in general, Obama in particular, then according to another letter writer, practically speak a need for brotherly love at the Lincoln Memorial.   Even to praising Dr. King for all of his work.  The culmination of King’s work, however, is that Obama is now president.  And Beck has made it quite plain what he thinks of the man.  Amy Goodman sees tomorrow’s anniversary as a time for peace, when it was truly possible for men to come together in an act of goodwill.  In the years since that terrible day, the thought of goodwill, that it was truly possible to achieve such a thing, seems to have departed the thoughts of the most radically minded.

Personally, I know what it is like to have been touched by terrorism.  The county I grew up in, found itself a haven for the likes of the Posse Comiatatus (sic) or the Aryan Nations.  John Birchers were on full display at the local fair when I came home from the service and preaching the typical anti-communist rant.  But it was the neo-Nazis that decided that a Roman Catholic priest should not have the right to challenge their white supremacist ways and so they bombed his home to teach him a lesson.  I’d faced red terrorism while serving during the Cold War in Germany.  A situation that got bad enough that we soldiers were actually restricted to base and those guarding the entrances carried loaded weapons.  Red terrorists made a political statement at the Munich Oktoberfest one year.  It was a close call.  We (friend and my mother) had already returned to Böblingen, Germany when a suicide bomber killed a small number of people at the Oktoberfest and injured dozens more.  Terrorists were responsible for the death of a cousin.  I however, do not blame a people for the criminal activities of a fringe group.  I hold responsible the fringe for their criminal behavior.  No, all Christians should not account for the Ku Klux Klan.  All Christians should not have to account for extremists such as the Birchers.  They should not have to account for the Scott Roeders of this world.  Therefore, Muslims should not have to account for Al Qaeda.   But there is one thing that will have to be accounted for; “Christians” wait for an end time.  They wonder aloud at when it will come, in what form.  But, if they persist in all this hatred of their fellow man such as has been documented and described at length, what would their God say to them as he sits in judgment?  Christ had this to say, that if they do not follow the teachings of the master, Christ will not know them.  Christ did not teach hate.  Question:  who makes the better Christian?  Would that be Curtis Stone or Amy Goodman?


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