Letter, tombstone of decency

Mosque:Let it be ‘tombstone of Islam’

By virtue of the first amendment, Islamists have the unfettered RIGHT to build their Mosque wherever they can acquire the land

By virtue of human decency and respect for the pain of the thousands who suffered direct losses on 9/11, Islamists also have the right to NOT build it so close to Ground Zero.

Those who are intimidated by Islam appear most anxious to gratify, to appease, to acquiesce to this totalitarian philosophy.  History does not forgive such catastrophic mistakes.

So go ahead.  Build it.  I dare Islam and I dare the Democrats.  Put the damned thing up so that from that point forward everyone who walks past it, everyone who sees it on TV will know what it really stands for and how it got there.

The Islamic Mosque a few blocks away from Ground Zero will become the tombstone of Islam in America and the Democratic Party as well.

Good, go for it.

James J. Hill

Of course the Coeur d’Alene Press will publish hideous letters like this one where you really have to wonder if the fellow writing such a letter is simply projecting his worst inclinations on faceless cyphers or if he really does believe his own tirades in as much as he can exploit a situation for political gain.  He is among the great many people who forgot that Islamic extremists killed fellow Muslims and non-Muslim alike on 9/11/2001.  That the suffering of the thousands of survivors weren’t only “Christian,” but also non-Christian.  Now, in the years since when “We are all American” can be shunted aside for pure bigotry; it doesn’t take much for an ideologue such as Hill to write the label of evil on people who had absolutely nothing to do with that terrorist attack.

Frankly, I wonder if he had the occasion for obtaining the Spokesman-Review and reading Kathleen Parker’s statement of principles that were closer to conservative Christianity than at any other time in the entire history of her columns.  Maybe he’d gag at the thought that Ms. Parker was actually putting “Love thy neighbor,” “love even thy enemy, pray for those who persecute thee,” front and center of why in fact there should not be a political and even bigoted uproar over a Mosque (or Islamic cultural center) near Ground Zero.  The principles of the U.S. Constitution do not in fact prohibit Muslims from building such a center any where they please.  Any more than it prohibits Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc. from building religious buildings anywhere they choose.  That’s the beauty of the first amendment.  But, for my readers’ information, the hatred spewing out from Hill’s published letter, suggests that if there is a totalitarian mindset, it would be his own.

Any monotheistic religion (one God) with a prophet or teacher to teach the faith to his followers is actually totalitarian.  Take a gander at the first commandment found in the Tanakh, where the Lord their God of the Jewish people is the only God that they may worship.  The failure to heed such a commandment, is to assure the doom of the people.  To say the least, that is totalitarian.  Or that in the New Testament, Christ is assumed to say, “None may come to the Father, save by me.”  Is surely totalitarian as well.  In monotheistic beliefs, there is no room for holding a difference of opinion, of questioning the rightness of the “teachings of faith,” for that can lead to claims of heresy and worse; death.  Certainly, as the Christian era made its historical way into the world, and the state and church became one and the same, these were frightening times for anyone who held a different opinion, who could be accused of some kind of falseness, betrayal, treachery (such as in the form of Witchcraft).  People died horribly for these claims made against themselves.  So, since Hill seems not to have full regard for the history of his own totalitarian beliefs, pot meet kettle?

Any religion wrought by man may claim some form of divine inspiration, but it can also justify the worst sorts of cruelty and viciousness by way of “Because God said so.”  Men need God to justify to rationalize their most cruel inclinations.  Otherwise, to go to battle against one another because of the following:  Economics, land, conquest for the joy of it, pure hatred of the type of life the foe leads, etc.; would not be nearly as palatable.  Would men fight so quickly if they were not told that this was to the glory of God?  That the only reason for this war was to plunder the foe’s riches, to enslave the survivors, to take the land that did not belong to them?  Uh, just in case you think this is a joke, look in the Tanakh.  That is precisely what did happen.  But the “moral dimension” as some would say, was because “God said so.”

Hill’s bible is chock full of that sort of history.  Now here is another issue.  Consider the crusades.  The crusades had a number of murdering and rampaging “Christians” acting in the name of God crossing the Middle East and trying to reclaim the Holy Land in the name of Christ from the heathen Moslems.  Yes, what they conquered in land, they set up churches in areas of the most bloodiest of battles, concerned not at all about the “feelings” of those who survived and watched the horrors perpetrated on their loved ones.  It wasn’t necessary for “love of neighbor” to exist here, because God after all, was opposed to any monotheistic competition from the Moslems.  Shouldn’t that bit of actual history convince anyone that monotheism is by nature totalitarian?  Hill let his ignorance show itself in full with that published (in the 18 August 2010 Coeur d’Alene Press) tirade.

What is also informative, link the Democrats to that evil other:  The Muslims.  The Muslims are “all terrorists” and the “easily intimidated” Democrats are “terrorist lovers.”  Actually, Hill could look in the mirror, if anyone is “intimidated” by the site of a Mosque, it would seem to be Hill himself.  He’s terrified that Muslims are no longer a people hidden from public view.  That they wear their religious dress in broad daylight in American cities.  That they can indeed propose to city planners, a place to build a house of worship.  The truly brave on the other hand, would recognize that principles do come ahead of fear and loathing.  As Ms. Parker recognized, if Muslims demand the right to build a cultural center near Ground Zero, then they should not be denied that opportunity.

Given Hill’s letter, the American Muslim “right” to “not build” at or near Ground Zero either mosque or cultural center, isn’t a “right.”  It is instead, the right of non-Muslims to deny the Muslims their fundamental American rights.  Right, they are Americans.  As opposed to foreign nationals.  Yes, Hill could indeed look in the mirror for that totalitarian mindset.


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