The Nostradamus effect

The History Channel comes out with some real humdingers when it comes to trying to describe the “end of the world.” *be afraid, be very afraid* However, when it came to the visions of Nostradamus detailing “who” would be the third anti-Christ (much worse than the other two); the History Channel immediately wants to rush by and not discuss exactly why George W. Bush could have been the sole candidate.  A note here that “he doesn’t live very long” in a country that is a democracy doesn’t mean that the “third anti-Christ” does literally “die.”  But rather, for one to emerge in a democracy where term limits exist to assure that he  can  wield a destructive power for only so long before being replaced…  To “die” in this case should not be taken literally but rather as an allegory.  An elected president with the sort of destructive power that GW truly did wield, only Constitutional law assured that his time to wield such powers would have been limited.  But, in all of eight years, the harm that he was truly responsible for was ultimately felt around the world and the world has not truly begun to recover yet, from it.

So what would a 27 year war look like?  The War on Terror truly began on 9/11/2001.  GW committed our troops, tax dollars and country to not simply fighting terrorists but to also engage in nation building (where the governments are certainly not stable and prone to corruption); not addressing what the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan might truly need in holding off the continued incursions of such extremists as the Taliban.  Making it possible to further expand this war into even new territory such as Pakistan by the time that Obama would become president.  There is absolutely no reason to believe that a global war on terror would end before Obama left office.  It is the legacy that GW left him, and most likely one he will pass onto his successor.

But, how did this war on terror truly begin?  Quite simply because the Bush administration publicly did not take an interest in the threat that terrorism posed for this country and our allies.  According to Woodward, seems to me that the Bush administration was more interested in finishing the work in Iraq that dad (Bush 41) had started.  He would just have needed some excuse to do so.  Well, the war in Afghanistan had not been won, Afghanistan was not a stable country that could hold up on its own against future threats from the Taliban or to move away from the rivalry of warlords when the Bush administration made public noises as to how much more of a threat that Saddam Hussein imposed.  If anything, the History Channel (History International) did manage to recognize that a “third anti-Christ” would certainly have the resources from a super-power such as the U.S. happened to be at the time.  What the History Channel did not care to discuss was that even in the case of the third anti-Christ; he would have the capacity to damage his own country beyond repair.  Just as Hitler did to Germany and Napoleon Bonaparte would do to France.  France as a “global power” would not continue after the death of Bonaparte.  Germany as a “global power” would not continue after the death of Hitler.  The rise of countries to vie with the U.S. on the economic level especially because of GW’s reign, assures that because the U.S. has truly become a debtor nation; we can not hope to continue as a “global power.”  Yet, we are committed to a war on terror that as a consequence is certain to last for years, if not the literal 27, literally because of GW basing his policies on ideology and not practicality.

According to the bible, “even the elect will be deceived,” which the History Channel did not choose to address; says a great deal about what a third anti-Christ would really be like.  A fellow who indeed grew up in faith (or committing to it as a “born again” after sowing his wild oats for a number of years); who would use his faith to a political advantage (GW most certainly did that); who would certainly place government at the disposal of religious activists (even though the Constitution directly forbids it); outright supported “faith based institutions” with our tax dollars; decided that government could indeed be there to dictate public and private morality with the passage of anti-abortion laws, could be easily swept back into office because religious activists opposed civil unions and marriage for gays.  According to the bible, the anti-Christ would manipulate “the elect.”  Precisely, Christians.  Yeah, GW manipulated Christians all right.  And as a result, created disastrous foreign policies vis a vis Iraq and Afghanistan that this nation is still paying for two years after he is no longer in office.

According to Nostradamus, he would be far worse than the other two.  Even though some of the blame for the “globalization of the economy” can be laid at Clinton’s door.  Under GW however, we globalized everything.  Even to our financial institutions.  Thus, when lending institutions such as Countrywide endured too much risk and began to collapse under its own weight of debt as well as pure greed, the ramifications of such a collapse and the domino effect to follow, would damage all economies where we financially did business.  All of that happened by 2008, the last full year of GW’s time in office.  People can recover from war even natural disaster as long as there exists a strong financial undercurrent to assure loans toward future recovery.  Precisely, countries able to supply such loans toward that recovery because of the stability of their own economic base.

To ask this question, just how much has Louisiana in general and New Orleans in particular actually recovered since Katrina well tell you everything about just how financially sound this nation is.  Or, is not.  Two years after Obama has entered office unemployment that was high under GW in the last full year of his presidency has gotten higher still.  The longer it takes to permanently put people back to work, means that high unemployment could become chronic and remain unresolved long after Obama is no longer president.  The consequence of a globalized economy does assure a high chronic unemployment in this nation because private enterprise and the captains of industry see no real need to invest in this country or its workforce.  They were given a green light to not invest in this nation especially under GW, and they are loath to do so under the present administration.  *one of the four horsemen was a businessman, after all*  The sort of business interest that doesn’t choose to meaningfully invest in the nation of its origin (while still assuming that it can sell its wares to the people whom it systematically keeps unemployed) while merely exploiting the poor in other nations, only helps to assure that we continue to face perilous economic times.  And all that goes with it.

He will be responsible for the undoing of men and animals.  Can the History Channel forget so soon the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?  Yeah, it happened under Obama’s watch, but GW’s environmental (make that anti-environmental) legacy extended well into the current administration.  The Mineral Management Services that provides lease rights to various oil companies to drill wherever did not check too closely into British Petroleum’s checkered history before issuing a lease for deep water drilling.  The MMS was ultimately to be exposed for its corruption.  But until this man made disaster took place, we would not have known that a thorough housecleaning had not taken place the moment Obama took office to remove a political attitude that was at once pro-business at what ever cost, especially to local businesses (men) and the environment (animals) after the BP generated disaster took place.  Oh yeah, before GW left office, he had thrown an environmental bone to the ecologists by creating a marine preserve.  He did turn a cactus into a photo op.  But his legacy that would survive under the Obama administration would result in BP getting a lease it should not have been rewarded, and the disaster that would come as a consequence.

We turn next to, ever hear of the cult of personality?  The defenders of the now departed last administration continue to declare that GW never did anything wrong while projecting the worst faults of his administration onto the current one.  Or in the case of Fox News (courtesy “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), dredge up Clinton to beat on all over again because it would be wrong to “blame Bush.”  Obama does not have a “cult of personality,” where people are not regarded as “anti-American” or “pro-terrorist” if he is criticized.  (However, given the particular stridency of the “TEA Party,” some degree of violence existing because of their political passions, they are quite another matter).  But with regard to the “TEA Party” in particular, they act much like a “cult of personality” that doesn’t have a clue and without a leader to put in GW’s place.  He and his party burns down the house, and the “TEA Party” contents themselves with blaming the Democrats.  The legacy of a third anti-Christ is that even after he has passed out of the arena of political power, his mere presence prior to that will have assured strife and political turmoil for years to come.  And no nation can regain its political or economic balance as long as this sort of extreme polarization continues.  Only a people working together can rebuild a damaged nation and society.  The “TEA Party” suggests that this is not something they have an interest in.  Their agenda does not consist of expressing any compassion toward those who suffered the heaviest during the prior administration.  But the “TEA Party” wants the best of what this nation and the government can provide.

What would make a “third anti-Christ” worse than the other two is that even though he is no longer a political leader, the effects and long term consequences of his leadership would continue to trouble the land long after he had left the public arena.

Germany recovered quite handily from Adolph Hitler, but not as a third reich.  France recovered quite handily from Napoleon Bonaparte, but not as a global empire.  If as Nostradamus was interpreted as saying that a third anti-Christ would learn from the mistakes of those who proceeded him, a “global power” based on finance and private enterprise—to the extent that oil speculation that drove up oil prices to $150.00 a bbl and literally created famine or for that matter an economic collapse in any one country that would deeply shock investments in Wall Street—would be far more devastating than the global wars of Hitler and Bonaparte.  As stated above, it takes a sound financial system to recover from war and natural disaster.  How well does anyone recover from its lack?  The wars of Hitler and Bonaparte did not destroy a world, but our financial instability just may.

Literally, The History Channel rushed by this without bothering to explore it too deeply.  But, I shall today.


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