Bi-polar opinions on the 4th of July

I first read the Coeur d’Alene Press editorial and looked through Derek M. Palm’s letter but, the opportunity to respond to both opinions published in the 4th of July opinion page commentaries did not really come until this morning. I had work on the Fourth, I BBQed, I set out to enjoy what I had of the holiday. Then by the 5th of July, I worked on doing my latest canning for the culinary competition for the North Idaho Fair. And then I walked. By delaying until now addressing the Coeur d’Alene Press editorial and letter, I expect that it gave me some time to think.

If we are to march forward as the world’s greatest nation, we believe we must do so focusing more on what we have in common than the things that make us different.

(From the CDA Press editorial published Sunday, 4 July 2010)

Now for Derek Palm’s letter.  I will grant you that the writer of a prior letter published in the CDA Press, Cecil Kelly had some particularly harsh things to say about the “right wing.”  Mr. Palm however doesn’t seem to think however that “right wing” must include the above editorial quote in its political platform, given his slashing attacks on Mr. Kelly.  But during the course of declaring just how much better “his side” is that to all other contenders, Mr. Palm makes some very foolish mistakes or outright doesn’t seem to know what the hell he is talking about.

His opposition to massive government regulations does not include abortion, homosexuality or illegal immigration.  He only opposes massive government regulation when it actually may benefit “the huddled masses.”  Onward.

Seems to me that when it comes to illegal immigration, those most benefited by it have been business interests.  Which is why the Republican party in particular is very lax about pushing for tougher laws against illegal immigration because the business interests would be greatly opposed to any such moves.  I’ll assume that Palm’s reference to “murdering babies at taxpayers’ expense” is a direct attack on Planned Parenthood.  I believe that I also understand that Planned Parenthood can not use grant money from the federal gvt to help pay for abortion services.  However, that doesn’t stop Palm from spewing what very likely is a blatant falsehood.  If you are going to promote a moral objective in any kind of “right wing” plank, shouldn’t honesty be its first underpinning?

Palm bemoans the fact that the bible has been banned [from public schools] (more precisely).  What he does not suggest is that such an act had much assistance not only from Jews but also Christians such as Roman Catholics.  Both of these religions faced a high degree of religious bigotry from the majority Protestant beliefs.  In short, if you don’t care to play nice to the neighbor who doesn’t immediately care to think as you do and further, use the bible to attack what they do have a right to believe in, then the bible can be relegated to the church and to the home rather than serve as a constant public reminder of Protestants focusing on their differences as opposed to their commonalities with fellow Americans, regardless of belief.  Shouldn’t a biblical principle as an underpinning of a “right wing” plank recognize that love thy neighbor is a commandment and not an option?  Under God wasn’t written into the Pledge of Allegiance until an act of Congress [circa response to the then existing Soviet Union in the mid 1950s] and was obviously done for purely political reasons.  Should atheists have “under God” jammed in their teeth?  No more than Mr. Palm would want a taxpayer funded homosexual agenda jammed in his.  But of course, he isn’t going to consider the atheist whom “under God” might offend.  Or for that matter Christian sects for whom the entire pledge itself is anathema.  At this point in time, Palm’s arguments begin to entirely break down.  Really, he opposes abortion then has no objections to utterly offending certain types of minorities.  Very specifically religious minorities.  You have to wonder if the guy really recognizes the irony of what he writes.

If his attacks are on the Obama administration in particular and the Democrats in general when it comes to SEIU which I'll assume is a labor advocacy group.  I haven't heard much about SEIU in recent years until radical fire breathers like Palm dredges it up.  But "forcing union membership?"  I guess he should know since he writes as a citizen of Idaho a state with a regulation against unionizing the work force.  Oh and his particular blather about ACORN?  Guess he hasn’t watched the news recently.  ACORN disbanded.  So what has that community organization group got to do with anything?  It is history.  Dishonesty strikes again.  ACORN can hardly be “in control” of anything if it is no longer around.

Now here are some federal programs that Mr. Palm likes and obviously wants to keep (while ranting away about the old left that made it all possible).  He whines about the bankrupting of Medicare and Social Security.  (But a little later, he whines about gvt run health care that people are just “forced” to join.)  Uh, what is that insolvent Medicare anyway, if not gvt run health care?  Obviously not thinking much, is he? Going further, Mr. Palm whines about “Christians” being characterized as hateful radicals…  Given the tone of his letter, he proves it.  And Muslim extremists as “misunderstood.”  Knowing what I do about Muslim extremists circa 9/11/2001; I highly doubt that I “misunderstand” them.  Quite literally, I have no use for that kind of extremism or for that matter extremism of any other sort.  Especially, extremism that leads to violence and loss of life.  At this point, sorry Palm, but I am sure you would delight in calling “Christian” extremists as not only misunderstood but also “victims” of a society that remembers that not all acts of terrorism were produced by that scary other “the Muslim extremists” but were also produced by “Christian extremists.”  The Oklahoma City bombing as an example.

When it comes to the “misunderstood” TEA Party movement, they are made up of people who have absolutely no trouble letting their heated passions take the place of common sense.  Thus, it isn’t “the rest of us” who portray this movement as racist, Nazi, etc.  The “TEA Partiers” do that themselves.

Palm opposes massive tax increases in the middle of a recession.  Really?  When I did my form 1040 for 2009, the government gave me far more money than I was expected to give them.  In the future, I am sure that tax cuts that existed during the GW administration will expire, but that doesn’t translate into “massive tax increases.”  At this point, hysteria rules.  And then, Palm engages in a pretzel argument, disclosing the current national debt which I have no doubt that it probably is in the trillions of dollars.  However, exactly how are you going to pay it down if you oppose tax increases as a means to do so.  One of many tools that can be used to that end?  Oh, and the fact that we are at war has a lot to do with our national debt.

Palm forgets that car companies asked for federal help.  And repeats himself from prior statements in his bulleted list.  The banking system collapsed because of a lack of enforced regulation.  That hurt a lot of people.  It enabled the recession to begin a recession that was also further exacerbated by the oil shocks of 2008.  Exactly what did Palm think was going to happen as a consequence?  Short memory?  Where he brings up Cap and Trade, anything that supports environmental health as well as the health of people living in the vicinity of polluting industries should be considered a good thing.  Maybe Palm would like to not be slowly dying of COPD or other afflictions that can be directly linked to pollution.  I guess that “radical left” now means genuinely caring for the welfare of your fellow citizens.  And places Palm’s own arguments in the position of being highly immoral.

Of what remains to be said of the last of his letter, if Palm is opposed to “shady back room one party deals;” well, then he can include the GOP as highly supportive of the same.  Just as the GOP were never opposed to out of control spending of our money when they had the majority in Congress.  A president associated with the “racist” Rev. Wright? We are going to dredge up Rev. Wright all over again?  I believe he retired and Obama changed churches.  Or “terrorist” Bill Ayers?  Professor Ayers was never convicted of acts of terrorism.   Perhaps Palm would like to look closer to home when it comes to anti-abortion extremists and neo-Nazis who did engage in acts of terrorism for which they were indeed convicted.  And his own “associations” with any of them.  Oh, because I guess he is a “Christian?”  He refers to Van Jones and Saul Alinsky as “communists” which is news to me.  But as far as I know, Jones isn’t now in the Obama administration.  Then again, perhaps Palm would like to research the history of the “conservative movement” which was only started by communists.

Finally, Palm wants to argue that the “radical agenda” that he fully supports is freedom from gvt control, liberty and opportunity for everyone, etc.  Really?  His final argument bites his bulleted list in the ass.  His venting throughout demonstrates exactly what is radical (but not “right wing”) in his position.  You can’t be of multiple minds on any one position then ultimately contradict yourself at the last.  Oh, and I guess that Palm forgets that the government he so fears was democratically elected?!?  It still is not a dictatorship.

You have to wonder about the utter hypocrisy of the Press’ official opinion and the publishing of Palm’s letter on the same day.


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