I’ll answer you, Linda Cook

I saw Linda Cook’s amazing diatribe in the Coeur d’Alene Press on this 2nd of June 2010. To say the least, it is no surprise that a Vaughn Ward campaign worker would end up greatly disappointed in the election results. But, Ms. Cook has a problem: the failure to be gracious in defeat.  Now to get to the meat of the issue that she brought to the attention of the Press as an editorial.  This is only the same Linda Cook who whined about my style of writing, complained that I was writing too many letters to the editor to the Press and accused me of being “fake.”  This is only the Linda Cook who took classes at the North Idaho (community) College and then started complaining about the political views of one of her instructors.  And afterwards, demanded her money back.  Ms. Cook represents to “conservatism” and the Republican party in general what I as a Druid represent to the Vatican.  Actually, let me put forth a slight correction here, given how often Roman Catholicism has co-opted pagan religions including that Earth Religion of the Druids, there would be considered a little something in common between beliefs.  In Ms. Cook’s case, “conservative” seems to have become by matter of definition.  “I” am a “traditional conservative” because I said so.

Let us put it bluntly, we could do without the labels of “liberal” and “conservative” and return to simply party—Republican and Democrat.  Republicans aren’t totally “conservative” by Cook’s definition being in general of different political views.  Nor are Democrats broad brushed as “liberal.”  Rep. Walt Minnick, that Raul Labrador is now in a match up with by November, would be considered as “conservative” as any politician fielded by the State of Idaho to represent his constituency in Congress.  But, because he is a Democrat, he is therefore suspect?  It says a lot about the willful ignorance of people like Cook.  The refusal to look at actual voting records, the public disagreements between Minnick and those “more to the left of him” in Congress, and then accordingly labeling the man per what I don’t like about his party in general.  Refusing to look at the facts while demanding Minnick’s replacement with an untried and untested veteran of the U.S. Marines is what actually spelled disaster for his campaign.  It had nothing to do with “liberals” (read Democrats) or the rabid radicals in this state (mislabeled as “far right”) and everything that Vaughn Ward did that was wrong that personally took him out of the running for that spot in Congress that Labrador can now vie for.

Ms. Cook couldn’t look at the facts that Ward was plagiarizing Obama, that Ward was ticking off the Pentagon no less with an unauthorized use of military uniform as a campaign commercial on his website.  Factually, that he didn’t declare all of his assets or that his wife worked for Fannie (or Freddie?) that received gvt (taxpayer funded) bailouts.  Which put Ward in the position of being a hypocrite.  It really doesn’t matter to me if a “vindictive” blogger cut and paste for reasons of propaganda Ward’s failure to develop something original when juxtaposed next to anything Obama had to say in 2004.  Ward wants to go up against Obama in a GOP led insurgency, he shouldn’t sound like the man.  Ward is the pilot of this particular plane.  It was his decision and only his that caused it to crash and burn.  No one “ganged up on him” to create a catastrophic failure for his campaign.  And Ms. Cook looking for scapegoats afterwards isn’t accepting personal responsibility for why Ward’s campaign ended badly.

Next, who are the Democrats going to vote for when there weren’t enough candidates on the Dem ticket to make it worth their while?

And who comprises the special interests that label themselves as “far right?”  Anti-abortionists, for one.  Isn’t Ms. Cook an anti-abortionist?  The “TEA Party” movement?  Hasn’t Ms. Cook generally supported their views?  Business interests over consumers/labor?  Has Ms. Cook been an apologist for this kind of thinking?  Anti daycare, because of where the woman’s place should be?  Never mind that such an attitude also becomes an anti-family position in its own right?  Has Ms. Cook been a proponent of same?  Anti gay rights?  Because of a misinterpretation of biblical scripture that sodomy described is only attributable to gays.  Irrespective of the facts that heterosexuals are just as capable of engaging in same with those of their own gender.  (Ref:  the late Randy Shilts, “Conduct Unbecoming  Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Military.”)  That publicly married pols with children such as Larry Craig demonstrates the fact that heterosexual doesn’t mean “straight” in his case.  If “fag killers” or homophobes like Craig can get caught behaving heterosexually, then what does it say about the religious special interest that wants to keep the state “morally pure?”  Esp when pols like Craig engage in vices that the bible is known to condemn.  Wouldn’t Cook have desired to count herself in good company with the religious special interests?

Then it begs the question of what would make her a “traditional conservative?”  When any and all of these groups are labeled “far right.”

My view of Ron Paul is that he is a rabid radical.  He has some positions that believe me, I can agree with, the U.S. Constitution should indeed govern how government ought to behave.  But, Vaughn Ward wanted the support and endorsement of the “TEA Party” itself; if I am not mistaken, just as did Butch Otter.  Just as had other members of the GOP.  Now the Ron Paulians (read TEA Party) turn on Vaughn Ward.  Uh, there was not quite a 25% turn out on the 25 May 2010 Idaho state primaries.  The “TEA Party” must represent at best guess 5% of the entire citizenry of Idaho.  And maybe 2% of all who voted in the primaries?  Activists who amazingly can’t be bothered with performing their civic duty when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are and actually go to the polls and vote.  What they will do is kick out “traditional conservatives” (read moderates or “RINOs”) in favor of people so off the deep end that they can’t get elected in a general campaign, assure a rift in the party which is what the GOP are currently facing, and guarantee a Democratic electoral lock in Congress.  That is because the rabid radicals of the “TEA Party” movement don’t really know what they want.  More gvt or less.  The guarantees of Social Security and Medicare or learning how to live without it.  Bank bailouts and their neighbors’ bailouts and I definitely want to be among those people getting a major redistribution of wealth through tax cuts rendered permanent.  The I don’t care about you movement but damned straight, I want mine if it comes at your expense.  The kind of people that the GOP want as a fringe lunacy and voting bloc for their intended insurgency to retake Congress by November.  The GOP made a deal with this devil as they had with more big gvt special interest groups from business to religious interests.  It is to their own cost if the rest of us refuse to vote for the party of fringe lunatics and pro big gvt interest groups.

The GOP couldn’t field better candidates here in the state of Idaho because those candidates had to meet an ideological litmus test.  That is what represents the real decline for the party, the state and the nation.  Oh, and a Ms. Cook who wanted to censor myself for being a prolific writer of letters to the editor?  You can’t very well love the state or the nation if you have a vitriolic reaction to anyone who resides as a citizen therein.  You can’t have a state or a nation without people.  And in a Democracy such as this, people are going to disagree as much as they agree.  Ms Cook made it plain a long time ago that she couldn’t live with that.  And yet, supported Vaughn Ward as a candidate for office who only put on a uniform to defend all of that.  I’d have to say in closing, that something got lost in translation.


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