The Calderon visit; two letters

Obama:Arizona criticism offensive

I submitted this letter to President Obama on the White House website Thursday:

Dear President Obama:

I was shocked and disappointed to see you stand in the White House and criticize our citizens in front of President Calderon and the rest of the world.  You are supposed to be OUR representative.  You owe your loyalty to US, NOT MEXICO, or any other foreign power.  The Federal Government has the responsibility of protecting our borders from foreign invasion.  It is the most basic of all the federal government’s responsibilities.  It has not done everything it could do in this regard.

The people of Arizona have displayed true American spirit by taking on this problem and doing something about it.  I don’t believe you have any constitutional or moral right to criticize them.  Please don’t embarrass us anymore by repeating this behavior.  Better yet, lead the federal government in fulfilling its responsibilities to protect our borders.

Scott Odell
Hayden Lake

I am not prepared to actually disagree with Scott Odell on the particulars of his letter.  However, he does exaggerate more than somewhat the influx of illegal aliens coming to the U.S. seeking work here as an “invasion.”  My understanding of “invasion” is as follows:  An invasion comprises armed military might that unlawfully crosses sovereign borders with the intent to topple the government, kill many of its citizens, and conquer the territory in its own name.  Job seeking illegal aliens have nothing in common with that.  And the Arizona law that Mr. Odell discusses would hardly keep out armed invaders in any case.  What it does say, is that an illegal alien is exactly that.  One who is not permitted to live and work in Arizona as long as that person doesn’t have the right papers to prove his legal status.  Otherwise, I can disagree with President Obama in this regard.  The federal government has been lax in enforcing the laws to prohibit the influx of illegal immigration and in this much at least, Arizona sounded a wake up call for government at the federal level to do something about the problem.  But that is not to invite President Calderon here and criticize the new Arizona law.

As Ed Zierlein was to note in his letter also published in the Coeur d’Alene Press on the 23rd of May 2010, “I have watched the U.S. for 60 years as we bailed out their currency three or four times; I’ve watched Mexico export their poverty to the U.S.   Some U.S. industries want the cheap labor.  We have given Mexico billions of dollars to fight their drug industry problems.  Now, their drug industry has taken over their whole country and into the U.S.”  Yes, to all of that.  Yes, to the fact that Americans are robbed, attacked and killed by illegal immigrants who are members in good standing in drug cartels.  What Mr. Odell could not seem to articulate in his own letter that was published in the CDA Press; Mr. Zierlein did, and well.  It is because of these facts that Mr. Zierlein presented, that Arizona was more than right to exert a “state’s rights” position in setting up a “draconian law” to control illegal aliens along its borders.  What after all the Federal gvt would not do, the Arizona gvt was going to do.

This also brings to mind when GW was in office and criticizing the border patrolling Minute Men for trying to “protect the border” from an influx of illegal aliens who weren’t only here for the jobs but also here to commit other crimes.  As I recall, GW wasn’t exactly showing much allegiance to the U.S.  His allegiance was instead to the business interests that loved all the cheap labor coming our way.  Just as he wasn’t prepared to criticize El Presidente Fox for exporting poverty.  Nor for doing more against the drug cartel.  A foreign gvt that is this corrupt and ineffectual in dealing with its national problems should not be prepared to force its neighbors to take on those problems instead.  Indeed, I’ll agree with Mr. Zierlein that Calderon should go home and make a concerted effort to get his own country back in shape.

Of the other letter to be quoted in full, this one found in the Spokesman-Review:

Calderon beyond insulting

Once again our pretender in chief has invited the leader of another country to come here and make a mockery of our laws, our way of life and our efforts to help ourselves.  For Calderon to come to my country and tell us how we’re not serving him and his people’s needs adequately goes beyond insulting.  To rub salt in the wound, Congress gives him a standing ovation, and they should all resign out of shame.

Arizona acted to protect itself because our government has not done what it needed to do for years, and now the current powers in office are pandering to another foreign leader in order to drum up the Hispanic vote for a faltering administration this November.  Mr. Calderon really needs to clean up his own backyard before he comes here criticizing how things are done.

Tom Starr

While I will agree with the overall view that Starr has with illegal immigration in general and his feelings about Prez Calderon in particular; using illegal immigration to literally attack the President of the U.S. as a “pretender in chief” who was in fact duly elected in a landslide victory is entirely out of bounds. There was never in question as to Obama’s electoral victory as much as Mr. Starr would prefer otherwise.  I also think that he confused Obama with GW, where twice in during his tenure as POTUS, there were indeed questions about his particular electoral victories.  As far as I know, Obama’s inviting Calderon to the White House following the passage of the Arizona law is actually the first time.  Where as, the Mexican government during the years that GW was in office; had also criticized the U.S. in exactly the same language.  Now, where was Tom Starr when that took place?  GW had invited a great many foreign leaders to this country some who definitely took pains to address the fact that the U.S. wasn’t doing enough for them.  No one accused GW of “disloyalty” when President Karzai of Afghanistan expressed his displeasure of the U.S. Government before Congress.  Apparently, that is a tactic to be reserved only for the Democrat currently occupying the White House.

Oh, and I wonder why GW wasn’t accused of pandering when he pushed immigration reform with intent to bring about amnesty for illegals living here in the U.S.?  That his failure to enforce immigration laws during the vast majority of his time in office wasn’t being used as a means to drum up the Hispanic vote for his faltering administration at any time?  You can be sure that Mr. Starr let’s his partisan bias overshadow any valid concerns he may have about the problems of illegal immigration, principally from Mexico.  Again, as Zierlein was to note; this is a problem that was years in the making, that for 60 years, no administration whether GOP or Dem has adequately addressed.  Lashing out at one administration is to also use illegal immigration for purely political opportunism.  Now, the question is, if Starr would like the GOP to politically exploit illegal immigration as a means to get back into a Congressional majority, why didn’t they adequately address this matter as a Congressional majority when they had the chance?  A question that you can be sure Mr. Starr will not ask.  He prefers to let his hostility toward the president take precedence over any other considerations.


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