Who would Parker want for an ordinary American?

I can always find it amazing all the things that Kathleen Parker can nitpick about. Solicitor General Kagan who spent time in Harvard? Who for a while worked for Goldman Sachs?  But not what Ms Parker would like to see as an “ordinary American” serving on the highest court in the land.  Uh, various news media sources held that Ms. Kagan was such a light weight as a potential Justice at the U.S. Supreme Court that she was even compared to Harriet Meyers.  Although, that would not be the accusation that Ms. Parker would provide of course.  So, if Obama can be pounded for wanting to nominate a “light weight,” then what if he had indeed plucked an “ordinary American” out of obscurity to serve on the Supreme Court.

Let me see here what would such a person look like…  Oh, I know, Obama could nominate a homeless guy.  You couldn’t get a more empathetic individual when it comes to really hard luck cases being brought before the bench.  After all, “Homeless Joe” has heard it all and seen it all if not done it all.

Or we could talk about “Sarah Homemaker” who is now facing a home foreclosure.  Have a beef with a bank?  Think that this beef should get heard before SCOTUS?  Sarah would definitely decide in favor of people who bring their grievances about run amok financial institutions to the bench.

Seriously, I find it particularly amazing that most Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court aren’t scrutinized and condemned for their lack of being ordinary Americans.  Every one of these Justices had some kind of illustrious track record, prior to being confirmed to the bench.  That being the case, they wouldn’t be “ordinary Americans.”  So why bring it up now?

An obscure backwater judge would have to be pretty lucky to get promoted above a district court.  Which means he would have to receive a lot of influential backing.  Isn’t that what SG Kagan received?  Most judges never get beyond the local to state level benches unless they happen to get “lucky enough” to have managed to impress just the right people.  That being the case, surely Ms. Parker has to know that and as a result should know better than this.  I personally think that Ms. Parker spends time looking for ways to misrepresent intentions.  I have no problem understanding what Obama meant.  A U.S. Supreme Court that must be realigned to represent ordinary Americans as opposed to a SCOTUS aligned to represent GOP special interests.  And very specifically, business interests.  Trying to take intent too literally in order to mock it, isn’t cutting it, at all.

Ordinary American?  I’d be more interested in knowing if the SCOTUS nominee wants to uphold legislation designed for ordinary people.  Rather than overturn it on the behalf of activist special interests.  Instead of ruling in favor of city councils making use of arcane rules to drive ordinary Americans out of their homes and turning the property over to business interests, would the SCOTUS nominee be prepared to recognize that ordinary Americans do have property rights.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter what Kagan’s prior history happened to be.  It is what Kagan would offer on the bench that does.


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