The snarky answers you wouldn’t mind giving to the GOP political census

I received this census commissioned by the Republican National Committee chaired by Michael Steele.  Considering that I had first read about this “census” being sent out to various people especially to Idaho voters, I was rather surprised to see such a direct mail from the RNC in the mailbox this 3rd of May 2010.  So, seeing in this “census” an opportunity to answer it my way; I’ll proceed to do so.

1.  Do you generally identify yourself as a :  Well, conservative certainly.  How do you identify yourself?  Because I certainly see a lot of fringe radicalism masquerading as “conservatives.”

2.  Do you traditionally vote in all elections? Sure. I just have to decide between more nasty partisan and less nasty partisan.

3.  Do you plan to vote in the 2010 election?  Yeah, why?  You got someone worth fielding or do I look for the independents to vote for instead?

4.  If you vote in the 2010 elections, are you more likely to vote for the Republican or Democrat candidate?  Let me put it bluntly, given that the state of Idaho fields a lot of idiots, I don’t think I want to waste my vote on an idiot.  Don’t you have other choices besides idiot irrespective of party?

5.What age category applies to you?  Do you want that described as how many years in this lifetime or an accumulation of years over many lifetimes?  In short, can I actually claim to be thousands of years old?

6.  How close do you think your views are to other voters in your community?  Is that a comparison to actual conservative as opposed to off the deep end fringe radical?  Bud, there really is no comparison.  And that question sounded, pink, at least.

7.  From what media source do you regularly receive your political news?  Try blogs, dude.  That’s the only source for political news.  The rest of the news sources you cite, inclusive of CNN, actually do make some effort at presenting news.  But then you are probably dumb enough to not recognize the difference between political blogs and actual news sources.

8.  How much does it concern you that Democrats have total control of the federal government?  Did it concern you when you had total control over the federal government?  Thought not.

On general issues:

1.  Do you think things in this country are generally going in the wrong direction, or do you think that things are starting to improve?  And when did you decide to ask such a question, was that before or after you were booted out of office in 2008?

2.  Please indicate the top three issues that you believe are most important to people in your area:  The GOP are opposed to Health Care Reform, The GOP are of two minds on illegal immigration, the GOP prefer to listen to business interests over environmental concerns.

3.  Which political party do you feel is best able to handle each of the following issues?  (And the list goes from War in Iraq/Afghanistan to Protecting traditional values.)  Can I say that in each issue, RNC that between you and the last president we had, you flunked.

4.  How do you rate the Obama Administration thus far when it comes to dealing with America’s major problems?  Actually, better than I can rate you dudes who prefer to engage in partisan blockades and obstructionism instead of dealing with America’s major problems.

5.  How do you rate the Democrat-controlled Congress?  And how did people ultimately rate you when you were a GOP-controlled Congress?

6.  How do you rate your state government?  Oh, you mean those tax and spend Republicans?

On the domestic front:

1.  How confident are you that America’s economy will improve in the next six months?  And just what rationale do you have in hoping that it won’t improve in the next six months?

2.  Which of the following factors do you feel is most adversely affecting the economy in your area?  Pal, the very fact that you are no longer facing reality.  That would be a good start.

3.  Which of the following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your family?  The fact that you don’t care to see financial institutions receiving much needed regulations, of course.  You sure can’t detach for example loss of retirement/investment values or for that matter an unstable real estate market from financial institutions running amok and then collapsing.

4.  Do you believe the huge costly Democrat-passed stimulus bill has been effective in creating jobs or stimulating the economy?  Let me ask you this bud, when you guys got into Congress on the issues of tax cuts among other things, did those hugely expensive (to a guaranteed federal deficit) stimulate the economy and put Americans back to work?

5.  Do you think the record trillion dollar federal deficit the Democrats are creating with their out-of-control spending is going to have disastrous consequences for our nation?  Do I think that your hysterical shrieking on this matter is an exercise in partisan politics?

6.  Would you like Congress to pass tax cuts to further stimulate the economy?  Didn’t you already argue that deficits under a Democratic administration and Congress were bad?

7.  Do you worry that the Obama Administration is committed to greatly expanding the government’s role in your life?  Uh, and just how much did you guys concern yourself when you were in power, of greatly expanding gvt’s role?

8.  Are you concerned with our current levels of government spending?  Didn’t you just throw in tax cuts, that would certainly increase gvt spending?

9.  Are you concerned that as other countries like China buy up hundreds of billions of dollars of our national debt they will have more control in directing our nation’s future economic policies?  When did you decide to ask such a question, about the time you became a minority party?

10.  Do you believe the Federal Government should take over America’s health care system?  Do you believe that gvt should get between the woman and her doctor when it comes to abortion?

11.  Do you think that all Americans should be required to have some form of health insurance even if it requires the federal government to underwrite the costs?  Ask why you are seeking a Congressional majority?  Isn’t one of the perks you’d enjoy that of taxpayers underwriting your health care insurance?

12.  Do you trust the Obama administration to keep America’s border secure to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country?  Question:  who was most instrumental in assuring that immigration reform would become a dead issue by 2007?  Look in the mirror.  Not even GW was all that interested in secure borders…

13.  Do you support the Obama Administration’s efforts to grand amnesty and American citizenship to illegal aliens presently living on our borders?  Oh, you mean to continue the proposals first laid out by GW Bush?

15.  (Where this regards energy policies from increasing drilling in Alaska’s ANWR to building new nuclear plants.)  I’d suggest you guys take another look at that deep sea oil drilling rig that blew up off the Gulf Coast and the massive mess it made before you ask anything about energy policies of any sort.

16.  Do you believe that the Republican Party should continue to embrace social issues?  Oh, so you guys do admit to an expanded gvt role into individual lives.

National defense:

1.  Do you believe that the Obama Administration is right in dramatically scaling back our nation’s military?  To mean?  What was initiated by Bush (41), continued by Clinton and furthered also by Rumsfeld in the GW administration.  Is that right?

2  .Do you favor or oppose increased American troop presence in Afghanistan?  Why don’t you ask GW?

3.  Do you trust the Democrats to take all the steps necessary to keep our nation secure in this age where terrorists could strike our country at any moment?  Actually, given the fact that human vigilance thwarted the panty bomber, and human vigilance managed to thwart an attempted car bomb in Times Square, well that is much better than sitting idly by prior to and on the day of 9/11/2001.  And blaming Clinton, afterwards.

4.  Do you agree with the Obama Administration’s decision to allow 9/11 terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay to be tried in federal court in New York rather than  in military court?  First, let me clue you in:  these “jihadists” are civilian criminals.  International criminals should be tried in federal court.  Second:  the actual 9/11/2001 terrorists aren’t among the living.  You have a so-called master-mind, you have a wannabe, and you also have the people who got captured in Afghanistan following our invasion there and also from Iraq.  Now maybe they should face military tribunals if in fact they are foreign enemy soldiers.  But, it is against all sense of morality to make no decision as to their fate and simply keep them incarcerated for years at a time.

5.  Do you favor or oppose the Obama Administration’s non-confrontational policies in dealing with radical leaders such as those now in control in Iran, North Korea and other countries?  You mean, much like the pattern initially set by GW?

6.  Do you worry that Russia is moving away from its relationship with the U.S. and trying to re-establish itself as a military and economic superpower?  Was that question ever asked by you while you had a Congressional majority and GW was still in the White House?  Seems that in the case of Russia, they were demonstrating some pretty clear intentions a la Putin prior to Obama becoming prez.  When did you start expressing such heartburn?  Before or after you became a minority?

No, I’m not sending you any money.


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