When is it time…?

Why don’t we start off with a rather simple description of the following: The proverbial applecart. The conservative owner of the applecart keeps its contents exactly the way it is.  The liberal owner of the applecart adds new contents to it, such as bananas and oranges.  The radical however, if the applecart came into his ownership would complain loudly and chuck it all. Seeing absolutely no value in keeping it or its contents in order to do something with it.  To put it bluntly, between last week’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and Stewart’s talking with an apologist for the radical, and yes, I do mean radical “Keep America Safe” run by Liz Cheney who impugns the “patriotism” of anyone on the other side of the partisan divide.  To this morning’s column written by Robyn Blumner republished in the Spokesman-Review, 15 March 2010 and you get the impression that when it is radical that is being described, why not just call it radical and simply get it over with?

To put it very bluntly, these people no longer have the rights to the title of conservative.

Ms. Blumner’s column, “Hyperpatriots blind to their own failings,” is a must read.  She writes for the St. Petersburg Times.  And she further serves as a reminder of something that continues to stick in my mind many decades after my years in grade school.  Some old guy came in to tell us all about the “dangers of Communism.”  Of how “Communists” would start claiming America this, the U.S. Flag representing that, but don’t be fooled…  Perhaps the fellow who’s name I have since long forgotten, meant his warning for what was then the (old) left.  People who would try to trick themselves out in proper patriotic gear (much like the wolf in sheep’s clothing) in order to be deemed “more acceptable.”  But, his prescience was, that it would not apply to the (old) left after all.  But rather to people who trick themselves out in patriotic gear and call themselves “conservative.”  Over two decades later, having returned from Germany on an active duty tour with the U.S. Army, a woman writing to the Coeur d’Alene Press presented something of a Bolshevik pamphlet that included “destroying natural leaders” and “destroying institutions.”  The GW administration is gone now, but it most certainly looked like he, his administration, and the GOP in general were all about destroying natural leaders and destroying institutions.  In short, the GOP as the new Bolshevism.

As for what Ms. Blumner described “Keep America Safe” as being, looks like Ms. Cheney wants to keep up the destructive radicalism that brought this country to its knees in a period of 8 years.  A very dangerous radicalism to be sure.

Now onto referencing “The Daily Show,” where the fellow writing a new book literally attacks Obama for trying to uphold institutions such as the law no less in order to bring to justice (finally) those who brought us 9/11/2001 as a seminal threat to our national security and claimed that since GW had taken office, this country had suffered no further attacks…  Which Stewart then retorted by quite a long list of countries—many of them allies—that had suffered terrorist attacks.  And that they had been targeted specifically, I’ll further add, because of an American presence there.  Whether officially, or as tourists, but Americans were not safe during GW’s tenure any more than they were safe before he entered office.  After all, this is terrorism.  As a hypercrime, you are not safe from that sort of criminal any more than you are safe from any other criminal.  You have to be vigilant to even have some assurance of security.

Right along with Blumner’s column was one by Leonard Pitts, jr.  Where he described Jihad Jane and the fact that federal authorities were able to nab her before she could do any real damage.  Of course his column was a discussion against “racial profiling” given the fact that “Jihad Jane” did not “fit the profile” of bearded Middle Eastern men.  But, I’d also have to add that Liz Cheney and co. is facing a lie of their own creation; the Obama administration isn’t “soft on terrorism” if they caught an American woman trying to kill a Swiss artist.  No more than the prior Clinton administration was ever “soft on terrorism.”

On the other hand, the NRA was more concerned with their toys from the Clinton administration forward even though terrorists could easily exploit lax gun laws for their own nefarious purposes, than actually keeping America safe.  But it was the Democrats who were accused of being “soft on terrorism.”  The GOP couldn’t be counted on, under Bush (43) to live up to a strict construction of the U.S. Constitution, but it was Obama accused of expanding federal power in much needed changes on the behalf of this nation and its people.

The question is; who upset the applecart discarding it and all of its contents?  Ms. Blumner makes it official as to who was truly responsible for that.  Those with the mis-labeling of “conservatives.”  And who has since sought to repair it and restore its contents, at least to replace them?  Well, I am quite sure that the American people provided that answer by 2008.  And who wants an applecart today that rewrites Obama out of the history books and “restores a nation,” that certainly did not exist under the preceding administration?  Well, the people who took ownership of that applecart, complained loudly as to its contents, then proceeded to chuck it all.  I’ll mention the “TEA Party,” as being among the people who’d rather “chuck it all” than seeing what they can do with what they were given.  Obama being elected to the Presidency does mean that democracy survived GW.  For a people to loudly complain about their democratic opportunities to vote for the politicians of their choice…  Of being out-voted by people who had become sick and tired of the GOP…  Where by they would “chuck” the democratic institution and seek to “destroy natural leaders” by impugning their loyalty.  Well, that sounds like Bolshevism.  “Be warned” that elderly gent said to us impressionable grade school kids down at Borah Elementary many decades ago, “of people who will proceed to wrap themselves up in the flag…”  Well, who may indeed wrap themselves up in the flag but who absolutely hate what this nation stands for.  So, Liz Cheney’s “Keep America Safe,” duly informs us.  As Ms. Blumner asked in closing, “Who’s the patriot?”  Right, and what defines a real conservative?


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