Cheesy Faith

Some recent letters to the editor in the Coeur d’Alene Press caught my eye. In one such letter, short and rambling and signifying that the writer didn’t know a thing of what he was talking about. Kennedy’s death was as far as I could tell was being exploited to oppose abortion in particular and the health care reform bill in general.  Never mind that the Senator Elect Scott Brown happens to be pro-choice and supported a Massachusetts health care law much like that before Congress.  Or of another writer, who of course wringing hands over those “millions of dead fetuses…” in order to justify the annual March for Lies.  No, that is not a typo.

Juxtapose their using God as that great big echo chamber in the sky next to the latest republished Leonard Pitts, jr column found in the Spokesman-Review this 25th of January 2010.  Where the Miami Herald columnist provided the soaring rhetoric needed to argue what ought to be true faith—a lifetime of service to others.  As opposed to expressions of “faith” that was deemed “cheesy.”  Which I will definitely address.  The point to be made between Pitts’ column and the preceding letters (both being found in the Coeur d’Alene Press 24 January 2010, I believe) was that the writers were acting out of hatred.  Hatred, after all, that anyone could dare, dare avail themselves of a legal practice for what ever reason.  Or hatred political, that the voters back in 2008 could dare, dare elect a majority Democrats for the U.S. Congress.  And of course, “God,” must justify that.  Which is why I consider that the Pitts’ column being republished within days of the March for Lies was spot on.  As all anti-abortionists were busy turning “God” into a greater expression of themselves.

Now to the Pitt’s column concerning “The Jesus Guns.”  A manufacturer of gunsights who put coded biblical references onto products sold to the government for use by the U.S. Military.  Pitts’ column describes at length and no argument there as to why he felt queasy about the whole thing.  He also stopped short of the first amendment prohibition of government established religion.  Using taxpayers’ moolah to further one fellow’s “faith” in the field of battle would surely have James Madison and Thomas Jefferson spinning in their graves.  Never mind what non-Christians have to say, what does constitutional law have to say?  Myself as a non-Christian, no I don’t believe in handing out tax dollars to give your “faith” a free ride.  And putting “God” on a gun out of hatred of one’s fellow man isn’t exactly an expression of utmost faith.

If true faith is best described as out of selfless service to one’s fellow man; and most assuredly the Bible verifies that; then why would people need to resort to inscribing the 10 Commandments onto as Pitts put it, rocks?  Perhaps because “faith” is being replaced by idol worship.  It isn’t enough that the 10 Commandments can be found in every bible?  That for those who have one and hold a literal belief in it that the practices thereof would demonstrate far more readily where a person stood in relationship with God or Jesus than inscriptions on a rock.  Or it is a demonstration that we don’t find you welcome, who doesn’t think as we do.  And thus delivering a totalitarian message.  In which case, the actual relationship such a person might well have with God and Jesus suffers that much more accordingly.

A roadside Jesus tells you what?  I haven’t seen one here, but I have no doubt that they periodically pop up in Miami and probably other major cities as well.  Where those of “faith” want to tell the world what they really think of Christ.  Just like the bumper stickers found on cars, where I hold the opinion the car may more likely go to heaven than the driver will.  In all cases that Pitts took the pains to decry, can easily be discussed in scripture found in Isaiah.  Where the prophet complained to the sinners who had abandoned God and were returning to a more pagan practice.  What are your sacrifices, etc. …to me.  And going on to condemn them as speaking Lord, Lord with their lips and keeping their hearts far from them.  Putting scriptures on gunsights, would factually be keeping one’s heart far from God.  Especially where Pitts spoke of this Munson who acted dismissively of “others” legitimate complaints.

When I see an anti-abortion rally, I see a people who exploit a sad situation in order to further their own self-interests.  The collectivist “rights” of the fetus to establish a political faction of “Christianity,” not only at the political table and in the public square, but also as an enshrined “law.”  But, is it in fact a lifetime of “service to others?”  I’d say in this case that it is not.  After all, anti-abortionist Pat Robertson went public with his latest venom against the people of Haiti when a 7.2(?) magnitude earthquake left an estimated 200,000 people dead just in Port au Prince alone.  Their suffering was brought on by historical deals with the Devil.  And yes, I do say anti-abortionist Pat Robertson who verifies exactly why respect for life ends at the time of birth.  In the case of Munson and the “Jesus guns,” respect for one’s neighbor ends the moment a scripture gets put on a gunsight.

In short, my views, opinions and etc. trump all other considerations, inclusive of the bible and constitutional law.

So, March for Lies?  Anti-abortionists focus almost exclusively on the “child not born.”  Never mind that miscarriages make up a large percentage of why “children will not be born.”  That still births are another form of abortion and are also a factor in total abortion figures.  So, how do you criminalize what is outside the control of doctors and women?  Or get gvt to do what God himself won’t?  Like “saving lives” that are destined not to be saved at all.  They call it the Apocrypha of the Holy Bible, scripture questioned as to its authenticity.  However, there are some telling philosophies to be brought out and presented, concerning the fact that all seeds do not sprout…  No, and God would be seen as recognizing that all men aren’t going to have the right sort of faith or to behave correctly 100% of the time.  It simply will not happen and is easily verified in biblical canon.  Because all people aren’t going to engage in “correct faith” that is according to Pat Robertson (?) perhaps, then it would seem to me that the better Christian would leave the judgment to God and simply do his part to fulfill his duties to his fellow man.  That is, if he wasn’t so busy acting in hatred of his fellow man instead.  Anti-abortion rallies are expressed hatred that “my fellow Americans” don’t believe as I do!  According to Christ, hatred is the same as murder.  How do you “march for lives” if you act out of hatred?  Thus, March for Lies.  And as long as you act out of hatred, you certainly can not be for a selfless service to others.


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  2. Daniel Millions Says:

    Do you care if I quote you on my website if I link back to your website?

  3. jeh15 Says:

    You can certainly quote as you desire.

  4. Stevie Traber Says:

    Hey , when viewing at your blog i see some kind of weird codes all over the page, in case it’s important I just thought I’d let you know it says this with all sorts of other stuff after it: “Warning: Cannot modify header information headers already sent in wp-settings.php line 12”

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    Why were you providing such information? Were you hoping that you COULD modify the header? Shouldn’t look any different from what ever search engine that you have from what I am myself blogging from. Unless you aren’t operating in a Windows environment.

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