What it takes to be president

I read through Kathleen Parker’s latest editorial with somewhat greater delight than many of her past contributions republished in the Spokesman-Review.  At last I can thoroughly understand Ms. Parker’s obsession with defending men and their particular quirks most of the time, as she was only the sole girl born among a gaggle of guys.  That being said, what would it take for her to finally acknowledge the unreadiness of society to finally elect a woman to office?  Actually, society is ready to do so.  But society also has to see women who respect themselves enough to take the slings and arrows from the rude and the crude and come back fighting.

Neither Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin were up to the task.

Actually, it wouldn’t bother me if we voted “mom” into the White House.  But “mom” isn’t the sole criteria for why we would want a woman to become president, in fact, “mom” is beside the point when dealing with domestic affairs and the potential for foreign crises.  “Mom” had better demonstrate intelligence, a grasp of the details and a knowledge of the situation to where she as president will hopefully make the best possible decision.  The same argument that we would ask of any “dad” who has served in the White House.  It wasn’t Sarah Palin as “mom” that had me rolling my eyes, but rather that abruptly, Republicans had turned “feminists” who had ridiculed it for many decades.  Or that Republicans could suddenly excuse a degree of lack in family values because after all, “Mom” Palin was making sure that Bristol had her baby.  An out of wedlock baby.  “Mom” is pro-life.  In election year 2008, the GOP suddenly forgot a more than a century of tradition regarding the family.  Pregnant young women safely married to the young men who knocked them up or to give up the child for adoption.  And to oppose any programs that would provide an incentive for single motherhood:  welfare.  And it was left to Democratic women to suddenly remember the set of Puritan values that the Republicans had quickly discarded.  Not exactly.  They questioned the “Party of God” for its hypocrisy regarding Palin by setting a different standard for the vast majority of American women.  As a Republican, I found good reason to question such hypocrisy myself.  After all, if a Democratic woman running for high office had a teenage girl who was pregnant out of wedlock, the news media and the GOP would have treated it as a scandal to immediately knock that woman out of the running for that office.  So excuse me, but the Democratic women had it exactly right.  Having an R after your name doesn’t change the nature of the beast.  There was indeed a lack of family values in the Palin household.

So what would it take for a woman to become president?  Here are some suggestions:

  • A political commentator such as O’Reilly on Fox News calls you a bitch.  Go on Fox News and confront him.  Ask him this question; is your mother a bitch?  If he starts frothing and lashing out and declaring his love of his mother, then pointedly ask him this; didn’t you only shame your mother by calling me a bitch?  I would have thought she raised you better than this.
  • They make a nutcracker out of your image.  Ask at the next townhall meeting, press conference, etc. if 1.  this means you are quite the “ball buster” or if 2.  you have what it takes to take on guys like Putin, Ahmedinijad, etc.?  And quite frankly, if you vote for me, I’ll prove to you that number 2 is the correct answer.
  • Winking and flirting is only done at a bar or night club.  Acting like a drunk floozy in front of a bunch of beer kegs is a poor image to project and sticks out like a sore thumb in the voters’ minds come election day.  Not even male candidates will demean themselves like that, with the exception perhaps of Howard Dean?!?
  • Demonstrating that you are informed about local, national and world issues stands you in better stead of being taken seriously than spouting nothing but empty ideological platitudes.
  • Whether you have a career in politics or not, but have a fire in the gut regardless to desire to change what you see as a bad situation and only a position in high office may bring about a satisfactory change in that situation, then you stand by your message and depart not at all from it.  Your message is only as serious as you take it to be.
  • Don’t whine.  Leave the male politicians to do that.  Instead, see above, make lemonade out of lemons.  As a politician on the campaign trail, you have an infinite capacity to turn  supposed negatives into  positives and turn it to your advantage.  Women possess the gift of creative intelligence, why not use it to its fullest extent?
  • People aren’t going to automatically respect you or trust you.  (Reference now President Obama.)  Call it making your resume public as though you were entering a private sector job.  Show people that your public resume has value.  After all, they are the ones hiring you as the person they deem best for the job.

In a great many ways, a woman candidate could run her own campaign much like that of the male.  For people like Bill O’Reilly who are simply too infantile to accept yourself as the next leader of the free world, simply ask him this; who made it possible for you to be born?  For anyone who wants to apply a double bind strategy, ask them this; apparently that was of no importance when it came to your mother?  After all, these are people only declaring how shamefully they view their own lives.  Those who don’t respect themselves will only refuse to respect everyone else.


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