Yes, Happy Holidays

It was a letter to the editor in the Coeur d’Alene Press Wednesday 2 December 2009 that really got me riled. Where the writer admitted to wanting to go downtown and spend money freely until seeing something posted that said, “Happy Holidays.” And proceeded to “get upset” that “Merry Christmas” wasn’t being displayed instead. The question that I have for both the writer and the Press, where is your Christmas spirit?  After all, what did Christ teach in his lifetime?  Love thy neighbor as thyself, of course.  Doesn’t sound as though much love was in evidence if the writer could take issue with a sign.

What does holiday mean?  It is a corruption of a two word term Holy and Day.  Holy Day.  In the month of December there are a number of Holy Days and “Christmas” combines much that is pagan in its festivities as well as an honor of and a celebration of Christ’s life and teachings.  It certainly can’t be his “birthday” since he wasn’t born in December.  But, as is an historical fact, “Christians” decided to hold a Mass for Christ on a date near the time of the Roman Saturnalia that over many centuries then came to be understood as “Christ’s birthday” by centuries of religious re-interpretation. Let’s also put it bluntly, that many elements of the Roman Saturnalia can be found in Christmas celebrations today and gift giving wasn’t exactly exclusive to Christians.  Could it be said then that the New Testament had plenty of pagan influence?  Absolutely.  And the fact that the Roman Saturnalia occurred during the time of the Winter Solstice as a Holy Day also put this contrivance of a Mass for Christ as a political agenda in a similar pagan element.

I watched the parade after I got off work on “Black Friday.”  Having the time to pay some bills and get a little shopping done before going to see the parade and lighting ceremony.  Guess what I saw on the lead float?  A Cool Yule!  Wonder if the disgruntled writer managed to miss that one?  Or did she just happen to think that Yule and Christmas are one and the same.  No.  Since Yule celebrations had preceded both Christians and Christmas over a few thousand years.  Yule is in fact a Winter Solstice celebration rather like that of the Roman Saturnalia.  For the first time, the CDA Christmas parade had actually recognized the pagan beginnings of Solstice celebrations.  And whether this writer would like it or not, Christmas is itself a type of solstice celebration.  Especially in how people decorate today.

So, paganism combines with the “Christian” use of the Winter Solstice at this time of the year when “we” are expected to celebrate “Christ’s birth.”  Uh, I understand that the pagan man god Mithras was born at this time of the year and was Christ simply to “replace” Mithras as the new mythological man god?  I am quite sure that Christ in his lifetime would not have approved of being redefined in a pagan manner by “Christians” trying to convert Pagans.  But that is the political history behind this Mass for Christ.  Reference for this history lesson:  Pagans and Christians by Author Fox.

So we have now covered two major Holy Days where at least one combines the traditions of both:  Solstice/Christmas.  Now, how about Hanuka?  That isn’t an important Holy Day or days at this time of the year?  I had to love it when a decade or so back “Christians” came out in droves declaring their “Judeo/Christian” origins and beliefs.  A “Happy Holidays” sign would recognize Hanuka as an important holiday for those of the Jewish belief.  For those taking issue with such a sign as this writer had, also declares that only one Holy Day has any importance, that Holy Day that is near and dear to her faith:  Christmas.  That puts an end as it were to the prior claims of people who demanded the recognition of “Judeo/Christian” morals and values.  Yet, within a matter of time reject the “Judeo” part of their religious traditions when crafting the “victim card” in this “War on Christmas.”  What does “Happy Holidays” say, if not:  We recognize all holidays at this time of the year.  And would be far more Christian in spirit than the letter writer herself was even able to pretend to.  After all, in this pluralistic country filled with religious diversity, not all of one’s neighbors would even be Christian let alone be prepared to celebrate Christmas.  There is in fact more of Christ’s teachings in “Happy Holidays” than could be found in all of this complainer’s  letter about this sign appearing on the float.

“Christians” invented this “War on Christmas” so that they could have some new political agenda to drive a backlash at the society that supposedly forgot its more “religious elements.”  If Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of Christ, then the only people making war on this Holy Day are the very people proclaiming that they are its most “ardent defenders.”  You can’t very well defend Christ or his Holy Day if you aren’t practicing his morals and values.


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